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  1. Omegamma
    Oh no! After a while the drop outs of the right side get started again with the new SF as well. Before I return them and ask for a new pair I would like to know whether I am too picky.
    Guys how do you mean that you don't have any connection problems?
    -never at all?
    -only a few times a week/day/hour?

    And what is your experince with the bluetooth connection(not only the master/slave connection) outdoor?
    Asking this because I have this kind of skips 8-15 times in an hour long running outdoor.
    Many thanks for your replies!
  2. nc8000 Contributor
    I’ve had these since the day they were released and am generally happy with them. I’ve had no drop outs at all on the right unit. The left unit drops out for a very short while at random intervals (can be minutes, hours or days in between) but not enough to outweigh the benefit of going wireless. SQ is not up to the level of my qJays V2 (apart from different sound sig) but plenty good enough for on the go use. I use the large Spinfit and that gives me a much better fit than any of the included tips. I have a couple of times experienced the left unit running empty on battery before the right unit.
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2017
  3. FieldingMellish
    I bought right before Christmas from an Amazon imminent resupply and the E8's arrived with what was the latest firmware 5.2.0. I've been happy thus far, free of reported problems.

    Just did the update from 5.2.0 to 5.4.0 and listening.

    Had Spinfits mounted at the get-go and I was pleased. On order are a set of Symbio Mandarins normal bore, thanks to HeadFi member's heads-up.

    What sold me on Beoplay E8 was the effortlessness trying an in-store demo pair at the 600 Madison Avenue store using the stock silicone tips.

    E8 happened to fit me just right and the sound ticked a lot of boxes. I had never gotten that quality of sound from stock silicone tips before, so I made it a point to get Beoplay E8's onto my Christmas list.

    I was ready for totally wireless Bluetooth IEM's that also have a sense of style and are not too conspicuous.

    I tried wired bluetooth IEM's since having upgraded my old phone to iPhone X and I kept getting hung up / snagged regardless how short the wired pairs were. Particularly in cold weather; bundling up around the neck and putting on strapped bags, ready to step onto the train platform. Regardless fiddly prep you discover imaginative ways of getting your IEM's tugged at.

    I'll even go back to doing long healthy walks coupled with music this winter due to low preparation overhead.

    Beoplay E8 handle dynamics in movie scores / sound effects; no hassle with voice / sound synchronization; are capable of immersive listening to good source material; they stay out of my way wire-free and they are ultimately liberating.
  4. Jazzi
    No sound changes were announced in the update so I'd be surprised if B&O did screw with the sound. imho these are the cleanest sounding BT inears on the market, it'd be a shame if they messed with it's sound signature.[/QUOTE]

    After more review, I think this is right. What I initially thought was due to the firmware, I now attribute to switching to Spinfits from Comply.
  5. Jazzi
    To be fair, what I mean by no connection problems is no 'serious' connection problems. Periodically mine sounds like it might drop the connection, but I'm talking maybe a half-second or a second at most. I listen mostly via Spotify, and it's as likely a dropped connection due to Wifi could be the culprit. Nothing like minutes, hours, or days of issues. I'll try from a connected source soon and see if there are any issues, but like I said, I don't consider a drop of a second or half-second to be an issue.
  6. jamesyeoh
    Was your phone in your pocket during the run? Did you try holding it instead (or use armband)?

    For me if I keep my phone in the pocket I do get occasional skips, so I took my phone out and hold it then no skips at all. I believe this might due to some sort of interference if there are other objects in between.
  7. Omegamma
    I have similar skips like you mentioned. Indoor I only have the left side skip periodically and not longer than half a second. It seems that these drop outs are normal. I can live with it cause I like the sound and fit.
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  8. Omegamma
    It was in an armband and had several skips while my wife had zero of them with her Bose Soundsport wireles. These skips were short but some different positures like stretching or to tie my shoe laces made half a minute or longer breaks.
    After several ocasions it turned out that the connection of the Bose is much much more stable. On the other hand the E8 sounds much much better:)
  9. tinyman392
    Decided to give these a try. Was looking for a pair of in-ears that sit flush with the ear, well more flush than the Sony WF-1000x, and were in ears (IE, not AirPods). Wanted something that would fit underneath a hat for the Chicago winter that is looming. Shoveling snow does better with music as well. I trued the NuForce BE8 Free which weren't that great. The sound signature was a little boomy and controls unintuitive. The lack of sweat resistance wasn't great either. These seemed to be a much better solution.

    I personally enjoy the brighter sound (more linear), though I wish these had a little more sub-bass without needing me to use their sound stage adjustment. That said, I make the sound stage bigger (pinch open on the EQ screen) and add a bit of warmth and I get a signature similar to what I prefer.

    I have some drop outs, they are shorter than what the WF-1000x gets, and when it occurs both drop (instead of one). So this issue is between the source to master 'bud. Nothing too crazy, we'll see how they do when I go into more open spaces.

    The major issue I have... While the AirPods can register a double tap accurately and consistently for me, these can't for the life of them. Too slow and I pause my music. Too fast and I pause my music. It's quite annoying.


    Oh, I saw a lot of talk about tips earlier and did want to chime in. I'm using the stock silicone tips right now, medium size (I typically use smalls, but mediums sealed better in this case). I do get quite a bit of flex though, but I do with just about everything...

    I did see someone saying that Comply foam tips muted treble, this isn't the case if you insert them using a different method. Tyll (from InnerFidelity) has a tutorial of this on YouTube, in short you press the nose of the tip towards the plastic sheath before rolling. This will help out with the treble issues. Though the wax filter is still there on the Comply, that could interfere with sound as well. Solution to this is to get Comply tips that don't have the filter?
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2017
  10. Maxsquared
    This is exactly how I feel about the E8. What eq do you use?

    I am just waiting for Spinfit m from China. It’s sold out everywhere in the uk.
  11. tinyman392
    I maxed out that sound-stage effect and give it a slight tilt towards the warm (centered at the edge of the first concentric circle).
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  12. joncirca57
    I will be interested to see which bore fits better. I think the Comply tips would be in the range of the wide bore. Or perhaps the plastic bore is flexible enough to stretch if you go with Normal?
  13. joncirca57
    Thanks for the tip regarding the sound-stage setting. I had not even noticed this option. I like them much better now that I have maxed it out. I had found the E8s great on vocal and simple instrumental but thought they seemed confused with larger orchestral works and rock. Expanding the sound-stage made a huge difference for me.
  14. jamesyeoh
    I'm curious as well, will let you once I get them in a couple of weeks :wink:
  15. tinyman392
    No problem. I didn’t realize this option existed until I decided to go through the help menus.
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