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Best Smartphone for audiophile Part II (Updated: Mar 2019)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by artpiggo, Jun 19, 2017.
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  1. cj3209
    Interesting comments from an Exynos Note 9 user:


    I recently accuired a Note 9 (Exynos version). For comparison I have an LG G7 too. Prior to that a V30. As I was disappointed with the Note 8 audio I did not have any expectations.

    I was wrong. They have upped their game a lot with the Note 9. A very decent amount of space in the soundstage. Much wider soundstage than the Note 8 had. The bas is also very well controlled and detailed. In fact the difference from the Note 8 is so huge that it acually starts sniffing my G7 in the butt. The difference is really not that big. Not as big as one would believe anyway. It's so good that I don't really miss my G7 that much
  2. SilverEars
    Anybody use bluetooth headphones? Also, has anybody noticed the BT quality setting under developer's options? Particularly for LDAC? My S8 cuts off intermittently when I set it for 'audio quality' or 990 kbps data rate.

    Has anybody tried various phones, and found one that has the most stable LDAC 990 kbps data rate? No drops?
  3. Windmolinos
    I have axon7 and I agree with you, but, with customs roms the sound is half good...
  4. lxlx
    Your kernel does not support AKM DAC?
    Many do meanwhile...
  5. kutulu32
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2018
  6. kutulu32
    the most phones mentioned in this thread are suitable for your headphones . you should also use a good music player with eq (parametric or not)because i think your headphones lack of bass a little and treble is a little bit more than usual. if you like the sound signature its ok.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2018
  7. fabrusso80
    As I'm living in Turkey it's difficult to find all the brands and models (The USD dolar is 6 time expensive than the Turkish LIRA). I think the Lg V20, V30+, Huawei Mate 10 lite, Asus Zenfone 5z (very good but a little bit expensive), maybe some Samsung s8 or Note 8 (also this one is a bit expensive for my budget), maybe some Xiami and HTC model could be suitable for me. But which one I'm not sure. I don't know how are the authorized service center (expect Samsung and Lenovo)
    I had the Samsung S3mini and when I had a problem with the battery they changed for free and also they changed the charging socked for free too ( I didn't notice the problem with the socket). So I'm impressed about the Samsung repairing center in İzmir (city of Turkey). My friend give me Lenovo Vibe k5 I'm using that but I don't like this phone and It has a fracture on the screen and it's not a problem for the working but when reading it become annoying. I asked to the service for repairing (it has the guarantee until 02/2019). But as they asked a high price I change my mind and I decide to buy a new Phone.
    I also bought a new Samsung Galaxy book 12 without LTE. My S3 mini doesn't have any problem with working it's slow and doesn't have space for my photos and flacs.
    I can use S3 mini with Book 12. What do you think? Is it logical use S3 mini with Galaxy book 12? Or it's better buy another phone ?
  8. kutulu32
    Hi from Greece! Are you happy with audio quality from your book 12? Does it support external dac like fiioe17k? If yes you can buy an external dac but i think it is not neccesary if you use iems . I own a xiaomi mi a1 that has very good audio quality but some people with iems mention hiss(my ie8 dont have hiss with the phone) . It is quite cheap now.
    But before buying something new try to "fix" your iems sound signature with an equaliser and a good player like uapp poweramp neutron etc(android)...with windows 10 try foobar or (mpc -reclock-madflac)
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2018
  9. fabrusso80
    Hi from Turkey... :) Actually I didn't have a headphone like this before so it's difficult to say how good is... For me is very good :) At home I have Athem MRX with a pair of Paradigm Monitor 11 v7. I'm good with that but I can't listen with high volume :) that is a problem actually it was but now I understand that I don't like too much bass but balance and details are more more important than too much bass a less details... That is just my opinion.
    At computer I use foobar2000 for flac and Spotify (not premium for now). At android also I think to use Spotify premium. Is it worth? I like to listen soundtracks, Hans is one of my favorite composer.
    I didn't do a research about the DAC of Galaxy Book 12. I bought this laptop for my second university so for music I didn't do any research. We don't have too much choice possibility. Don't forget that here the price is 6 time more that the states + taxes ecc ecc... So buy an electronical device it become really difficult (in term of quality and price).
    I didn't undestand what you mean if it support an external DAC. This laptop has windows 10 and USB type c. Do you mean this? I'm not sure if it worth to spend money for DAC if I will prefer to listen from Spotify (even if with Premium). Could you please explain more detailed what do you mean for "fixing" the sound signature?
    Xiaomi has a lot of product without an authorized service. So it become difficult to trust to importer guarantee.
    What could be other mobile device?
  10. kutulu32
    About sound signature i mean that your headphone has less bass more treble but if you like it it is ok .
    For spotify listening i think you are ok with the laptop.
  11. Thearcade12
    Thinking of picking up an LG G7 considering the kind of price and offers i am getting. It might prove to be a better deal then Vivo Nex S which has poor ppi and no MQA support in Tidal. V40 might take few months to launch locally and then no offers since it's a fresh device. G7 seems like a no brainer to me, although i am still confused as usual :deadhorse:
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2018
    Sebilion likes this.
  12. fabrusso80
    For phone what it could be the best option? I think also Tidal could be a solution. But I would prefer to buy just one program for using on laptop and phone.
  13. kutulu32
    I dont know how easily you can import in Turkey some of the phones. In Greece from the last year for example some meizu phones and xiaomi are available a little pricier than import directlyfrom china but with 2 years warranty.

