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Best IEM tips?

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  1. SilverEars
    I'm awestruck by the isolation performance of JVC Spiral Dots on the Andro. The tips seal ridiculously well that I think it's creating suction. Isolation seems comparable to Etymotics.
  2. Makahl
    Modding the JVC Spiral Dots into hybrids it's like the next level isolation-wise.
  3. SilverEars
    Something I found interesting I've noticed with tips. The shape of the tips seems to change the response of the bass in terms of mid-bass emphasized or subs.

    If the tips are like an umbrella like shape, you'd get a more subs emphasized response.

    And if the tips are like an olive shape being rounded and curving around to the bottom, you'd get a more mid-bass emphasis
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  4. assassin10000
    Just got medium sony triple comforts.

    Size/shape comparison pics:


    From left to right:
    Sony Hybrid (S) 10.5-11mm
    Sony Triple Comfort (S) 11mm
    Sony MH755 tip (S) 11mm
    JVC Spiral Dot (MS) 11mm
    Radioshack Auvio (S) 11.5mm
    Sony Triple Comfort (M) 12.5mm
  5. lgcubana
    I'm all about foam tips. I have a stock pile of New Bee/RIYO sets (s,m,l). But I've been converting to the Blue, Tin Audio tips, when the IEMs form factor allows for it. My ear canals are asymmetrical (left = l, right = m), but the one size fits all Tins work. My Fiio FA7s feel like a custom fit, with the Tins.

    Here's a comparison to the New Bee, large
  6. SoundChoice
    Where you do buy (link?) Tin Audio tips by themselves, aside from with the IEM?

    And for your asymmetrical ears, do you get the large or medium?
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  7. lgcubana
    I bought several of the P1 cases, with 3 pairs of tips per case:

    There is only one size for the blue tips.

    Another member suggested messaging Linsoul, via their Amazon contact link, to purchase the tips only.
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  8. PreetyAdrian
    So I've seen someone here make a DIY silicone + foam tips and I wanna say thank you for the idea.
    I've found a simple and convenient way to do this with some foam tips that don't have rubber lining.
    Here are some images

    UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_67b.jpg UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_67c.jpg UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_679.jpg
  9. AudioNoob
    To bring back this wonderful mod, is that comply 400 500 or 600?
  10. DynamicEars
    Im using comply s400 but its not a must. Even using cheap memory foam eartips from ali will do. But that s400 are softer and fit better without too much force.
  11. AudioNoob
    I was asking to know the bore size.
  12. SilverEars
    How do you get the prcise opening?
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  13. AudioNoob
    They used foams without cores.

    Is there an easily available nozzle adapter to use wider bore tips with narrow nozzle iems like etymotics? I just cored some shure olives but I don't like how the foam is still attached to the plastic
  14. DynamicEars
    oops ok yeah its 400, S is the type, 400 is the size.

    you dont have to be exact precise, the inner bore of the memory foam are stretchable so you can just pull and stretch and put them there.
  15. Toastybob
    The dual flange spinfits come with those.
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