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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

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  1. loomisjohnson
    of your list, the urbanfun is the most balanced, though it doesn't lack for lowend impact--it would be my first pick. the memt is very good for rock and isolates well but is more bass-emphasized and the dzat is also vg but won't have the clarity/refinement of the urbanfun. i haven't heard the uiisii, which lurk and and others here really like, but i'm led to believe it's quite bassy.
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  2. Hemanth Battula
    Can u sell ur xb90ex to me. Plz message me ?
  3. xilon
  4. dorino
    I got my TFZ King headphones. They were open box on eBay for 54 dollars. Unfortunately, they're broken. Sound is terrible and distorted, and only mono. Tried multiple sources, same luck. Pretty disappointed; I haven't had this kind of experience with open box headphones before, but I guess it's always a possibility.

    So, I'm in the market again. Does anybody know of any good deals for around 40-60 dollars right now? Ideally a proper sale, rather than a normal price.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2017
  5. VonBoedfeld
    Thanks for your recommendation.
    I am looking for a "daily rocker" with microphone and controls.
    For serious listening I have Nuforce Primo 8 and TDK IE800 as in ears.
    I am searching something similar to the sound of the TDK IE800 but with microphone and controls.

  6. loomisjohnson
  7. crabdog
    I was about to suggest the Tin Audio T2 but it doesn't have a microphone. Would be a good option if you have a spare MMCX cable with mic or you don't mind buying an extra there are some on AE for as little as $5
  8. Griffith
    Wait until the 11th of next month. Aliexpress will have it's equivalent of "Black Friday" then.
  9. groucho69
    Well that just bites the big one
  10. Selenium
    That's the same company that sent me a busted Macaw GT100s. Blinq right?
  11. dorino
    Yeah. It's hard to be mad about it. It didn't work, but they sent a return label within an hour of messaging them. It's part of the nature of open box stuff.
  12. Fahim Foysal
    Do you own the zs6? How do these compare?
    Couldn't find any proper review of the t2. I hear the t2 lacks some low end.
  13. Gabbaking
    Hello guys, long time reader but posting for the first time.

    I was wondering if I can get some recommendations for IEMs which I can wear under a full face motorcycle helmet. I have Qcy q19( slim Bluetooth ones) Mpow (again Bluetooth) and both comes off when I'm trying helmet on and extremely painful duel to the size of them.

    Budget is under $50 and after something which will provide excellent isolation as wind noise reaches over 90 db on highways which extremely dangerous.

    I was scrolling through the forums and was suggested cx300 as a good suggestion given the size and isolation it provides and shure ones which are out of budget for.

    In terms of C-HIFI, I do like the KZ Zs5(similar to shure ones?) I would prefer Bluetooth ones but wired is fine due to smaller size and comfort.

    Thanks in advance
  14. djmakemynight
    Hi there, isolation wise, ZS3 can almost function as ear plugs. They are modeled almost like custom in ears so comfort should be covered as well.

    KZ does have bluetooth modules to go with their IEMs as well. You can have a look at that or ask around in the KZ thread. Don't get overwhelmed by the friendly responses though, you have been warned. :wink:
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  15. Selenium
    Check out the Carbo Tenore. Tiny with good isolation.
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