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Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Jul 19, 2016.
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  1. Scutey
  2. MelonHead
    Tube amp is my determined upgrade path as well, but I'm not in hurry. I like to enjoy every single step on this virtual ladder. :)
  3. FND_UA
    It's a wise decision. Sometimes you need to upgrade one thing at a time and "live" with it for some time, to fully understand and appreciate what you've gained!
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  4. imran27
    Ok I own the 1990 ans use A pads.
    I find mids recessed and bothersome. Soundstage size also is lacking.

    I was wondering if anyone here can compare it to HiFiMan Sundara and HE560
  5. FND_UA
    This is interesting. The only one real complain so far about the 1990 I have is that they don't have the vertical soundstage, but their horizontal soundstage is pretty good for a semi-open (I think they're semi-open tbh) headphones.
    Used to have the 400s only - their left emitter started to die after only one month of use. They'd been repaired 3 times with no luck, and refunded afterwards. No more Hifiman for me.
    Still the 400s' mids were good, yes. On a par with the 1990 as far as I remember.
    I use B pads and I don't find anything "recessed and bothersome". Can you please name the tracks you find sound bad? Would be nice to check them out! Thanks.

    A tube amp can help the 1990 to shine, cannot stop to say that. :)
  6. imran27
    Mids are not a problem with B pads. But I prefer the tonality of A pads, just the mids are more recessed with A pads.

    About the tube thing, I am sure I want to try that. I am looking forward t getting a Vali 2 to use as a tube pre feeding to a solid state amp.
  7. L0rdGwyn
    Had my eye on these for a while to pair with my Bottlehead Crack and my new Feliks Audio Espressivo MKII. This morning, price on Amazon dropped to $480 for a couple hours and I had gift card, so payed $380 for them :) stoked

    Right now my daily drivers are the Sennheiser HD660S, interested to see how they compare.
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  8. Scutey
    Sounds like you got a bargain there LG!, congrats!, I've not heard the 660 S but the 1990's should fare very favourably against them, I do have a pair of the HD 6XX and although it's a decent hp, imo does not compare to the 1990, you might find it a little bright at first but if you do I would try and give it some time to get used to the sound signature, another thing I've found they pair very well with tube amps, I only use mine with my Feliks Elise which pairs particularly well.

    Hope you enjoy em! :beyersmile:
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  9. imran27
    Out of Sennheiser HDV800: The HD660S sounded still weak compared to HD650. DT 1990 OTOH sounded absolutely stunning. ABout 2~3 leagues above (people, feel free to disagree).

    So power of the source was out of the question, HDV800 is one hell of a desktop SS setup.

    Btw, even out of my portable xDuoo XD-05 the DT 1990 sounds way better HD650 to me is better than HD660S. Though, HD660S has better detail resolution, HD650 sounds more natural and above all doesn't sound as weak.
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  10. L0rdGwyn
    Thanks for the kind words! This is my first pair of Beyers, only having heard the DT 770 in the past, seems they should be a good counterpoint to the Sennheiser house sound. Glad to hear the Elise is treating you well, I've read great things about it. I have no idea what to expect from the Espressivo MKII, there is very little information out there on this new and improved iteration. It's currently on its way to me from Poland. Have some excellent tubes to put in it when it arrives :) hopefully some of what has made the Elise so popular has trickled down.

    I'll have to see for myself I suppose! I am enjoying the 660S out of my modded Bottlehead Crack. I have no doubt that adjusting to the DT 1990 sound signature will take some time, then when I switch back to the 660S, I'll appreciate how different they are and why I enjoy them :) that is the fun of having a collection of very different headphones, IMO, letting your brain adjust to another set then switching back, it's like listening to them for the first time!
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  11. George Taylor
    I don't know how different the 650 is from the 660, but I have the 650 & the 1990 & I can tell you the difference between them is night & day. 1990 is about clarity and detail. 650 is not about either of those to my ears. The Senns are more laid back, too laid back for me, to be honest. I also have a pair of the 770s and love them, but once again, the 1990 is a totally different animal. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.
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  12. imran27
    1990(A) - A pads or 1990(B) - B pads?
  13. George Taylor
    I'm afraid I have them packed away right now, & I'm not sure which pads I usually use. Sorry.
  14. sylhvir
    Hi everyone, I've successfully switched to the 1990's. They're brand new and the cans are sitting a bit too tight for my head. Aside from leaving them stretched out on a box or something similar, what's a good way to loosen them up so my head isn't being squished?
  15. Scutey
    Because the 1990 has a metal headband, you could pull the yokes down as far as they will go, and then place your hands around the top of the headband (in the centre) and then (gently) bend upwards, but a bit at a time, did this with mine as I found the clamping pressure a bit much as well, just do a little at a time, here is a link to an Innerfidelity video on stretching the Senn HD 660 S but it is relevant for the 1990, the info you want starts at 1.50, it's what I did with mine, hope this helps!.

    PS be carefull!.

    Last edited: Mar 1, 2018
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