Best Headphone For Under 300$?
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Jan 4, 2013
Hey everyone, im new so please dont hate on me. I recently returned my old headphones to best buy (Beats by dre Solo HD). I got in store credit for them and i opted to upgrade to the Beats Executives because i likes the look and the comfiness.
I think they are great but i want to see what other good options are out there for less because i am all for returning them and getting a better pair. Here are the main things im looking for in a pair.
- Style, i want them to look pretty decent.
- Comfiness, i need them to be comfy because i wear my headphones everywhere. And for long periods of time.
- Outside Noise Cancellation, i need very good noise cancellation, i travel alot ( on planes/cars) and when im in the car, my dad likes to have moderately loud music.
- Sound Quality, i like good sound quality, i use my headphones a lot! Like 2+ hours a day reguarily. I like to listen to hip hop, dubstep and other bass heavy tracks. But i also like listening to some lighter songs like 80's pop and some recent pop music.
- Cost, the absolute most i can spend is 300$, but id rather have them for 200$ or under. But i will pay that much if i have too and i like the headphones. Also if at all possible, i need the headphones to be buyable at BestBuy or but if not maybe i can make a trade with my parents. Store Credit -for- cash.

Also, i was looking at the audio technica M50. Would those be good?
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This doesn't help at all, soooo....

I have the audio technica m50's and in my opinion are a nice upgrade over any pair of Beats. They aren't the best headphones under 300 dollars though that's for sure. Honestly there are just so many good headphones in the 200-300 dollar range, Sony, AKG, Sennheiser, Bowers and Wilkens, Shure, Beyer, Ultrasone, etc etc etc. 

You could make recommendations for days in this price range, the best thing to do is get out there and try to get a listen with some of the offerings. Best Buy doesn't have the best selection, although they do carry some.
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How 'bout these:
Audio Technica ATH-A900x... I had a short listen a while ago, too short to do a decent description of their sound, but I liked what I heard and I liked it enough to put them on my wishlist.
And they seem to make (or take) the most of your budget :)
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Welcome to Head-Fi!
If noise cancellation is a must, M-50s leak quite a bit what you are listening. They do a decent job at cancelling out noise around you, but doesn't work to well vise versa. Anyway, the above poster is correct they're so many good headphones sub-300$. But the search is dramatically shorten when you add noise cancellation to your needs. Also, the M-50s are pretty sibilant and therefore aren't even consider to be some of the best headphones sub-300. Anyways, since you love bass, and listen to very fast and dynamic music like dubstep, then I would recommend something like the V-Moda M100 or M80s if you don't want to spend the extra cash. They come highly recommended to bassheads in this forum and are really fun to listen to. If noise leakage isn't a hugh concern then you could consider something like the Beyerdynamic DT 990 250ohm. They are incredibly comfortable and sound amazing for a 150ish dollar headphone. AKG and Sennheiser both are great recommendations, but again most of them leak sound quite a bit. Mad Dogs are also a great headphone for bass, but they are pretty hard to find nowadays. You will need to scour the classifieds to find a pair.
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Thanks for all the input!!
But for the V Moda M100, Beyerdynamics DT 990, and the Audio Technica ATH A900x headphones, how bad do they leak sound? And how well do they block noise? Because if i am commiting to buying a 300$ headphone ( im 13 and 300$ is a big deal to me) i want to get the most of my money.
I was also looking at the beyerdynamic AMS DT 770 Pro headphones, the Bose AE2, the V Moda Crossfade LP, some of the klipsch headphones, and the Sennheiser H428/439 headphones. My options are pretty limited due to them having to be at best buy. Also any more headphone input is welcome:)
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Hey football guy, unfortunately I don't own and haven't heard the M100, Beyers or ATs. I can say from what I've read the M-100s are a superb portable headphone for your music tastes, and they isolate well and don't leak sound much. The M100 will not disappoint you at the $300 price point.

I was in a best buy today and saw something which might suit your needs if you want a headphone closer to 200 with plenty of quality. The UE6000s are $199, sound great, are stylish and isolate well (although their Noise Cancelling is not the best, it does bump up the bass, blocking outside noise with its rumble). They are pretty comfortable and should sound great for all your listed genres.

Without the Noise Cancelling circuitry on, the UE6000 sounds better. It boasts a warm, relaxed sound with tighter bass than the Beats, and it kicks pretty hard when called for in dubstep and EDM. I think they would be great for you, good luck!

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