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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. QuantumPion
    The deal appears to be dead now and they are no longer in stock.
  2. Mael Lorach
    I added the item to my cart, proceeded to checkout, but it doesn't say anything in the order summary...
  3. Mael Lorach
    Looks like I was too late :frowning2:
  4. swmkdr
    I just did it for the leather colour version along with the A1 speaker. I paid around $170 when it would have cost $549. Am expecting the order to be cancelled but it's worth a shot!
  5. QuantumPion
    The deal is still available, you have to select B&O Play as the seller instead of Amazon. I just ordered a 2nd pair, figured I could sell one to pay for the first one hehe.
  6. Mael Lorach
    They had no more black ones so I ordered a natural, it'll have to do. Oh well, that's $200 saved, thanks folks :)
  7. Mink
    I tried it too, but unfortunately B&O Play (US) doesn't ship to The Netherlands...
    The German Amazon doesn't list B&O Play in their list of sellers, so no lucky deal for good ole Mink :)
  8. kvn864
    I wonder how long it will take for Amazon to realize ..though I have seen things like that before. Hopefully these purchases will be honored. Great Head Phones nonetheless, I have a pair of natural color ones
  9. swmkdr

    Yeah I'm in the UK so I went through the Borderlinx forwarding service. I will have to pay an additional shipping fee but it will still work out much cheaper than buying the A1 and H6 here.
  10. Mael Lorach
    I also notice all the other beoplay products have this discount. I've never been a fan of their other headphones/bluetooth speakers, but perhaps one could buy a $540 beolit for around $250, then sell it for almost full price when the price lowers? Same goes for the H7, H8, etc.
  11. swmkdr

    I was very tempted to buy the Beolit 15 but since I'm in the UK the shipping costs would be huge. If I were in the US I'd definitely get one though.
  12. ThierJ
    I can't find this deals, do you have direct links ? (maybe it's because I'm in France, but I try to go on the US amazon shop).
  13. Mael Lorach
    Sorry man, the deal only works if Bang & Olufsen is the seller, and they're all out now... Perhaps one of the folks in this thread can sell you an extra they got.
  14. Mael Lorach
    I went ahead and added the Beoplay H6 2nd gen to the list of headphones on the Head Gear section. If one of you guys have the H6 v2, a review would be very helpful as the H6 v2 is starting to gain popularity.
  15. Mink
    Since I like the H6 1st version so much I bought another pair in Hazel/grey for 199 euro. Probably ridicilous, but I just had to, and they look even better in that color combination.
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