    For example lgv30 dont came officially in Greece but some models offer european 2 year warranty.

    Some phones you can get from china online shops that offer european warehouses so you dont pay customs.(thats how i bought mx4 pro)

    You should at first make a list of easy to import or to buy in Turkey and then check about audio.
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2018
  14. fabrusso80
    You can't import an item that it cost more than 50USD. If it's more than you should pay customs and all the expenses... The easiest way (??) is to go to China and buy a phone and come with that to Turkey. Even if you do this you pay a little price (in comparison with custom) for the registration of the IMEI number. Beside this you will not get any garantee of the product as Turkey is not EU country.
    I think its better to buy a phone with the guarantee of the authorized service.
  15. fabrusso80
    I have done a little research about the phones that were talking here in the forum...
    I will write down the prices in TL (Turkish Lira) and another important think is that the minimum wage in Turkey is 1600-1700TL monthly.
    --Meizu Pro7 Plus Chipset Helio X30 MediaTek MT6799 Ram:6GB storage 128gb Cirrus cs43130 price 2799TL (black)
    --Vivo Nex S I couldn't find in Turkey
    --LgV30+ Chipset 835 Ram:4Gb storage 128gb ESS Sabre 9218 IPX8 2900TL (black, silver)
    --LgV20 Chipset 820 Ram:4Gb storage 64gb ESS Sabre 9218 No IPX8 2800TL (+ B&O + extra battery ). Without extras 2700TL (The sound chip is the same with V30+, so no difference??)
    --LG G7ThinQ Chipset 845 Quad Dac DTS: X 3d Sorround Sound (I couldn't find some info about sound chip) storage 64Gb IPX8 3893TL
    --Vivo xplay 6 No in Turkey
    --Oneplus 6 Chipset: 845 Ram: 8Gb storage 128gb Dirac Hd sound 4600TL (no authorized service just importer warranty)
    --Meizu Pro 6Plus No in Turkey
    --Sony Xperia XZ premium Chipset 835 Hi-Res Audio (I couldn't find some info about sound chip) storage 64Gb IPX8 4000TL
    --Sony Xperia XZ1 is like the premium one. I couldn't find the difference in term of sound.
    I couldn't find any advice of Samsung, HTC, Iphone, Xiaomi, Asus Zenphones or Huawei phones. Are bad in term of sound or what?
    Which one could be more compatible with my Fiio F9 Pro I bought this headphone 1 month ago at the price of 1000TL now is 1220+. I prefer to use this headphone when I'm not doing sport as I'm exude too much I don't want to damage the headphone. Of course if I buy a phone doesn't have any headphone I will use the F9pro.
    Sorry it's too long but I'm a little bit confused. Thank you in advance.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2018
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