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Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Jul 19, 2016.
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  1. FND_UA
    Cheers from Ukraine, guys!
    Just my 2 cents about 1990s. At first I'd been using them with Yulong Daart Canary for about 3 months and I was quite happy, tbh, and then I added DIY tube amplifier... It changed everything! These headphones appeared to have such hidden potential it blew me away! The bass improved even more, became full bodied, deep, tight. Sub-bass, Mid-bass, the slam - omg! Instruments separation improved greatly. The music started to flow. Sibilants calmed a little bit. New details appeared in the music I thought I knew well! This is the famous tube sound it seems. :dt880smile:
    I'm very happy I've been able to find the man who makes these absolutely amazing amps.
    I'm not technically skilled to tell you much about the amp. It doesn't matter, every skilled DIYer has it secret sauce anyway, lol. it uses 2x6SL7 and 1x6BG6-GA (If I'm not mistaken) tubes and looks like this:[​IMG]
    It absolutely destroys the AMP that's build-in within the Canary. So I use the Canary as a DAC and they sound so good together! I'm not advising anything, I'm but a noob myself. But 1990s paired with a tube amp may surprise and shock you in a good way!
    Oh, and I'm using "B" pads, and cheap Audioquest Tower RCA. I'm yet to try US tubes, surely they'll improve sound even further compared to soviet tubes!
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  2. Scutey
    Welcome to Head-Fi @FND_UA, nice looking amp by the way!, glad you like the 1990's, as you have said they work so well with tube amps, imo they can sound a bit dry on some ss amps, but with a decent tube amp they just sing!, I use my mine with a Feliks Elise and the sound is just glorious!.
  3. FND_UA
    Thank you very much!
    Absolutely! I never thought that their sound signature can be altered that much without earpads swapping! Glorious indeed!
  4. Giovani Loschiavo
    Can you guys recomend a good budget tube amp? Like 200 bucks max.
  5. nicdub
    Haven’t heard it myself but the Schiit Vali 2 is pretty popular amongst the budget tube amps.
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  6. Scutey
    How about a Darkvoice 336 SE, or a Little Dot MKII, both nice amps, and lots of opportunity for tube rolling.
  7. Hifiearspeakers
    Sorry if this has already been answered, but would you owners say the 1990 is less bright than the T1 gen 2?
  8. kelly200269
    Subjectively, the 1990 and T1.2 are as 'bright' as each other, so it's not as simple as that. It's the mids where the big differences are. The 1990 mids are much more recessed that the T1.2. The T1.2 mids are very pronounced in comparison to the 1990's. I would go as far to say that if you like the sonic signature of the 1990, then you won't like the T1.2 on first listening.
    The 1990 sound 'great' on first listening, and have a very 'ear friendly' sonic signature. On first listening, the T1.2 sound almost objectionable in comparison, and have a large lower-mid/upper-bass 'hump' that takes some adjusting to. However on further listening, and with the right amp (the T1.2 take some driving), then you realise the benefits the T1.2 can bring - greater soundstage, more 'subtle' presentation, and a more 'organic' flow to the music.
    I find myself gravitating towards the T1.2 for classical and jazz, and the 1990 for rock & pop. I think that's where the 1990 shines.
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  9. Scutey
    I must admit I'm at least interested in the T1.2, they do sound like they would make a very nice addition, alongside my 1990, classical, jazz and rock are my favourite genres, rock especially with the 1990's vb pads, so I think I'll have to give em a look!.
  10. kelly200269
    I think they complement each other quite nicely, for different genres. But however much I absolutely love my T1.2's if I was told that I could only keep one pair of cans, it would be the 1990's. They're that good IMO.
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  11. 329161
    Ive asked this earlier in the thread, but I just want to get more opinions from 1990 owners. How is the sound leakage on these? Is it quiet enough for use on public transport and outside in public?
  12. kelly200269
    They’re open-backed and leak like crazy. Completely unsuitable for mobile/outside use.
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  13. Chris1975
    These are open headphones, or "semi-open" depending on what you read. Which means that they leak sound, and necessarily so. I wouldn't wear these on public transport myself given the sound leakage, so I use the 770s for on-the-go use. But then again, they do look cool, so if you aren't worried about getting mugged ... Here's a quick video demonstrating the sound leakage from mine (using a Blue Yeti Microphone) so you get an idea how much can be heard

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  14. 329161
    @Chris1975 Thank you so much for this. Helps me a lot.
  15. esm87
    Hi guys, currently using the b&w p7w along with my brand new hiby r6 dap. I love the p7w's, have had them a while.

    Recently been looking into the open back cans for at home listening/gaming.

    What sonic differences could I expect between the two cans. Do you think the hiby R6 DAP would be sufficient?

    Mainly listen to soft rock, hip hop and singer song writer music.

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