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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

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  1. Nymphonomaniac
    Hum.......................okay, you don't hear them but suggest them. You know that I start this thread right? Just to say i'm no dumb even if I can sound strange. TOLT iem are a myth for me. And my fascination about Chifi is for relative value, wich can be for construction or sound. ZS5 is a good exemple I think. As well as lot of 50-100$ chinese IEM. Perhaps I was bad lucked with my Westone ES2 that cost 600$, that I find good sounding, but still very far from perfection and less good sounding than lot of sub-100$ chifi iem I own now. I know too that subjectivity of sound perception is a big aspect and that even if i was buying ''TOLT'' iem, same disease will occur, wich is about soudsignature that can't deal with wide music style I listen too, from classical and jazz to complex electronic,rock and indie. For the GR07 there a clone at like 18$.....and the whizzer look nicely build and can be find for about 60 or less at alisale. I'm thinking to find something in 120-200$ price range on Ali for less than 100$ cause of sale, so, yep, the money constraint isnt perhaps a factor of stress for you, but for me it is, and it look like I already have my answer, was looking for enlightment, not pseudo-pedagogical sentences. Anyway, i'm not mad here, just very bored by what I (already) read.
  2. kova4a
    You, misunderstood me - on the contrary - I don't suggest them. What I said is that given the k3 pro's performance I doubt they are what you are looking for. And I was talking about the new whizzer 15 PRo, which is 125 bucks but on 11.11 with coupons should come down to $80-something. And I dion't want to get into new discussions about the vivo xe800 and how it's not a gr07. Even crinacle, who measured them said they sound like small gr07 and put them in a different sound tier, so again not the same things. That's like saying etymotic hf5 is the same like er4s. Oh, and money is an issue for me and I work my arse off for it. I worked even the entire weekend and now haven'r slept all night just resting a bit to check head-fi
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2017
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  3. Nymphonomaniac
    Well,as said, I really want ''connoisseur'' suggestion, from people that own and heard the IEM they suggest, all the rest is publicity or gossip. And for Ety.....not sure the comparaison is accurate, but can't say about Gr07 and xe800, as I do not heard them, and either you are I guess. but thanks for whizzer suggestion, will consider these with Simgot Pro and Magaosi Pro too. Tin audio t2 too at 25$ look very interesting but im afraid of falling in same old collector habit!
  4. drag0nslayer
    which coupons can come it down to $80 ? would be please explain those coupons ?
  5. kova4a
    If you buy through the mobile app you get a bit lower prices. Actually, if you havyn't used the mobile app before you get a whole bunch of coupons, which can get the price lower. You can also use Ali select coupons, which can be easily obtained by playing the stupid coin games on the app or in the browser version (there are different games, which double your daily chance). On NICEHCK store you can get $8 off with four $2 select coupons. Add to that the aliexpress coupons you get from the mobile app, either as first-time user or playing the stupid shout game, which can be easily bypassed by putting you phone next to a loudspeaker, which will give you $3 more discount unless you get a bigger one as a first time user of the app. Also you can add to that a store coupon you can get on by click on it at the home page of the seller - NiceHCK gives a $5 store coupon for purchases over $89. So you can get at least $16 off of an iem, which is 97 bucks on 11.11 through their mobile app or like 81 bucks. Same goes for the toneking nine tail
    Yeah, I've had several gr07s but haven't heard the xe800. And I already said to not consider the magaosi - for me its sound is worth 50-60 bucks tops, so no giant killer. And bare in mind that just because a "connoisseur" says something is a giant killer doesn't mean it actually is. Point in case is exactly the magaosi k3 pro, which was no one despite all the hype.
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  6. thelonius97
    Is the Vsonic VSD5S any good?
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2017
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  7. DBaldock9
    It looks like the BK50 is still marketed under the HLSX, but not the Magaosi name (I've got the one with the Mic) - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/HLS...y-Ear-buds-HIFI-Professional/32734755417.html

    The BossHiFi B3 is more efficient (louder at the same Volume setting), and has a bit more low Bass than the BK50
    The BK50 has more Treble, and seems to have a bit wider, more open Sound Stage.
    When adjusting the Volume to level match, there isn't any big difference in their sound - pretty much just those subtle things.
    However, I do prefer the slightly warmer sound of the B3.

    The HotFi HM1 was a "2016 New Custom Hybrid Drive 2DD, with 2BA (Knowles 30017) Earphone". The same item is available, from the vendor who can't be named here, as the "Super Audio 2BA+2DD", for the 11.11 Sale Price of $132.60.
    Even though it doesn't have the changeable back covers & nozzles, like the LZ A4, I think it sounds as good as the A4 with the Black-Back and Grey or Pink Nozzles.
    HotFi have moved on with their earphones, and now have the "New Hotfi SD7 IEM 4BA+1DD Hybrid 5 Drive Units", for the 11.11 Sale Price of $127.50. https://www.aliexpress.com/store/pr...ne-DJ-HIFI-Earphones/1922340_32825158212.html
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2017
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  8. Nymphonomaniac
    Okay, now i'm afraid about the Magaosi.....and can't find any Simgot PRO on Ali wich is my final choice.

    Nice trick for stupid shout game, when I look at this in my appartment where everynoise is heard I was no way, fock this game.

    And HCK was the big winner for sale rebate.....but he don't have the Simgot Pro I think....from the 2 reviews I read it will obsess me now, especially because of Brooko review, he look like to be severe sometime as I see with Kinera H3 and I like that (and the fact my H3 sound very disapointing too!).

  9. kova4a
    It's good but a but too upper treble happy. I preferred the older vsd5, which was flatter and more neutral across the board. The new vsd5s is like vsd3s with more treble emphasize, which throws the tonality and timbre a bit off. Actually, I would go for the vsd3s as for me it sounds better. Not as flat as the gr07, but honestly while I was comparing the "new" vsd3s to the gr07 anniversary edition and was thinking how good the vsd3s holds up. Yea, the gr07 AE is more mature sounding , with flatter and a bit more natural sound and smoother treble but if you're on a budget then vsd3s at the sub-$30 11.11 sale price is a winner. I even got a second one on the last sale. Although at about 60 bucks you can also just get the "new" gr07 classic or bass
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2017
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  10. Nymphonomaniac
    Oh well oh well.....I begin to be scatterbrained by all of this. B3 is on my list now...oh wait what 22$ for bk50!. Magaosi is out. And for other big thanks mate to share tough cause I fall on them lot of time.....never try 5 units.....will think about it. :astonished::anguished::astonished::sweat_smile::smirk::frowning::thinking:
  11. Character
    Been trolling around and I still confused on which one to order is it tinaudio-t2 or senfer xba 6+1 I do like the capability of having an option of upgrading your cables for a Bluetooth one since both offer an attachments

    What cables would you recommend for this purpose
  12. bsoplinger
    Is there something similar to the Dunu DN1000 that isn't as heavy? From the reviews I think I'd like it but from those same reviews I know I'd find it uncomfortable.
  13. kova4a
    Btw, if you're set on the en700 pro, don't give up on yet coz its still Monday and it's a new model, so it's totally possible that some sellers on ali stock it before Saturday's sale.
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  14. Ahmad313
    I want to know you have that 2DD+2BA iem or you auditioned some ware,??
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  15. DBaldock9
    Yes, I have the HotFi HM1 (2016) that I bought last Fall.
    But if I were purchasing now, I might buy the HotFi SD7 4BA+1DD model, since they don't appear to offer a 2DD+2BA any longer.
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