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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

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  1. mbwilson111
    Just be aware that the Audimi Y02 is a rebranded TRN V20... so if you have the V20 you do not need the Audimi... unless you want both or want a backup. The Audimi comes with a nice case like he said. There is no case for the TRN V20 but I bought one for it.
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  2. EDG67
    Ordered the Uiisii CM5 last night, should be here tomorrow. Hope they're good like all the reviews say
  3. vetsin
    Thanks for the pointers guys, it was really helpful. I've searched that thread and I now have 8 buds in my aliexpress cart. Seems like I need to learn the "language" in order to properly buy the recommended earbuds. Mk1, Mk2, Pk2, Pk3, Pk3s, Pk32, EMX500, Wooeasy, Fengru, NiceHCK, DIY... gotta figure out those things first.

    Thanks again, looks like that's the place that I should be. :)
  4. zikarus
    Hello, is anybody out there who already owns/has heard the Yinyoo HQ8? This IEM with 8BA per side is offered for ~220 USD atm making me think about one...
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2018
  5. Dobrescu George
    Haven't even heard about it yet, is it new?
  6. Dexter22
    I didnt like the Tin Audio T2, what should I look for at its price range? I like neutral signature with a wider soundstage. I felt it was way too overhyped. Its detailed, but lacks seperation and sound stage width. Too closed in, and treble is way too digital glary.
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  7. Dobrescu George
    You most probably won't find something much wider in the soundstage.

    Neutral signature at this price point, I don't think I know of anything. Maybe you could try QT2, that one is pretty good. And with more bass emphasis, TRN V80 is amazing
  8. Dexter22
    I felt my Urban fun Hifi having smoother treble and seperation than this. The T2 I got wasnt faulty by any means, its fast, detailed than anything I tried at its price, but like mentioned earlier too much closed in and if I listen to mainstream pop, its annoying as hell. sounded like a 10 bucks el cheapo stuff.
  9. SSakul
    Hey there , if u have good dap and balanced cable , pickup Whizzers A15 pro. ( hard to drive , but when properly amped , holy they sound soooo good . They are horrible from phone though) They are bit more expensive but at sales they are around 80$ ( 11.11. Alli ) .

    Also Audbos p4 which started this year at 200$ are now avaible at 80$ .

    Both models attacking much higher price range and u will we shocked by amount of details and clarity .

    Also , consider TFZ Exclusive king . They has wide soundstage , with good detail and clarity and they are at similar price .
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2018
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  10. kukkurovaca
    I just broke out my TRN V20, and a couple of other things, and you know, it really does have quite a good soundstage, very good at picking out positional details.

    I also checked the KZ ZSR, which has width and separation down but lousy imaging. iBasso IT01 seems to be a mixed bag, depending on the track.
  11. HAMS
    I have etymotic hf5, the least bright of etymotic IEM. In comparison with T2 etymotic sound warmer. T2 has flat bass and mid but boost the treble too much. If you can tame T2 treble at 11k with parametric EQ it actually sound pretty good.
  12. Bartig
    I'd like to have everyones opinion on this: does the KC2 add something to my collection when I already have my number 1 from the signature, the V80 and T2?

    The soundstage of the T2 is quite intimate yes, but I think the placement is outstanding. Every instrument is just so well placed, even in more crowded compositions. Also - I think the treble shines on the T2 as well. What is your reference before the T2?
  13. NeonHD
    I didn't like the T2 either for the exact same reasons. Then I got the QT2, which retains all the good stuff like T2's neutral and detailed mids, but ditches everything else in favor of a more vigorous textured bass and natural treble extension.

    QT2's soundstage compared to the T2 is comparing a mansion to a trailer home. It's THAT huge!

    However cannot recommend them for reasons, but I do recommend getting the BQEYZ K2 or KC2. Their sound is virtually identical to the QT2 as I've heard, but with very trivial differences (treble slightly less sharp, mids slightly more bodied).
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  14. NeonHD

    I just pulled out my Remax RM-610D and gave them a brief listen again. These definitely don't sound as good as I thought they did before. It was actually one of my favorite budget IEMs, but quickly fell off that list. Here's why:

    • Flaw #1 - The bass can't get too deep. While the mid-bass is plentiful to warm up the sound, there is a noticeable lack of sub-bass to give the bass any punch or vigor.
    • Flaw #2 - Mids are too recessed. While there is nothing innately wrong with the mids, the lower mids are a bit too recessed, thus giving high-mids more leverage which results in this artificial "nasally" coloration to the mids. Initially I thought the mids were neutral until I compared them to many other IEMs which made the 610D sound evidently slanted.
    • Flaw #3 - Highs are under-emphasized and could use more sparkle.
    I used to list soundstage and imaging as a con, but it's actually fairly decent in spatial representation.

    Guess these are gonna be on my local classified soon. My next pair of Remax earphones—the RM-530—is coming soon, so can't wait :)
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2018
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  15. mochifi

    Chi-fi are a bit like buses eh? You wait ages for one and then a few of them show up... :)

    Keen to hear the TRN-V80 as it's spoken a lot about, will put it up against the Tin Audio T2 (which I liked) and the KZ AS10 (which I didn't like).

    The other two were a total shot in the dark for me so whatever happens happens :L3000:
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