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BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

  1. dharmasteve
    Wish I knew what you are talking about. What are you trying to say? I have no idea.
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  2. B9Scrambler
    It's easy to argue that someone that reviews an item they purchased is just trying to justify the money they spent. There is no black and white, yay or nay answer. Not everyone that reviews a sample is a shill. Not everyone that reviews something they bought is necessarily being completely honest. Same can be said for loaners and tour units. Lesson: Find someone you tend to agree with, regardless of how they procure their items, and follow them. Also find someone you tend to disagree with and follow them too. Both perspectives are equally important imo.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2019
  3. dharmasteve
    I meant something more generalised but it seems some have a little paranoia. I just think the BQEYZ KB100 are a terrific IEM for under a 100$. Anyone agree?
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  4. Dani157

    Even Tennmak Pro with Starlines/medium bore tips do great for heavy and trash metal. The kick just livens up. I'm not a certified metalhead but do listen to fair share of them. Agree with @BadReligionPunk about death metal bits and W shaped signature analysis. I once listened to Iron Maiden's Fear of the Dark LP with KB100+Penon silver cable+Sony hybrid tips and I must say that combination was very lively as I find FOTD as a mangled album. It seems very chaotic but somewhere things just seem to fall in place.
  5. NymPHONOmaniac
    Don't know....just ask for a free review sample after you praise them again :wink:

    It make enough trustable people and diversify impressions to get me hooked to these KB100 as I really like the BQ3 sharp liquid sound.

    Now, BQEYZ just need to find another brand name or put the letter of their name in another order like: ZEBYQ or ZYBEQ....hum.
  6. dharmasteve
    Never had a free pair of IEMs or any free HiFi in my life and have no interest in getting it free. I'm purely in it for the music and couldn't give a **** for anything free. Anyone in it for other than the music would surprise me.
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  7. NymPHONOmaniac
    T'was a joke....was thinking it relax the thing but do the opposite. Sorry, im not good with human, wichis why I always have IEM pluged in my ears to not listen to them.

    Anyway, its true that if a reviewer recieve everything free an alarm should ring. As well, if hes an official promoter disguise as a reviewer. As well if hes always overly positive and naive. As well if he never make any choice driven by its own curiosity, wich will surely drive him to spend lotta money on audio gear like me. Man, I spent so much money, im crazy, i have DAP, DAC-AMP, vintahe solid state amps, 6 pairs of diverse speakers, 10 pairs of headphones....uncurable.
    As well, If I didnt receive some audio gear for free I couldn't buy beers....I like music AND beer. So, yeah, i will not send you a free pair of IEM then.

    Who want one???
  8. BadReligionPunk
    Yea. I wonder if they are using the first letter of the founders names or something? Very silly name. I call em Beak Eyes.

    Anyway, kc2 is very good for metal too. Just a bit bass light for me, but others like the bass fine. I'm a bit basshead though.

    BQ3 is pretty good for everything. Its just a matter of fit and finding the right tips IMO.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2019
  9. paulindss
    Who jumped on the new Blon bl-03 dd, the one that was on "lucky bag"? Any impressions? Good, bad? Give us impressions.

    I will receive one, i guess they will be good lookin in this brown combination:

    SmartSelect_20190718-173336_AliExpress.jpg 603998962-1743392088.jpg

    I have found a positive review on ali with a FR graph, seems harman-ish with a little bit more bass and more upper treble.
  10. Nimweth
    I too have received many review samples free of charge and always mention this in reviews, but I have purchased more than I have received free. I do understand the concerns, though. Honesty is always the best policy.
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  11. ldo77
    Totally agree. Especially with an upgrade cable.
  12. dharmasteve
    Same as you. I have a couple of ISN 16 cables I bought and they really bring out the best from the KB100. This IEM has some of the best bass I have heard in the price range.
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  13. paulindss
    I receive items from a ali store, and my reviewr channel is Brazilian portuguese, the guys have no ideia if i am saying good or bad things about the store or earphones lol. There are honest reviewers, and honest vendors as well.
  14. CoiL
    Exactly same here, 4x ATE`s in drawer.
    I wish I had money to buy 4x Kanas Pro :D
  15. HerrXRDS
    Got a pair of Zero Audio Duoza, been listening to them all day today. Surprised these things didn't get more traction around here. Even though they are older, I think they are better than many overhyped models I bought lately. I quite like them.
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