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Best IEM tips?

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  1. lilboozy

    For durability, comfort, fit, price, and all that other stuff.
  2. AstroTurf
    Comply Foam...

    The choice of Astroturfs everywhere!!!

  3. belleville
    I would say 3M 1100 with DIY.
  4. lilboozy
    I heard the comply's aren't that durable
  5. pelli
    I am a big fan of the SURE Olives
  6. lilboozy

    i doing feel like diy'ing :wink:
  7. AstroTurf

    You can't believe everything you hear...

    Clean hands when you handle them.
    Clean storage of your IEMs when not in use.
    Do not roll them before putting them in your ears.
    Have clean ears.
    And many more, I am sure can affect the life span of any tips

  8. 20degrees
    Creative aurvana tips.
  9. planx
    Shure Olives and Ety Tri-Flange. Also, I liked the Klipsch Dual-Flange tips as well. My ears like multiple flange tips, some (apparently most?) don't. I never liked foam tips, just like the way I don't like Velour pads on Headphones.
  10. lilboozy
    The sony hybrids are good as well right?
  11. gij100
    I find the foam stuffed hybrids that came with my dba02 mk2s are wonderful and provide a good seal without making them overly boomy, but dont think these tips are readily accessable.

    Generic foam tips from lostearbuds I find are also great, especially for the price!
  12. lilboozy
    what are the general fit differences between dual flange and single?
  13. planx
    Depth is one significant one
  14. barid
    Those large grey silicon tips that come with the Westone's.  I may be the only one that likes them though....
    //never quite liked the foam
  15. kova4a
    The best tips for what? There are just no universal tips that are best for  every iem. I've tried everything. While the shure olives are great for some iems and one of my favorites for a lonf time, but they are just not the best for every iem. Some iems just sound good with meelec dual-flanges, others with ety tri-flanges, sony hybrids and so on. Sooner or later one has to deal with the reality and get a decent collection of different tips.
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