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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

  1. assassin10000
    What color is the 'stock' filter? Knowles has several so there may be an in between one that works.
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  2. NymPHONOmaniac
    its white damper into a grey metal ring. It would be very nice if changing filter was more user friendly. filter do very slightly muffled overall sound IMO
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  3. Nimweth
  4. assassin10000
    Yeah, not usually very friendly to change. There is a grey filter which dampens less than the white.

    20190128_152454 (1).jpg


    There's a good tool on AliExpress to change them though. The tool from etymotic doesn't fit the metal knowles filters as I found out.


    Pictured next to a 1/16" drill bit, which I used to use the solid end for my removal tool.
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  5. voja
    I am genuinely wondering, what are Head-Fier's favorite picks in terms of IEM's?
    If you had to keep one IEM which one would it be and why?

    I noticed everybody has a different taste, so it's always nice to read that one might prefer a particular model, whereas another might dislike the same one. Some people prefer a particular brand over other, and so on. So the question just came up to me, if somebody could keep a single IEM, which one would it be and maybe why would that one be their choice.
  6. baskingshark
    With the rise of CHIFI the past 2 years, we can get quite good sound nowadays for cheap, so most of us on headfi have multiple CHIFI IEMs, some even have duplicates or triplicates of the same IEM.

    Though personally, if I have to keep only one IEM, it would be the Audiosense T800 for me. It has the best isolation and details/clarity of the CHIFI I own, and is quite good for most genres. I use it for commuting, stage monitoring and music listening.

    If it had to be a sub $100 IEM (as per this thread) keeper set, I would go for the Toneking Ninetails. Since it has front/rear tuning filters, there are 9 potential sound signature configurations (from V shaped to basshead to neutralish tuning). So it's many IEMs in one IEM, it can be tuned to whatever mood/music genre preferences you want.
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  7. yorosello
    If my budget is only $50, I would gladly take my TFZ T2 with me. They sound 2x than their price IMO. Fairly balanced sounding with enough powerful bass & detail that will not cause fatigue to your ear.

    But if I had more budget, I would gladly choose my No.3, which Imo, a natural upgrade from the TFZ T2 if you are more into bass. But didn't set a side better technicalities from the T2 Gal. No. 3 also have good isolation & fit too if it was paired with the spiral dots + no driver flex issue that I had with T2.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2019
  8. yorosello
    My jadeaudio EA3 was shipped with the 4px from china to singpost. I guess it will take forever to arrive now because it haven't leave china at all.
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  9. voja
    Just like you said, the CHIFI has been growing so rapidly, from low budget, all the way to high budget and high-end models. The options are endless, and there is always something for everybody, for everybody's taste.

    Nice to hear both of your choices :)

    Oh damn. I was looking forward to a review. It's quite an interesting option, I myself am ready to buy it, it appeals more to me than the V90, but I could be completely wrong. Nobody knows how these sound, we know the attractive frequency chart which was released by Jade Audio themselves, but besides that.. not much.
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  10. voja
    I am bummed not to be able to participate to review the EA3, just because I am a new member here :/
    I doubt the tag will disappear by the 13th December.
  11. yorosello
    Yeah, if they ship fast enough, I'm still going to get my hand on them next year probably :p
  12. yorosello
    Some new member/ those who never even do any review also joining it. You can try your luck tho
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2019
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  13. Nimweth
    On the way: BQEYZ BQ3, Smabat ST-10. Don't know if I will receive them before Christmas.
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  14. voja
    I know, however I was in contact with Jade Audio over email. They aren't considering those who are New-Members. Altough I'm pretty sure that I would've received them for a review, I was in the first 10-15 (counting in only serious reviews, not the unreal ones). I'll probably buy them either way. It's too good, I mean silver cable, bigger dynamic driver, Knowles BA... case.. Hahahah what else can Jade Audio pack in at this price point.
    We'll see.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2019
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  15. grumpy1471
    So I've spent the past couple days looking at all of what ChiFi has to offer and the amount of information I've taken in and comparisons I've made are making my head spin.

    There are so many options around the same price range and I'm someone who has difficulty making decisions; needless to say, I'm having a tough time figuring out where to start/what to pull the trigger on.

    I decided to go with the CCA C12 before seeing that the TRN BA5 are a thing. At first I was looking at the TZ ZSX but saw some people say that the C12 have less treble.

    I tend to be sensitive to harsh highs so I'm trying to choose the most smooth sounding out of the BA5, C12 and ZSX. The detail and imaging they are all supposed to have appeal to me but I don't want to be getting headaches from the treble.

    Any help would be appreciated :blush:
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