Balanced TRRS Connector on Future Hifiman IEMs

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by nankai, Jun 15, 2010.
  1. warp08
    The issue here is real estate, the new balanced GanQi amp module will have to somehow fit into the standard HM-801 chassis.  Please stand by for more comments related to this by Fang attached to a multi-DAP comparison review being posted tonight.
  2. Mephistopheles
    This may be a bit OT, but does someone know of a source from where I could buy a TRRS to TRS 3.5mm adapter? I recently RMA'ed my RE262 and got my replacement RE262 with a balanced TRRS plug, with no adapter to convert it to TRS provided!
    Head-Direct should atleast include an adapter with it! I'm nto able to find it anywhere, and hence I can;t use my RE262. It really is a no-brainer that there is no need for a balanced TRRS plug for a portable audio product!
  3. ClieOS Contributor


    Why not just ask Head Direct for one?
  4. Mephistopheles


    I did, they asked me $25 for it. I'm not going to pay them $25 for something I should have got for free.
    I asked them if I could purchase something else from them and pay the shipping charge for it, could they include this adapter in the same parcel itself so that I do not have to pay shipping charges for both the adapter and the thing I purchase, they said No.
  5. ClieOS Contributor
    Well, that sucks. Anyway, I am not sure who actually sell TRRS to TRS converter, but you can make one fairly easily or just reterminate the RE262 (if you don't mind the warranty). 3.5mm TRRS isn't really easy to solder but you can source an already made TRRS to TRRS converter from MEElectronics and reterminate one end to TRS plug. Also, try posting a WTB thread in the for sale forum once you have enough post count.
  6. Mephistopheles


    Do you know of any guide/tutorial from where I could see and do this?
  7. Mython Contributor
    Looking at the new HM-901 advert banner, here on Head-fi, I see TRRS is to be implemented on this 801-replacement DAP. I really hope that inadvertently knocking the 'TRRS-Balanced' switch to 'balanced' setting isn't going to result in a shorted amp stage, or the 901 is going to be the DAP equivalent of a train wreck, P.R.-wise.
  8. bmiamihk
    If it will bring an improvement I am for it!
  9. Raddiqal11
    Hey guys. This is a super old thread but I feel here's the best place to ask this question. I'm a small time cable maker and recently made a balanced 3.5mm just like the hifiman jack. When I plug it into a normal unbalanced output I get almost no sound on the right side. It will only work when I push on in from a side. However I'm sure it's not a problem with the soldering joints as I've pulled and tested for continuity while shaking and pushing and there's perfect continuity.

    So will plugging in a balanced 3.5mm into unbalanced outputs give you a bad connection or some sorts?
    There are two types of 3.5mm TRRS plugs - HIFIMAN Balanced and any headphones/earphones with a remote control/mic.  If you plug your balanced TRRS cable into a true TRS jack (like on an amp) you will be fine (R- and L- will both connect to the common -). If you plug into a smartphone or an iAnything or a DAP that supports a remote/mic, the fun starts.  On those devices, the 4th segment on jack is for the remote/mic and your balanced TRRS cable is using that as a ground for the right channel, so only the left channel works. The best solution is to make a TRRS to TRS adapter for connecting to devices supporting remote/mic.
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  11. Raddiqal11

    I see thanks for the reply. But I've tried it with the ihifi 770C player which does not support mic and still the same problem. I have to press on it to the side to get a connection. My only guess is that the jack is imperfect and the right ground sleeve is abit small and require some force to get contact
  12. ClieOS Contributor
    Having no sound on the right channel is NORMAL when you plug a HiFiman style balanced cable to a unbalanced socket. This is because in a typical TRS socket, the ground contact usually is positioned around the same area as the 2nd ring of a TRRS plug. This means the ground on a TRS (unbalanced) socket is only connecting to the ground of the left channel of the TRRS (balanced) plug, where the ground for the right channel (the sleeve of the TRRS plug) is not connected - no connection = no sound on the right channel.
    As for why when you push it with force you will get sound - that's because most socket and plug are not perfect and there will always be some room to move around. You simply have applied enough force to push the ground contact on the TRS socket to make contact with both ground on the TRRS plug. Mind you - applying force like this might eventually cause the TRS socket to fail. I strongly advice against doing this.
    No, It is perfect in the sense that you should NOT get any sound on the right channel. But you just use brute force to make it happen.
    The only way you can plug a balanced plug into a unbalanced socket and yet still got both channel is that when the unbalanced socket is actually TRRS but with the 2nd ring and sleeve soldered together.
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  13. Raddiqal11
    @ClieOS thanks for the swift reply! I can sleep in peace now [​IMG]
  14. nbakid2000
    Question: If I plug a TRRS balanced plug into a TRS adapter and stick it into a non-balanced output, will that affect/destroy anything or will it work normally out of both channels with no adverse effects? The reason being is I have Senn 600 headphones with a balanced cable going into a 3.5 mm TRRS plug (HiFi Man style), and I'd like to put that into a 1/4 stereo plug adapter so I can put it into my equipment (instead of switching headphone cables every time I switch equipment).
    We are both half right.  I encountered this very early on with my very first balanced IEMs (RE252).  The amps that I tried plugging into directly worked (of course, I only had one or two at the time).  So I just did a little experiment.  RE600 (balanced TRRS) plugged into Chord Mojo (source - optical from AK120) plays only on the right channel. Same RE600 plugged into Vorzuge Pure II amp (source - line out from AK120) play both channels.  My original post should have said SOME amps.  
    I had this same conversation with Peter from Double Helix Cable. I had ordered a bunch of short converter cables and he didn't make the balanced 3.5mm TRRS to unbalanced TRS, insisting that it wasn't needed (at least on the amps that he was familiar with) and I explained about all the DAPs and smart devices that would need the converter cable because of the remote/mic issue. 

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