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Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Jul 19, 2016.
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  1. oldmate
    Just as I was about to order the P7 and FIIO X5III I had an epiphany!!

    Don't go mid-fi you idiot, I said to myself, go hi-fi. So I ordered the 1990's instead.

    Just listened to Opeth's Ghost Reveries. Anybody thinking of buying these and are worried about bass slam there are no worries. Just phenomenal. I am stunned by the performance of these headphones. My 1st decent pair and I have no regrets.

    I may need to upgrade my amp though I gotta say the HA2 seems to drive them quite well but then again these being my 1st high impedance cans I would not know. Thinking of going beserk and ordering the iFi Micro IDSD Black but do I really need it??

    Anybody else here using the oppo??

    Edit: The Australian Distributor of these is offering an additional 1 year warranty bringing it to 3 years - not bad.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2018
  2. MelonHead
    Hello Gals and Guys!
    A fresh Head-fier, but long-time Hifi-header is here from Europe. :)
    I'm on the fence to pull the trigger and buy the DT-1990 Pro or the Amiron Home for my Audio GD R2R-11. I'm satisfied with my DT-990 Pro 250 Ohm headphones, but I assume this new ladder DAC/Amp could serve even better gears.
    As far as I've learned, the Amiron is more comfy, which is one of the most important features for me, I'm happy with the DT990 Pro's ergonomics, but I don't know too much about the DT-1990. Could you help me a little and compare the DT-1990 with the DT-990 Pro in this subject? I'm especially interested in clamping force, inner size of the pads and long-term usage as I often like to listen to music for 3 or more hours. I appreciate any feedback.
  3. Scutey
    Hi MelonHead. Welcome to Head-Fi!.

    This is a slightly difficult one to answer as we all have different size/shape of head which will of course will determine whether a headphone is comfortable or not. I can't speak for the Amiron home as I don't own them but I do have the 1990, 770, and the 990 premium, the closest to your 990 pro will be my 770's which physically/frame are identical apart from being closed back, I have a fairly large head, so when I bought my 770's I found they clamped a bit too much, so I carefully bent the headband to widen them, my 990 premiums were perfect straight out of the box, most comfortable hp's I've ever owned, my 1990, for me are somewhere in between the other two, by that I mean they clamp more than my 990's but less than the 770 pre mod, the 1990's are quite a bit heavier than either 770, or 990, although because of the design it's not too noticeable, thanks to the substantial padding on the headband, also the 1990 ear pads seem (slightly) thicker/deeper, although are the same size as 990 and 770 pads, and will fit on the 1990. Hope this helps MH! :beyersmile:
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  4. MelonHead
    Thanks Scutey for your valuable opinions! :beyersmile:
    I'm aware that these are your subjective observations -that's what I was asking for-, so if my decision won't support my long-term interests, I won't blame anybody here but myself. :p
    My head is not too big, not too small, so I predict, I should notice less clamping force than you.
    Anyway, If the 1990 Pro is more comfortable than the 770/990, I'll be more than happy to give it a profound try.
    Aesthetically I prefer the 1990 over the Amiron, but right now I don't know, if a bit more energetic or a bit more cozy, laid-back sound signature will support my preferences and the R2R-11 better.
    I consume almost any kind of music let it be RHCP, Pink Floyd, Dead Can Dance, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Orchestral Music, Operas, Jazz, Country, Grunge, Blue Grass or some lesser known genres and performers... so I'm looking for an all-rounder upgrade.
    I'll have a chance in March to test the aforementioned two HPs with my 990 Pros -and maybe the R2R-11- together, so I hope, the decision-making will be easier regarding the offered sound-characteristics. But I'm afraid this test will be insufficient to evaluate the long-time convenience factors of the 1990 Pro unfortunately.
    I hope, none of them will have more accentuated mid highs than my 990 Pro, as this is the maximum what I can tolerate during a longer listening session.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2018
  5. Triodemode
    Welcome MelonHead... I agree with what Scutey described regarding comfort. I own both the DT-990 pro, DT-880 pro and the DT-1990 pro... From a sound quality standpoint, the 1990 is in all aspects superior to the 880 and 990. Bass is much faster, dynamic contrasts, transparency and inner detail of music is much more completely rendered via the 1990. Also, the annoying upper mid peak that is so prevalent in other Beyerdynamic models has been tamed significantly. I do not own the Amiron, but from what I have read they are just a slightly more lush and laid bad version of the 1990, and both use the telsa driver technology.
    MelonHead likes this.
  6. MelonHead
    I highly appreciate your comment Triodemode.
    I have had a couple of Senns in the past, but never enjoyed them enough to change my music listening habit, therefore my Marantz, Electrocompaniet, ProAc setup was the preferred choice until now. Life is changing constantly, I've two children which means less opportunity to enjoy my second favourite hobby just an inch behind photography. My first Beyer has changed my approach to head-fi music doubtlessly and now I do feel there are no major missing elements compared to my stereo system, except a bit more clearer sound reproduction, some notes among the lower frequencies and a wider soundstage.
    I hope the Amiron or the 1990 will help in the latter as well, eventhou I'm not sure what I have to feel as I never experienced headphone generated music in front of me but in my head, between my ears. There should be something wrong with me as I feel the height of the soundstage much better than the width or depth. :p
  7. kman1211
    Honestly both the DT 1990 and Amiron Home are great headphones, I personally suggest the Amiron of the two as I found it offered a more complete listening experience in the long run than the DT 1990. I don't really feel I'm missing much with Beyers compared to speakers either. I've always had a similar problem with Senns, they never fully enamored me like Beyers can, especially the Amiron and DT 1990.
    MelonHead likes this.
  8. MelonHead
    Your post reassured me about these Beyers kman!
    Unfortunately as our house is under renovation which extensively reduces the available funds, I can't afford both of them right now.
    I guess my choice will not depend on the more or less different characteristic of these cans exclusively, but on the supply chain as well. I'm curious which will be served better by the Audio-GD R2R 11.
    As the R2R ladder NOS DACs are usually considered as less analytic but more natural than the DS DACs, I suppose it should have a better balance with the 1990, but this assumption will not affect me in my decision. I'll be more than happy with the Amiron if it serves me well and gives a better experience overall.
    I'll compile a mix with my favourite and reference hi-res and redbook songs. It should be enough to evaluate, which one is better for my needs, but the long term convenient factor isn't adequately measurable during an hour long evaluating session.
    - By the way, I beg your pardon for my English. I'm sure there are some grammar or composition mistakes as it is not my native tongue. -
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2018
  9. Scutey
    Hi MelonHead,

