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Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vartan, Aug 5, 2015.
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  1. pietcux
    Yesterday I bought my second DT1770 after selling it two years ago to a friend. # 07761 this time, used from a friend. I missed it, it is a very good sounding closed can, thats it. This time it is a keeper for sure. Sounds well from the Sony WM1A player, even though it is unbalanced mode.
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  2. nishan99
    How is the speed and clarity of this headphones ? Can it keep up the clarity with very busy tracks at loud volumes (~100dB) ?
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  3. Kukuk
    Speed and clarity are staggering for a bass-heavy closed back headphone. They're really reminiscent of a planar magnetic in that regard. I have two other bass-heavy headphones I'd compare them to: the Sony MDR-Z1R and Klipsch HP-3, and in terms of speed, the DT1770 runs circles around them, despite having more boosted bass than either.

    The treble is where you might run into trouble. I like a headphone with a bit of a boost to treble, but at high volumes it can be really grating, and the DT1770 especially doesn't do well at high volumes. I'm a low-level listener, so I sit around 75dB, and if I decide I want to jam out with some loud listening... Well I pass on the 1770.

    That being said, if you find yourself not totally engaged in music at lower volumes with most headphones, the 1770 might give you a chance to get some of that energy in low-volume listening.
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  4. JoshG1217
    How loud do you listen? I've used them at the gym, loud enough to drown out the other sounds around me and they sound amazing.
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  5. nishan99
    This is an example of a track I listen at loud volumes 95-100dB

    after the 4th minute things get dirty

    If anyone can test this I will be thankful <3

    I use EQ so their treble is not a problem for me.
    I think these other headphones tend to have a warm and thick sound so it may look they are slow

    as I said, on some tracks I hover around 100dB
    especially busy tracks with bass notes.
  6. JoshG1217
    No idea how loud 100 db is. I listen at 75-80 on my Hiby r6 at the gym. It's plenty loud. I can't hear any background noise when listening to these, as long as it's a guitar dirven song. A quiet acoustic song still allows some noise thorugh
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  7. bcaulf17
    Oof, I hope that doesn’t disengage me too much. I’m more of a moderate volume listener. I couldn’t take the DT770. I know Beyers tend to have that touchy treble but I couldn’t pass up the pre-order price on the 177X. It looks like they re-tuned it slightly so maybe the treble is a little more comfortable. The treble doesn’t look TOO bad on its graph. Not as bad as the 770 at least.
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  8. nishan99
    graphs are weird when it comes to the treble, focal Elex is too much for me, the Ananda in the other hand is very sweet <3

    go look at their graphs lol.
  9. JoshG1217
    It's not too bad at all, and you can EQ as you see fit. I enjoy my 1770 a lot.
  10. nishan99
    Does anyone has the Ultrasone Signature Pro/Studio before ?
    I'd love to see a comparison between the two, specifically the speed and detail retrieval of the headphones.
  11. Kukuk
    To my ear, the DT1770 has a slightly different character than the DT770 Pro in that it's a broader emphasis of the whole treble region. So while the treble is definitely up in level more on the DT1770, it's less spiky, giving the perception of a smoother response.

    As an aside, every time I see this thread bumped I have to take my 1770s out and listen to them. :beyersmile:
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  12. bcaulf17
    Thanks! I hope I’ll like them and that they won’t be too far away from my preferences. They can either be my end game closed back or something that just doesn’t work for me and end up selling.
  13. Fickle-Friend
    Hi I've bought the DT770s 250 Ohm. I find the curly telephone cable annoying and heavy. The headband clamping force is a bit high on my left side too. I'm happy to spend the extra on the DT1770 250 Ohm but can I ask if the clamping force is different? Also the main and important thing, how much of a sound upgrade is it?
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  14. DW75
    If you find the DT 770 to clamp to much, you won't like the DT 1770 either. The clamping force on the DT 1770 is much stronger.
  15. RockStar2005
    I dunno about the 770, but to be honest man, I find my DT 1770 to be VERY comfortable. One thing I did though was upgrade to the Dekoni sheepskin ear pads, which DEFINITELY contributed to the extra comfort, and also improved the sound, especially bass, as well. Previous posts in this thread confirm the same results by others. I STRONGLY recommend you buy them and the DT 1770 and never look back. I've gone through MANY headphones, and to me these finally gave me what I was looking for. I honestly have to FIGHT myself to take these off my head after a few hours.

    P.S. If you want the truly BEST sound, and have an Android phone, I can send you the custom EQ I use to listen to the 1770 via the Poweramp app, courtesy of a sound expert friend of mine. Let me know if interested. It made them sound perfect.
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