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Best Smartphone for audiophile Part II (Updated: Jan 2020)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by artpiggo, Jun 19, 2017.
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  1. artpiggo
    Sound from 3.5mm port
    Vivo xplay6 = nex S > v30 > v40

    Hires BT (ldac)
    v30, v40

    So i think you cam choose.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2019
  2. wwyjoe
    Just to add on, only currently the Vivo Nex S (chinese version) supports LDAC Bluetooth; this was made possible via firmware update several months ago.

    I understand, even with the latest fimware update that was pushed to the Global Nex S version recently, it still supports up to Aptx HD only.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2019
  3. artpiggo
    Thanks for noticing this. Yes I tested on chinese model.
  4. artpiggo
    Sorry for wrong information.

    Truth is nex s still not ldac compatible BUT it is compatible just with Sony BT device via its own app.
  5. Benfica1904
    I have the Xiaomi Mi 9 and really don't like the sound from the USB-C to 3.5 mm adapter with my AKG K545.

    Is there any way to improve the sound quality without going to Bluetooth scene?
  6. Feelgood
    I think you can get one portable Dac like hrt dsp or, smsl idea, Musiland MU1, sabaj da2
    Benfica1904 likes this.
  7. bencherian
    VE Odyssey HD cable, Hidizs Sonata HD2 cable
    Benfica1904 likes this.
  8. artpiggo
    buy addition dap.
  9. DiederickFritz
    Does it matter what android phone to buy for great LDAC performance? I want to get the Google Pixel 3XL
  10. cannondt
    I am new here and I write to you from India. I have gone through the google doc in detail (basically all the RECOMMENDED phones) and either the phone is not available here or it is extremely expensive.
    Now I am not very sure as to how to dissect a phone to figure out its audio capabilities but I sure want one that delivers good audio (however, my main use would be through spotify/prime as opposed to downloaded flac)

    If my budget is a max of 15K, can you give me some advice as to what phone I can procure? Maybe a little compromise is needed in terms of audio quality as my budget is seemingly sparse, but any guidance you can offers would be invaluable.

  11. artpiggo
    Can buy whatever phone that support ldac
  12. artpiggo
    15K rupee is $200 right?

    Meizu pro6 plus and lg v20 is ok to get?
  13. cannondt
    Yup, around 200.
    Unfortunately availability is a pain in India - Meizo is not at all available while the v20 is costlier than the v30+ (by about $100), the v30+ is around 345 USD. . Strange pricing indeed.
    Going by your list the v30+ is the only phone that seems to be attainable here but that is by far out of range of my moolah :frowning2:
  14. artpiggo
    You dont like aliexpress?
  15. cannondt
    Also just to confirm since I lack any serious knowledge, an ldac phone would demand a powerful or at least a compatible set of the head phones right? A general set of BT earphones (I have a pair of JBL ear pods) would not take advantage of an ldac phone right?
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