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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

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  1. Skullophile
    Finally someone I trust has thoughts on the Biggie/Smalls!
    Edit: among others I trust, I'm catching up on this thread.
    Burn in believers say 50hrs on the biggie.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2017
  2. ivo001
    He likes Bass, to listen to e-books?
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  3. waveriderhawaii
    He likes bass for the music part. :)
  4. Happy Hacking
    The QCY Q29 is great. Longer battery life than the gear iconx and better sounding than those. They're slightly big though, but are lightweight and seal pretty good if you match the correct tip size - i have no issues with them falling off.

    They are overall very compact (small charging case) compared to some other cheap chinese truly wireless earphones with monstrous charging cases.

    They give surprisingly decent SQ for being completely wireless, but are pretty bassy (some bleed into mids).

    Only problem is that the initial pairing can be quite frustrating but once you've got that done and figured, subsequent pairing and usage is quick and easy.
  5. ivo001
    Has anybody bought, received and reviewed the Auglamour RT-1 yet?
  6. Slater
    The EP51 is a few years old. It's a traditional bluetooth sports earphone, that has 2 pods connected to one another by a single wire, and that wire has a small control box somewhere in-line. They are similar to the Powerbeats only there is no earhook.

    The EP52 is an evolved version, that has 2 pods each connected by a short wire to a central "neckband". The silicone neckband, which goes around the back of your neck and rests comfortably, contains the battery on 1 side side and the control box on the other side. When not in use, the earpods connect together via a magnet.

    The EP52 has a regular nozzle and uses traditional eartips (and thus can tip roll), where the older EP51 uses a proprietary all-in-one combination silicone cover, earhook, and eartip.

    I have not heard the sound of the EP51, but the sound of the EP52 is great if you like full size Beats headphones (vshaped with boosted bass). It has 8 hour battery life, bluetooth 4.2 and aptx, and no bluetooth lag. Nor sure of the battery life on the EP51.
  7. ivo001
    Battery life on the EP51 is 5-6 hours from my experience.
  8. Autostart
    Hey guys. Looking for Xmas presents (finder fees may apply ). I tried to get some recomentions on a budget set IEM's a couple weeks ago but this thread was red hot and very active over what, I can't remember. Pretty Sure it was over a set of IEM's someone received.

    Now that's it's cooled down some would you'all recommend..... maybe like a top 5 semi budget set of IEM's?

    Budget $100 - $150
  9. wastan
    Don't be too sure. I've got a v1 and recently got a second ZS5. From the sound, I assumed it was a v2. Nope. looking down the barrel there's only one BA. Ultimately I'll get the courage to dissect and see if anything explains the different sounds (different BA in the barrel etc.).
  10. CoiL
    Aren`t they just rebrand of old KZ ED10/11 stock? ED10/11 are more balanced sounding than most KZs but nothing special about SQ. They are still quite good though but no match with ZS5v1 or ZST(modded) in terms of SQ.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2017
  11. B9Scrambler
    They're a lot warmer and bassier. I personally didn't like them at all. Good cable though. Much beefier than pretty much anything you'll find on a KZ, minus the fire hose on the ZN1 Mini of course :D
  12. Niyologist
    I got the Auglamour RT-1. Paired it up with the OPUS #1. Impressions will be posted in 6 hours. Maybe less.
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  13. SambalOelek
    Just swapped the default cable with the new silver cable for the KZ ZS5

    The KZ SZ5 just got a tad better!
    recommended upgrade.
    Not sure if i should still buy these 'eartip' replacements as well ? (alternative ones then the ones that came with them...)
  14. oyobass
    If you get a good seal and you like the amount of treble you get with the stock tips, no need to change them out.

    If you want a bit more isolation, a bit less treble, better comfort or better ability to have the things stay in your ear, a set of New Bee foam tips is an inexpensive way to do it. The 4.9mm set fit the ZS5 perfectly.
    Here is a link to the Amazon listing, (also available from Gearbest and Ali Express for even less money)
    If you decide you like them, several vendors on Ali Express sell foams in bulk very reasonably.
    SambalOelek likes this.
  15. SambalOelek
    That's a superb answer, oyobass.
    Do you have these tips? New BEe tips are these kind of the best for the ZS5, according to the folks around here?
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