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Best Smartphone for audiophile Part II (Updated: Jan 2020)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by artpiggo, Jun 19, 2017.
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  1. sh0bo
    This phone comparator pushed high the amount of specifications, great.

    Alright, i wonder tho, why do they have to change audio chips for any models so often?

    I mean eaven for the further models like, for example, meizu pro5 and 6 since all are agree that since pro5 cames out, every meizu devices have downgraded in term of audio which is kinda upsetting for the less.

    I gess "nex A" and "Duals creen" all-in-one sound chips sound different due to the different series numbers of them dacs?

    Would be so great a place where u could find all physicals phones to test the audio in every country.
  2. artpiggo
    I think when you make better camera plus addition screen, you need to save cost for.audio to make a same price.

    Dont forget that smartphone is not for music only. It has many aspects to it.

    Most smartphone mentioned here is chinese so I recommend if you wanna touch the demo phone, you need to travel to shanghai.
  3. wwyjoe
    Just to chip in. I'm using a Vivo Nex S with Noble Audio Encore customs and Effect Audio 8-wire Lionheart cables, listening to lossless music via Tidal.

    I've recently gotten a Fiio M11 and from my initial listening impressions, I'm finding hard pressed to find which is the better music sounding player! Yes, I think the Vivo Nex S is that good and in some instances, even better than the M11 in terms of deeper bass impact. Perhaps this will change when the M11 is burned-in.......
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2019
  4. sh0bo

    Vivo nex S or xplay 6 then for me, i'll be aware of the better deals
  5. janx
    I could actually also compare the Meizu 16th right now shortly with the Vivo X9 (my GFs phone) and its Ak4376.

    For me it is much harder to tell if there is one better or worse. My feeling is that the 16th has the better sound, especially at high volumes. There wasn't enough time though to give a final statement. Only thing I can clearly say: The Pro5's sound is also way ahead of the Vivo's.

    I will do more tests when I'm free XD
  6. janx
    I quote someone from another forum that discussed the ESS chips:

    Wolfson has the warmest sound.
    Personally I never enjoyed the Wolfson sound before.
    Although the CS4398 in the topping D30 doesn't have any coloration that I can tell of vs the Sabre in the M8A.
    In my tests I have found that Sabre DACs have the most treble details which some people consider extension. They are also less forgiving to poor recordings and artifacts.
    The CS4398 has a smoother sound and none of the same artifacts are heard.
    Now when comparing CS4398 VS ES9018k2m (D30 vs M8) the difference in detail is not as great as vs the DX7.
    It is exactly what I also recognized when comparing the Pro 5 with the 16th, interesting that people actually seem to have similar understanding of sound quality properties...
  7. sh0bo
    U are saying That they gave the 16th a Wolfson vs the Sabre of the pro5 ?

    I read Android apply resampling to the streamed out audio.
    Is it still the case, do u guys resolved the issue, does it ask rooting?
  8. janx
    The 16th and 16th Plus use chips from Cirrus Logic (they begin with "CS...."), Wolfson is part of CL, but I don't know if the hardware is already the same or if they position it differently. I am not so much into that topic but I would be happy to hear from others...
    The Pro 5 uses ESS Sabre, that is correct.

    Btw, yesterday the 16s was presented, no 3.5 output anymore but they have a new UCB-C to 3.5 cable now that is really cheap and also uses Cirrus Logic hardware - for only about 20€.
    Could be the way to go if you want a good sound out of devices like Xiaomi (Redmi, A series, etc.) or Moto G series etc.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2019
  9. artpiggo
    UAPP and Neutron are the only app that can bypass android 48khz sample rate.

    Can see in my first post if you read them all.
  10. snip3r77
    I will be buying a phone as a DAP. any recommendations?
    don't mind old but slim ones preferred since I'd still be using my iphone as a phone
  11. artpiggo
    Vivo xplay6, nex s

    Lg v30,40
  12. janx
    @artpiggo do you know any option to get this bit perfect output while using spotify?
  13. artpiggo
    For vivo yes, it has hifi option. Tick it in setting makes it bit perfect for this app.

    For lg, I am not sure. Need to use neutron to see which output it is.

  14. snip3r77
    Possible to rank them, prefer it to have hi-res for BT and good amplifier.
  15. sh0bo
    U mean that Wolfson belong to Cirus Logic
    Xiaomi and Motorola sell a lot in france that cable could be nice to try them but i personally am not fan of add cables to carry on.

    Ill dig that
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