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Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Jul 19, 2016.
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  1. kelly200269
    Get rid of them then. ‘Different strokes’ and all that. I’ve gone through my fair share of cans that other people love. We all have different tastes.
    If you don’t like the 1990’s, move them on.
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  2. FND_UA
    EDMlord, I listened to some of the album you mentioned. And I like the snare drums! They slam just as I like, lol. But then again my stuff is more cheap and half of it is DIY (tube amp, IC cables, power cord), maybe it synergies well together with the 1990's, or maybe I don't understand how the album should sound. By all means if it is possible get the lcd 2c, test them and tell us what you think, it is always good to know something new! Thanks!
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  3. EDMlord
    @FND_UA It can be alot of different things causing it, but as i am 21 years old I have a more sensitive hearing than most people around here, witch might explain it. There is no defined awnser to how the album should sound, the important part is that you enjoy it, as we all have different hearing :)

    I just really like lcd 2c’s forgiving nature, both when it comes to recordings and non fatiguing long listening sessions. Take a look at this video and skip to 7:00. I think what he says there is a really solid point when it comes to personal audio, and something many headphone companies need to have a bigger focus on IMO.

    Last edited: Mar 4, 2018
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  4. Scutey
    You've nailed it Kelly, I've owned lots of hp's that were good at certain genres but none that sounded great with most or all genres, until I heard the 1990's, they do everything well, mine are certainly keepers. :beyersmile:
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  5. Mal Waldron
    Mine are on the way. Initially, I'm planning to use them amplified with Cayin C5; I'll consider buying a new portable amp, maybe the Xduoo XD05 or similar. My favorite genres are jazz, classical and IDM, so I hope these cans would shine as I've read here. Have a great day, friends!
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  6. imran27
    XD-05 with OPA2209 and DT1990(A) --- Pure bliss.

    For a more mid forward full and fun/musical sound get V5i-D: It has the best soundstage
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  7. Mal Waldron
    Thank you, imran27, this morning I saw your impressions on the XD-05 thread.

  8. EDMlord
    I must admit, my 1990 pros were played a little over 100 hours when i commented earlier. After burning it in for the last couple of days with pink noise, the sharpness issue i had in the treble is gone, and they are showing it's full potential in alot more tracks. I'll be keeping these things after all :)

    It has this extremly tactile feeling in agressive music, that is just so satisfying to listen to. When i compare them to amiron home with mjolnir 2 + tubes, it feels like i listen to a solid state when 1990 pro is plugged in, as it is so good at keeping it's sound signatire with different amps. When I then switch back to amiron, I aprecciate all the tube goodness even more :)
  9. imran27
    In fact DT1990 is quite sensitive towards DACs. One of the most sensitive if not the most.

    This: Burson Play has a pretty damn stable and clean power supply and still I could hear the difference when I added a bypass capacitor on just 1 (in I/V) out of 5 opamps. It also scales really well, the best I have ever heard my DT1990 was through Sennheiser HDV800.

    The best synergy for DT1990(A) according to me is something that is incredibly detailed and has a good sub bass and mid range.

    For me personally, it sounded best when Bravo Ocean -> Aune B1s -> DT1990, Ocean tube amp being used as a preamp. Even straight out of the Bravo Ocean it sounds superb, especially mid range is very crisp and forward. Doesn't sound as good with WA6/WA7
  10. imran27
    Anybody noticed differences in sound with coiled vs straight cable?
    I tried coiled cable after a long time and immediately felt it sounded slightly more silent, darker and the top end was slightly less harsh (extension was present with slightly more roll off).

    Keyword: "slightly"

    Also, any comparisons of DT1990(A) to Sundara? If yes then do mention your signal chain too
  11. blastomorpha
    Hi everyone, just got my 1990s on saturday and had a couple of late night two hours long listening sessions, playing some "audiophile burn in" videos on YouTube while doing everything else.
    Got them used but in mint condition from Amazon Wharehouse Deals for a very nice price, with coiled cable and balanced pad used. After a couple of tracks I swapped them for the analytical ones becuse they sounded too dark and muffled and the sound was definitely better, clear, detailed and more balanced.
    I listened to many genres except from classical, and I must say the I got the best with electronic stuff like Orbital or TFSOL.
    Not fatiguing at all, even at late night I found myself reaching the volume knob to increase the volume!
    Will try the balanced pads again after some more hours of listening and see what's best form, but for now I'm quite happy :)
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  12. FND_UA
    How very interesting, I've tried A pads for so many times and with no luck, their sound just doesn't have the spark I like, sounds kind of boring. Especially for EDM. Good to know people like A pads for electronic music too. :dt880smile:
    More choice is always good!
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  13. blastomorpha
    Maybe next time I'll try the Bs I'll change my mind about them, who knows.
  14. Mal Waldron
    Like you, I also got my pair from Amazon's Warehouse in a pristine condition (I have only appreciated minor damage on the outer carton box) with a great discount. It's easier to drive than my Dt 770 Pro, 250 ohm; of course, additional amping it's welcomed, but paired with a DAP on high gain the results are very satisfying. I usually hear music at home with a DAP, I don't like to be tied to a computer, so the next step would be a new portable amp/dac (actually I have the Cayin C5).
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
  15. nicknack40
    Hey all just after some advice please. Well its a few Questions i currently live in the UK and my City is not very good to get auditions for Headphones only Richer Sounds but don't stock many. So im wanting to buy from peoples opions and reviews so im wanting to spend up to £475 UK money. My genre type of music is EDM - DISCO and SOUL. But the main genre is EDM. From what ive been told and Seen that the DT 1990 PRO is the best option for the Genre i listen to. But im not sure if i like the style of headphone lol. But i guess its all about the sound at the end of the Day. Its a tough choice between the Amiron Home and the DT 1990 PRO. Another Question what AMPS are best paired with either Headphone at the Moment im using a Musical Fidelity v90 DAC with my PC. ANY HELP BE GREATLY APPRECIATED Thanks
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