Balanced TRRS Connector on Future Hifiman IEMs

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by nankai, Jun 15, 2010.
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  1. scorp32

    Hi, I know this is an old thread and my question is probably stupid.

    I am looking for a DAP and I've noticed many have the 2.5mm TRRS balanced out. I have already bought some cables that are unbalanced with a 3.5mm TRS plug. Would there be any consequences in plugging my cables into a balanced output using a 2.5mm male > 3.5mm female interconnect?

    Will the SQ suffer anything?

    I don't want to purchase another set of cables (balanced) just for my DAP's. And of course I can always use the unbalanced 3.5mm output as well, but after some heavy reading, it seems that balanced output has better soundstage and clarity?

    Thank you for your expertise and time!
  2. Ynot1
    Make your trs into balance and then use a trrs to trs adapter. This way you can be ready for both at anytime. A couple of places sells them. You can make tjis happen yourself in theory. But soldering tiny wires into tiny contacts is for those who have to and those who need punishment to believe they are alive, just kidding on the latter part. But it can be difficult manual labor.
  3. scorp32
    Thank you for the reply.

    I have figured it out now, I found an audio shop that can do the jack switch for TRRS balanced. I am unable to use my clumsy hands in such delicate matters:)
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