1. phinael

    Looking for a pair of IEMs, $50-$150 range - need advice, the variety is a bit overwhelming.

    I have tried to do my fair share of research but in the end I would much rather decide based on people's opinion than my own limited understanding.    Now while I understand that some headphones sound better on different types of music and source material, there is also a subjective "sound...
  2. SmettMark

    Which IEM should I get?

    Hi guys, sorry for creating another thread, I changed my mind a bit about my preferences. This is what I'm looking for in the IEM:   -I listen mainly to vocals (mostly male), rock, heavy metal, and some soundtrack.   -I want the IEM to be mid-centric. I want the mids to be lush, thick...
  3. Mkilbride

    T-400 Eartips VS Bluecell Foam tips?   vs  ...
  4. swoody

    Deeper seating foam tips for GR07?

    Hello world!   I recently acquired a set of GR07 headphones and have been enjoying them greatly thus far. The only concern I have is with the tips which are included with them. The dual-flange rubber tips and the foam tips are about equal to me in terms of sound quality and isolation, but...
  5. Tocha

    Earbud tips to help retention

    I've just ordered the Moe Audio SS01 and I'll have them coming in soon. I've had plenty of IEMs before with my last pairs I've been listening to being the Klipsch Image s4, and Meelec m6.    The recurring problem I've had with IEMs though is that I can get a good seal (I've followed guides on...
  6. BloodyPenguin

    Soundsoul S-018 Impressions Thread

    The Soundsoul S-018 is yet another inexpensive gem found right here on the forums.   Soundsoul S-018 site page:     - The Head-Fi community have been raving about the great vocals and wide soundstage. -    *Looking to rate it, go...
  7. kenz

    EarWerkz "Supra" The Universal Custom In-Ear Monitor

    Discovered the new Custom In-Ear Monitor Maker, Earwerkz, but wondering how their products are like? Look no further than Earwerkz's entry into Kickstarter. Link HERE.       The Universal of their custom monitor, EP-II: EarWerkz Pro Class II.   Here's a summary of their Kickstarter...
  8. TubeHiFiNut

    Easy Bose IEM Improvement.

    The first set of IEMs I bought (way back in 2005/2006) were the original Bose. Thought they were a step up from the Apple earbuds but have never really been happy with the fit or the sound. Picked up some Comply T400 memory foam ear tips for my Sound Magic IEMs and discovered thar they will...
  9. fzman

    Most musically satisfying universal IEM ?????

    So, it being the Holiday season I've got the buy-bug again, and decided I'd focus on upper-tier performance iems, that will "leave me alone iwth the music".  I've liked mostly single driver units, mostly dynamics, and am looking for something universal (not custom) that will really make me happy...
  10. tomortlieb

    Headphone advice - I need help!!

    Hey everyone, I am definitely a novice when it comes to headphones and would greatly appreciate some insight. I currently use the Monster iSport immersion, which are the blue in ear version. I really enjoy the sound, but I do not find them to be very comfortable. For my next pair, I was hoping...
  11. indieman

    New tips for sp51p?

    Anyone know if the shure olives or comply foam tips fit the mee sp51p? I can't find a local store to try them and would hate to purchase the tips online then not fit :/ If it helps, I tried Sony hybrid tips I used with my old M6's, way too small of a stem/core! Much thanks :3
  12. kodreaming

    Eartips for Harman Kardon 720

    Hi guys,   What are some eartips that are compatible with Harman Kardon 720 ?   Thanks
  13. Arbakadarba

    I need help finding good IEM's - under $ 150

    First of all I must excuse my english. It's not my first language, and i have very little practice writing it. I am pretty new to good, portable sound and I am therefor in need of some advice and guiding when I am now planning on buying some new IME's. I listen mostly to rock and hip hop, and...
  14. hahahamez

    Comply Eartips for Astrotec AM90's

    I've been using my Astrotec AM90's for a while now but the included foam eartips are starting to wear out on me so I'm looking into comply foam tips but I'm not quite sure what size will fit them. I bought a pack of Comply S-400 tips from Target but the hole was only a tiny bit too big to fit...
  15. trans

    Extra-small earbud cushions needed

    Just purchased my first earphones, Spider realvoices, and both the 'small' cushions and the comply foam tips are too large for my ears!  Any suggestions on what and/or where to get something that might work?  I don't want real noise cancellation - if I can't hear my wife's voice there won't be...
  16. tigersinacage

    Are the Sennheiser CX980's worth it?

    Had my eye on these for the last few days, and seem to be a good choice for the £100-200 range.   Does anyone have an opinion on these?   I know it's a very subjective question, but is there anything better for the price?   Thanks in advance!
  17. dimmockg

    Which comply tips for my earphones

    I have done a search or 5 but couldn't find a definitive answer. I am after some comply of foam tips for my hisound audio crystal, I nearly pulled the trigger on a set but didn't realise they are sized or sold by fit/type What size/type do the crystals take? I've read and some say t400...
  18. Doc-holliday


    Hey Yall, I recently tried an idea that I am recommending to Comply (i'm positive im not the only one to do this i know) but I got tired of trying to read the "L" and "R" on some of my iems and even my TripleFi 10s with their v shape and hook cable I STILL manage to have to pause a sec to...
  19. lilboozy

    Best IEM tips?

    For durability, comfort, fit, price, and all that other stuff.
  20. Fuzziekiwi

    Best IEM under $20?

    Which are the best under $20?
  21. elyte

    Suggestions for headphones for Grad Student ~$100-150 with low sound leakage

    Hey all, I'm looking for suggestions for a pair of new headphones that I can use for studying. Since I'm a grad student, money's kinda tight, but I've set a budget of ~$100-150 (I've set aside some extra funds, but definitely no higher than $200 total,  including all shipping/taxes).  Some...
  22. headphone man07

    HELP ME!!!

    Hi head-fiers, I'm pretty new to the in ear world (if you want to know my main area is circumaural closed) I don't particularly want to spend another 2 years relearning headphones. The problem with circumaurals is that you just can't put them in your pocket. Not a problem for me most of the...
  23. Comply T-400 Series Foam Tips (Black, 3 Pairs, Small)

    Comply T-400 Series Foam Tips (Black, 3 Pairs, Small)

    The perfect accessory for your earphones, replacing standard silicone tips to provide increased comfort, stability, and noise isolation. A unique breathable memory foam is activated by your body heat, becoming ultra soft, reducing irritation and fatigue. Fits select earphones from Audio...