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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. chong
    Just received my H6 gen2 and it sounds fine through a quick listen.
    However the sliding headband mechanism does not feel right - The Right side has a tight slide with even resistance through the entire adjustment, but the Left side is much looser and has uneven resistance.

    Did I get a lemon?
  2. Mael Lorach
    You most likely did, the sliding adjustment on the H6 is actually the most refined I have ever used... If you got the headphones on Amazon you should contact the seller, and if you bought them from b&o they'll be happy to replace them
  3. bcarr112281
    Thanks, @Freetrademan -
    Yes, I've had the SRH840 for several years. I love its sound quality, but it's unwieldy for on-the-go listening. I've just gotten the previous model H6, the H6 V1, and I like it. The sound seems neutral, with a signature similar to the SRH840. Still, the H6 V1 is significantly harder to drive, despite apparently having a lower impedance rating than the 840. As such, it needs a powerful amp, which I haven't got for portable use.
    I've noticed several folks complaining about the H6's unbalanced sound. It's a problem I've had too, and for me it usually occurs when the cable isn't fully inserted into the headphone. You may think your connection is secure, but double-check--and press firmly. (Also check your device's connection.)
    Best regards,
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  4. nrbatista

    Hello, I can speak from my own experience about the H6 1st gen I had, for which I bought a replacement cable from FAW.

    I bought the cable for three reasons, first the cable length, I needed a 2,5 meter cable to connect the H6 to my amp while sitting on the couch. Second, a dedicated stereo cable, thus without the microphone I was not using. Finally and more important, to improve on the sound. I was noticing a lack of bass to my ears and talked with Matt from FAW that recommended me a cable that would improve on that aspect. I believed in Matt and was not disappointed. The cable was very well built and the sound definitely improved where I needed - they kept the natural qualities of the H6 in the highs and mid range but gave them that extra kick in the bass that I was looking for. As for the microphonics, I didn't detect any or not much at least with this replacement cable.

    Hope that helps.
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  5. Mael Lorach
    I just went to the B&O store to test the H6 v1 and v2 side by side. I was in a very quiet environment, and I tested both headphones directly through my phone (keep in mind all my music is in FLAC). Also, feel free to go on youtube to listen to the music that I mention if you want to get a better understanding. Keep in mind that I only spent about 1 hour and 20 mins comparing the two.
    Build - Pretty much the same. Nothing to remark here. One thing to keep in mind is that the "natural" color variant of the H6 (white and beige) is lighter on the v2.
    Comfort - The v2 has a slightly looser clamp than the v1, which may help with comfort. If you find the clamp to be too loose for you however, you can always bend the headband to adjust it.
    Sound - Now here's the important bit: the sound is different, no matter what B&O tells you.
    Bass - There is more bass on the v2 than the v1, no question about that. On "Take my Breath Away" by Gui Boratto, the kick drums had noticeably more impact than the v1, yet still felt controlled, and I could still make out the sound of the actual kick drum. For house and party music, that's a good thing. Next, I tested with "Back in the day by Erykyah Badu. Usually, if a headphone has too much bass, the low-mid keys in this song will be drowned out. I'm happy to say that it was not the case for the v2, and the bass was right where it needed to be. Finally, I played "Take it There" by Massive Attack. The bass boost gave the kick drums impact, yet it blended in when I didn't focus on it. To sum up, you're definitely going to notice that these headphones are not neutral, yet the bass boost does not stick out, and certainly does not drown anything out. My only gripe was that it could have been a little tighter/faster, though it was definitely not muddy or boomy.
    Midrange - I tested the midrange with "Unfinished Sympathy" by Massive Attack, "Morning Child" by 4Hero, and "'Tis a Pity she was a Whore" by David Bowie. I could hear all violins and brass instruments perfectly fine, no problem here. Vocals were slightly recessed, though I had to comprate the two headphones to make it out. To be honest, I really don' think there is any noticeable difference here. Next.
    Treble - It's the same. Perhaps if you somehow magically made the v2's instantaneously turn into the v1's on my head, I would be able to tell a slight difference, but after taking the headphones off and putting the other ones on, I couldn't tell any difference.
    Soundstage is the same.
    The biggest difference between the v1 and v2 is dat bass. Now, after having read this forum and what I said, you may have been led to believe that the bass has been boosted to mh40 or HM9 level. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. On those headphones, the bass is noticeably boosted to the point where it sticks out. The bass does not stick out on the H6 v2. Simply put, you just notice that the headphones are not neutral if you are playing a bass heavy song. If you play jazz, bass-light rock, or classic, the difference will most likely be too small to matter. In my opinion, the bass boost is a good thing, since the bass is the first thing to be lost when you step outdoors, which is a big problem with the v1's (EQ's are often a bad solution). Overall, the bass is right where it should be on a portable headphone, and everything else is pretty much the same after 1 hour and 20 minutes of comparison. I will be ordering a pair of v2's as they are more suited for portable use. Sorry for the length of this post, I hope this helps you. (and feel free to contradict me, as 1 hour and 20 minutes may not be enough to properly compare the two, and I may have skipped over something I shouldn't have)
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  6. XERO1
    Thanks for that comparison. It lines up with what most others have been saying.
  7. Okkultus
    It would be nice to know how these H6 2 compare to the Audeze Sine.
  8. Dexter22
    . That helps:)
  9. 3raser
    If any of you are on the fence, I just bought the H6 v2 from Amazon for $89.00
    I couldn't believe the price when I checked out.
    There were three Coachella coupons automatically applied when I checked out, one for 10%, one for 20% and one for 40%
    At the $299 purchase price it came to a grand total of $89.70! (I have Prime, so no shipping costs)
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  10. cheesecake86
    How do I get the coupons?  Or are they automatically applied?  And from which seller?
  11. 3raser
    They were automatically applied, which is why I was so surprised. I was not expecting them.
    B&O was the seller, no third party! (I ordered Black)
  12. QuantumPion
    Confirmed, just ordered a pair myself, even though I previously owned them and did not like them that much, at $89 they are a no-brainer steal.
  13. 3raser
    I ordered two pairs for the hell of it
  14. Mael Lorach
    Wait a sec, where did these coupons come out of? Did you just click on "add to cart" and then they were applied in the sum?
  15. 3raser
    Correct. You will see the discounts at checkout
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