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Audio-Technica ATH-R70x - In-Depth Review & Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by earfonia, May 2, 2015.
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  1. Synthax
    What I can tell you is R70X shines with good OTL. Like mine Espressive E by Feliks Audio. The sound of R70x is acceptable with pocket devices, but with OTL it just blows up with 3D, smoothness and energy. I love this combination.
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  2. Greeni
    Good to see more members are liking these AT. The initial impression I got from the OP review is they are good cans nothing special, and not any better than comparable priced HD 650 , DT 880. As more people get to listen to these and voiced their opinion, my interest started to grow. With actual listening, I have to say you guys are right on spot!
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  3. pjyi
    I tried E17K to drive R70X and it does bring it up to listenable volume just barely (60-75%)
    But I didn't like the sound coming out of it as much as my schiit combo (magni/modi)
    It sounded a little too laid back and warm
  4. Vanheim
    Guys please do a comparison. I need to know to. Who owns the ath r70x and he 400S/he 400i please compare.
  5. Synthax
    me too
  6. fumoffuXx
    hey just curious, anyone done any mods for these? so far i have only changed the pads. i was investigating into the grill and the spoonge inside. ANy thoughts about them anyone? :xf_eek:
  7. sodesuka
    I fitted mine with Brainwavz's angled velour pads, and while it did maybe increase the soundstage depth, I think female vocal took a seat back which I didn't like so I changed it back to stock pads. I'd like to do more serious listening test, but changing the pads is kinda annoying due to the bumps on the upper and the lower sides of the baffles.
  8. fumoffuXx
    Will im using the flat brainwav pads, and the most impt mod i did was the r70x balanced cable :) amazing stuff
  9. Synthax
    Is there any hi end headphone that can be compared to r70x tonality anc comfort but with better detail and soundstage?
  10. TheOtus
    I am very interested in getting these and balancing them... But I don't know how they would compare to my ATH-W3000ANV. Would I ever actually use them after first week. =D
  11. Asr
    Possibly the MrSpeakers Ether, which I mentioned back in post #443: http://www.head-fi.org/t/765004/audio-technica-ath-r70x-in-depth-review-impressions/435#post_11890351
    I'd say the Ether has more clarity than the R70x, along with a larger soundstage, if that's what you're looking for. I also found the Ether to be way more comfortable to wear as well.
  12. Triodemode

    Well considering the Ether costs $1,499 I would hope there would be improvements.  I still consider the R70x difficult to beat for the price.
  13. Asr
    I neglected to add in my previous post that I have a negative opinion of both the R70x and the Ether, at least at this point in time (with the gear that I've heard them on so far), and that despite the large price difference I thought the Ether had only a marginal sonic improvement over the R70x. In fact, for that more than $1K price difference, it offered so little improvement that I'd rather recommend the R70x over it, since at least the R70x has its much lower price going for it.
  14. earfonia
    I would prefer a more analytic amp for R70x, like ifi micro iCAN.
  15. earfonia
    IMHO, tonality wise, W3000ANV is more colored (in a nice way) than R70x. So if neutral tonality is preferred, R70x is the better option. But W3000ANV is closed and it has a certain coloration that some people quite like it, so depending on personal preferences.
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