    I think @Triodemode , has nailed the differences between the 1990 and 990, it may not be perfect but being able to try both cans will be invaluable, it's always a leap of faith we you can't try them out, which ever one you decide to go with I'm sure you enjoy.:beyersmile:
  10. MelonHead
    You Guys are really great!
    I haven"t imagined so many and valuable inputs. I'll test both of them before the purchase for sure, but it's always valuable to hear real opinions, so I can prepare myself better for the "duel". I'll let you know about my decision.
    Until then which could be a couple of weeks, please let me know about any additional nuances between the two or the DT990 Pro, which should be taken into the final consideration.
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  11. FND_UA
    I'll repeat myself once again: try to listen them on a tube amp also, if that's possible. Even better take your audio-gd (if the store does not have one ofc) with you and switch back and forth between tubes and your dac/amp. Never heard Amiron, but 1990 benefits greatly from a tube amp. Have fun buying one of these, hope to see your personal opinion later on! People seem to like both for many reasons!
  12. Scutey
    Good luck with your "duel" MH, wish I was doing it! lol, @FND_UA is right, the 1990 are fantastic with tube amps, I use my 1990 almost exclusively with a Feliks Elise tube amp and it sounds wonderful!
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  13. FND_UA
    BTW, I upgraded my soviet tubes to the new old stock Sylvania and Hytron US tubes, the sound became even clearer overall, and the bass has improved a little bit further too, this is fantastic! the 1990 cannot be stopped on the path to perfection. :beyersmile:
  14. Scutey
    The 1990 responds very well to different types of tubes in my experience, I don't know much about Hytron but every Sylvania tube I've used has sounded very good, what sort of tube amp have you got?.
  15. FND_UA
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