Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
  1. Michial
    So I’m no audiophile and far from it. Not because I’m adverse to it just not into it that much. But I’d like a nice portable pair for everyday use. I just received the H6 second gen yesterday for $197.00 on Amazon. I don’t use anything other than my iPhone 8 Plus to power it. I stream or play downloaded 320kbit music of all genres from Spotify premium and other music I’ve loaded on my phone.

    So anyhow, probably because I’m used to crappy thick junky stock EarPods from Apple etc I find these head phones extremely thin and tinny sounding, almost sharp to hear. I can tell they have a ton of potential and know I need to learn and adjust to accurate sound.

    Can anyone recommend eq settings that Spotify allows you to make custom settings? It’s jist the basic 6 point graph type eq. I know it’s flat earth stuff to you guys but it’s where I’m at and want to stay, but I’d like to have recommendations.

    Thanks for not laughing or rolling eyes at this noob. Appreciate the help. I even packed up the headphones to return to Amazon but unpacked today and want to adjust as I know they’re a good pair and I want to resist caving for Bose or Sony, which sound easier on the ears to me. Thanks.
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  2. DarwinOSX
    Your best bet is not eq but a better dac/amp.
  3. Michial
    Like I said I don’t want to get into that. I just want to use my phone. I want to keep it easy and simple. If these headphones are so awesome I should be able to tweak some settings to make them the best they can be within my limited parameters without having to By a dac/amp. I understand it can be better I just don’t want to get into that stuff. If they won’t get better without it I guess I’ll have to return them.
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  4. DarwinOSX
    You aren’t going to solve lack of power with eq. These are fairly low impedance headphones but they need some power.
  5. tili
    try lowering the last two points in the eq graph to your taste. if you are not happy with the sound, don’t buy a dac/amp for a headphone you didn’t like. how loud can they get btw?
  6. kukkurovaca
    Regardless of what you're coming from, it seems weird to me that the H6 would present as thin/tinny/sharp. This may sound like a silly question, but have you made sure the cable is seated securely? It takes more force than you might expect. I say this because when I first bought my pair, I was initially thought they were defective, until I realized that the cable wasn't actually connected.

    Regarding EQ: Try increasing either the bass or the mids (or reducing the treble) and see what that gets you to start with? It'll ultimately be a matter of adjusting to your preference.
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  7. kukkurovaca
    A couple of additional thoughts:

    * Try experimenting with how the earpads sit on/around your ears. Maybe you're not getting enough of a seal with the pads.
    * Check your phone's music settings to make sure you don't have any weird eq settings already in place, or a really aggressive volume limitation setting, or something like that
    * Try different tracks to confirm if what you're hearing is across the board. One consequence of getting nicer headphones is that you may hear problems on badly recorded tracks that you didn't notice before. (Not normally an issue with the H6 though.)
    * Another eq option you might try is bumping up 150hz and 1khz and leaving everything else flat
  8. redrich2000
    I thought the 2dn gen were supposed to be much bassier. You could see if there's a shop somewhere that stocks them and g listen to another pair to make sure yours are not defective.

    The earpods are not super-bassy, so it shouldn't be an adjustment issue. Give them 24-48 hours of pink/brown/white noise and see if the bass fills out.

    Last resort would return them and get some B&W P7, much thicker warmer sound sig on those.
  9. Michial
    Ok. Thanks all. I’ve got them on now on the bus. I’ll take a look at all your suggestions. Happy New Year.
  10. IgeNeLL
    One recommendation, please try H7.
    very detail mid and treble.
    Bass is quite nasty but it is OK for casual purpose.
  11. tili
    what i don’t like about this headphone is that you can’t padroll. the only aftermarket pad is too damn expensive and if something happens to your original pads the replacement is not that cheap either. also the customer service is not very popular among the customers
  12. Michial
    No pad replacements for the H6? Expensive?
  13. Michial
    The sound is growing on me already. Listening to Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue. Very nice. Coltrane/Hartman next.
  14. k4syx
    Well the pads for replacement can be ordered through service or distributor, no problem with that. The price in Poland is ~300PLN which would be roughly 80$.
    So it's not exactly cheap, though doable. Elite sheepskin Dekoni for my AKG K7XX were like 60 or something (shipping included). And while I am at that: H6 pads are IMHO better than Dekoni's :)
  15. Michial
    So there are no third party making non lambskin? Seems odd considering the popularity of the H6. I’m fine with a protein leather. I imagine if you treat these carefully they should have a good lifespan.

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