Best cheap tube amp
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Nov 29, 2007
Hi Headfellows,
I have been looking into getting a decent entry level tube amp, but to a newcomer like myself it is a bit of a jungle.

The amp will be hooked up to my Marantz CD6002 and I plan on using it with both my Sennheiser HD 595s and AKG 701 which I am scouting for at the moment. The most important thing will be its synergy with the AKG 701s.

My budget for an amp will be somewhere along the lines of €200.

I have read up on the recommendations from previous posts on this great forum, but that just made me more confused. Isn't there a single amp that people can reach a consensus about it being the best "low" end tube amp. Or do they differ too much to make a good base of comparison.


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How about an used Mufical Fidelity X-Can V2. Later w/ more money and time you can get it Modded "A La PinkFloyd", better valves (Russian 6H23-EB) and hopefully a better PSU. The wall wart that Musical Fidelity ships w/ the X-Can V2 puts 500 mA, 1500 mA or higher would be much better. Good luck.

The Little Dot MT w/ the upgrades is also a very nice unit in your price range. Good luck.
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I followed MRARROYO'S advice and I am really happy with my XCAN V2. I did the PINKFLOYD mods and the JAMECO 1500 ma power source upgrade and it made the amp sound even better. It definitely is a big step up over my portable amps. The soldering work isn't very hard to do on the PINKFLOYD mods, took me about 90 minutes. Even if you keep the amp stock, it sounds great. I have about $225.00 total in mine including the amp, which I bought used. I am really glad I followed the advice I read here on HEAD_FI.
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Originally Posted by breakfastchef /img/forum/go_quote.gif
The Little Dot MKII is an great entry-level tube amp. I took delivery of mine yesterday. At $159 plus shipping, you should be able to get one within your budget.

X2 !! The MKII is going to give you tons of tube rolling options and plenty of power. Check out the review here:

Have a good one!
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What sites can you recommend getting the LittleDot or X-Can v2 off from new?

I must say that LittleDot MKII looks extremely sexy. I will definitely follow the Head-fi for sale forum intensely. If used I could maybe get the LittleDot MKII with an additional tubes within my price limit.

Thank you so much for your advice!

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