Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
  1. Michial
    I may seem like I’m split personality but I’m going to keep these things. I hope in time my ears adjust. I only tried them one day. Then I saw others commenting. Plus others commented on how bad their customer service is and how expensive their replacement pads are I freaked out and thought hell no. I’ll stick with Apple and the AirPods but I’ve been reading a lot of folks who have heavy use cases like me who have owned the pods a year and are only getting 2.5 hours out of a charge. That’s unacceptable. So I’ll give these another go even though I hate wired and the dumb white dongle attaches to the black cable. Arghh.
  2. DarwinOSX
    I've had my AirPods a year and am a heavy user and they still last close to 5 hours. Plus charge them for 15 minutes and they last 3 hours on that charge.
    I use them a lot for conference calls so I know pretty well how long they last on a charge.
    Anyway I feel your pain. Wireless is really nice. So is noise canceling in a lot of circumstances.
  3. DarwinOSX
  4. Michial
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  5. DarwinOSX
    Some people say it does but I haven't A'B'ed it with the original cable yet. It is higher quality look and feel. the people who buy cables to improve sound quality would not get one with controls as they think that can detract form the quality.
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  6. k4syx
    The cable indeed changes slightly SQ (can both improve or detoriate it).
    I have two aftermarket cables for H6: one recommended here (on one of first pages) and second one (PCOCC braided) which I took liberty to recommend myself.
    The changes are here, but they are very slight, you can think about them as "final touches".
    And of course, they are audible only if there is a quality signal source. In my case I was A/B-ing cables using Mojo as it has two parallel outputs.

    So basically, difference is here, but audible only with quiet backgound and good headphone amp. There is no sense in changing the cable if the headphones are going to be used on the go and driven by phone jack (unless someone needs longer/shorther/colored cable, that is).
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  7. Michial
    My stock one is fine. Sound is great to me. At this point I don’t care enough to get DACs and amps. Nothing against those who do. But if I have a budget for headphones I want the best I can get. I was able to get these for same price as AirPods. I can’t afford both. So far these kill the AirPods in sound quality and at the end of the day that may be the deciding factor. I have cheapo wireless earphones and stock Apple so the AirPods while cool and convenient are not for sound.
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  8. Michial
    I’m going to wear the H6 again tomorrow. I wore the AirPods to work today and missed the sound quality.Hopefully my ears get used to the pads.
  9. Michial
    Found a trick of putting on the H6 by lowering them behind my ears and at a downward angle draw them forward over the backs of my ears. So far very comfortable that way even with glasses. Listening to some flac Live Grateful Dead shows. Dang these sound nice.
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  10. bachankas
    Does anyone know some tricks to improve isolation?
    If not, are there similar sounding headphones providing better isolation? Unfortunately in many cities traffic noise is just too high. M50x isolates better due to its construction, but Beoplay sounds much better.
  11. k4syx
    Sony MDR-1000X and its new version have IMHO a similiar signature, though they are more bassy. But similiar, overall. These will surely isolate better as they are ANC headphones. They work really well when commuting (trains, trams and buses here).

    After some time with my Stax toys (009 and 007) I came back to play with my dynamics collection with Aune X7S.

    These H6's are just fantastic. They hold their own against HD6XX, and sometimes I think I like them even more. I was almost going to sell them (as I was doing some cleaning in my collection, 18 heaphones is just a tad bit too much) but they are here to stay.

    They are THAT good.
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  12. bachankas
    I am not a fan of total isolation - kinda dangerous in the city :) I would like just better passive isolation. And I am always afraid of SQ - ANC are always some disturbances to signal.
  13. k4syx
    I can totally relate to this :)
    The thing is that you can switch ANC on and off, and MDR-1000X passive isolation is also quite good. As for SQ: these are first BT headphones (with AptX!) that I really like. For example: QC35, "pinnacle" of ANC in many opinions, sound so AWFUL that it literally pained when I was trying to use them.

    Other than that I can recommend Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear M.2 and IE800, as they also share similiar overall signature, but these are IEMs and I know that not everyone likes that.
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  14. bachankas
    Right now I have RHA MA750. Nice IEMs, however I would like some more trebles. Additionally, I need to find better tips, I have problems with getting proper seal.
    Did you maybe listen to MA750 and can compare with Sennheiser's IEMs?
  15. k4syx
    IE800 have lots of nice and detailed though never fatiguing treble, some people describe them as almost sibilant (the key word here is almost, as they never are as they also admit). Definetely better than RHA's there.
    Though if you already have seal problems then you should definitely try them before buying as they have prioprietary tip connector and basically you're left with stock set of four or five types of tips.
    I have one ear canal bigger than the other one (and both of them BIG) so I know that fitting may always be problem. But once you'll get them sealed you're in heaven.
    Check also AKG N40: they will give you 85% IE800 performance for half the price.

    But enough of this thread hijacking :D
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