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Audio-gd USB-32 Firmware, Drivers, and Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by petercraig, Nov 26, 2012.
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  1. mowglycdb
    Question has anyone been getting BSOD while listening to something and using Facebook at the same time? I usually find it happens while using FB, or something that uses flashplayer(?) strange thing it doesn't happen with my laptop maybe something that has to do with the CPU  I have a AMD Phenom II X4. (I formated a week ago)
  2. genclaymore
    I haven't that issue at all with my NFB15.32 and I use foobar all the time as well watching steaming movies from comcast and they use flash.
  3. SlowikPL
    Hi all. I have found solution of my problem with NFB-27 and JRiver playing beyond 48kHz. I told my problem to my dealer here in Poland and he have send me new Firmware from brand new NFB-28.and guess what: my JRIVER playing all what I have even 192 kHz / 24bit. Sound is amazing good. And I'm very pleased with it.
  4. Mahdi8
    I've just upgraded my DI-V3 to 2014v3 for DI Firmware and it's a great improvement over firmware 11 I used to have. the bass became more solid much clearer instrument separation and greater treble extension. overall it's has been a great upgrade
  5. davidfrombxl
    Did you also change the driver or only the firmware?
  6. Mahdi8
    You have to change both. The new firmware doesn't work with old driver. One caveat new 2014 driver doesn't have ASIO support for DI-V3 but it's not an issue for me because I always use WASAPI
  7. davidfrombxl
    I tried the first version "firmware 2014 and driver 2014" beginning of this year, and it gives a detailled but little to bit dry sound on my system.
    But it was possible to use the new firmware with the old driver .... so apparently  that is something that has changed.
    I should try the new version.
    Do you have the link to download new firmware/driver?
    I don't use Div3 but usb32 (directly in the DAC). I use KS
  8. Mahdi8
    This is the link for the firmware which has every single driver for USB32 http://www.audio-gd.com/USB32firmware.rar read the instruction carefully or you may destroy the firmware chip and will need to get a replacement chip. The one I use is 2014v3
  9. scorpionro
    They just released a new FW ( for DAC only ), FW2014v5. V5 improves DSD playback, so it should help only the ES91018 based DACs.
  10. sinkr
    Hello everyone, 
    I just received a brand new Master-7 and hooked it to my Mid-2012 MacBook Pro directly (via the ports on the computer and not through a hub).  I am not seeing the option for 32 bit output, though according to the website it's driverless.  24 bit 192KHz works, but I am curious to know if this is an issue with my Mac (which is equipped with a USB3) controller or some other issue.  I have just started to dig in, but thought I would ask as I didn't see anything in the thread directly speaking to this issue.
    So, I guess my first question is, has someone gotten 32 bit as an option on a similar OSX configuration?
  11. sinkr
    I traded some emails with Kingwa, and it appears like the present version of the firmware I had (#11) didn't have that capability; downgrading to #9-3 gave me the 32 bit option.
    Got some great support on this front!
  12. Articnoise

    And the sound. Did you find them to be identical?

  13. sinkr
    I couldn't say.  I got the unit in, let it warm up, did some diagnosis on the 32 bit, came in the next day, flashed and started out pretty much with the 32 bit.  The word on the street is the 32 bit is supposed to be equivalent to using a reclocker to I2S like the Offramp.
  14. undersys
    Any source on why using 32bit would be = to an external re-clocking device? 
  15. aroldan
    I upgraded to FW2014v5 and I lost 32 bit support.
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