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Audio-Technica ATH-R70x - In-Depth Review & Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by earfonia, May 2, 2015.
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  1. ehjie
    The head band is reminiscent to a Yamaha head phone back in the late 80s - very early 90s I used to own & listen to........
  2. TheOtus
    Is W3000ANV more detailed? I know it is more than detailed enough for me.
  3. Ra97oR

    Back when I had the R70x, side by side in terms of sound quality, the W3000ANV is clearly superior.

    The R70X excelled at being natural sounding but not the most resolving.
  4. TheOtus
    Thank you for your view. = )
  5. ehjie

    In general (our) community is quite reliable. That being mostly sharing user experience / reviews. My case in point - I surmised that Dr. Dres' headsets were expensive bloated bass and a fashion accessory. Then, switched to AKGs. Finally - W10s. Still, price range remained, even more - but I did get more out of my cash... & I'm an AT loyal fan, too... via Speaker cables, audio accessories and scaled mini speaker units...
  6. mmq2404
    How is the R70x performance when pairing with O2?
    I'm planning to get the E10k+O2 (DIY) for only 150$ to drive R70x, or should I get the E10k+Magni2U (300$) to get better amplifying performance?
    Get the O2 and I could save up 150$. 
    If it worth the extra 150$ I'll the Magni 2 Uber .
    Sorry for bad grammar, English isn't my native.
  7. travis-bickle
    after several sessions i just want to confirm shortly that the brainwavz hm5 pads fit nicely. for me its a big improvement in comfort. it seems i have very wide ears, because even if the brainwavz measure 5cm in width, it could be a tad wider. the height is perfect.
    i would love to test beyerdynamic-pads on those phones, but cant figure out a way to mount them.
    are there any other known pads which fit on r70x?
  8. Synthax

    Go with OTL, really good advie, R70x these headphones scales up great with tubes :) 
    mmq2404 likes this.
  9. mmq2404
    I couldn't afford to OTL, they're not available at my country as well, [​IMG] shipping costs is fairly high.
  10. Synthax
    Where do you live?
  11. mmq2404
    Vietnam [​IMG]
  12. Synthax

    I think you may try to order Little Dot OTLs from China or Feliks Audio Espressivo from Poland - shipping should not exceed 50$, these amps cost aout 300$
    R70x deserves it :)
  13. sodesuka
    FWIW, I love how R70x pairs with Beresford Capella (with a custom linear PSU), really nice bass that can hit hard (for my preference), mostly playing in sub-bass depending on the track. The depth and HF/high frequency knobs also work nicely, although a bit subtle. Would really love closed version of R70x though, I prefer more focused sound than what open headphones offer, too bad M70x seemingly has entirely different soundsig.
  14. Synthax
    Cables cables for R70x :)
    ehjie, maikuirock and Pokemonn like this.
  15. hakushondaimao

    Awesome! Just ordered. Let you know how they are in a month when they arrive. Thanks for the heads-up.
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