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Audio-gd USB-32 Firmware, Drivers, and Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by petercraig, Nov 26, 2012.
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  1. genclaymore
    Downgrade to FW2014v3 and you gain 32bit support back.
  2. sinkr


  3. scorpionro
    2014v7 was just released. Perhaps it fixed the 32bit support.
  4. aroldan
    Indeed. 32 bits is back!

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  5. Articnoise

    There did you find a 2014 v7? I have looked at the AG site but didn’t see it.

  6. aroldan
    This is the link:
  7. scorpionro
  8. Articnoise

    Thanks guys!
    Are both the FW 7 and FW 9.3 for Master 7 or only FW 9.3?

  9. mowglycdb
    32bit?  I still see 24bit on the BSDeck
  10. a1uc
    Looking for some advice , I have a NFB-11.32 but during the FW Update I lost USB connection . The coax and analog work fine . Today I did a remote connection with
    Kingwa  and he agreed to send me 2 FW chips . I was asked if I wanted (2) FW2014v7 or (1)  FW#9-3 and (1) FW2014v7 since people reported they have a different sound.
    I will be hooking up my Squeeze Box to the NFB-11.32 .
    Can I get some input on the different FW
  11. Articnoise

    I have upgrade/downgraded to FW 9.3 but still can’t select 32 bit in Jriver. Do I need to change the windows driver as well? I have Master 7 btw.
    Edit: I found it!

  12. gevorg

    FYI :)

  13. genclaymore
    Then Jason needs to look harder as he is wrong about there never being 32bit music for sell or made as they are some here right here on amazon for sell http://www.amazon.com/Sounds-Ultra-Definition-32-Bit-Master/dp/B0056K4VXG  and I have seen other masters for sell too on another store but I don't recall the name. Also I sure articnoise has his reasons for wanting 32bit option back in the first place, Just as much why I use the function when I produce music. No offense but it just sound like a excuse he making to not to include something in his dac's that part of what the chip the CM6631 supports since it does what not include it anyway and let the user decide, Also I never cared for the dB range that mentioned with dac's or sound cards as i know better. Plus famous or not it still a guy opinion do not mean every one has to accept it because hes famous, plus he did not even link the site nor the name of the guy he was talking about.
    Jason has made a comment about no 2 channel  external dac's accepting DD or DTS in the schiit thread was not true, well for me that is I haven't tried this with other external dac's but the one I own. I watched many movies using my NFB15.32 all the time and it accepted DTS-HD and DD-MA blu ray audio formats thru USB input not down-sampled at all and then optical down-sampled and I used WinDvd for my blu ray movies and it was during the actual movie and not the menus or the trailers.
  14. Articnoise

    I’m not really up for discussing digital technologies, because ever sins the introduction of that media in the 80s there have been people saying it is perfect and can’t be improved. Clamming things like it’s only 1 and 0 and they are ether decoded and transmitted totally correct or not at all.  I don’t believe it to be that simple. And as I’m not a technician I try by listening to see what I prefer.
    I have before tested and come to the conclusion that 24 bit depth was a little better overall than 16 on my dac, but to up sampling of bitrate didn’t improved SQ, actually the outcome was the opposite IMO. I’m now testing if I prefer 32 bit better when 24. AFAIK Kingwa advise us to use 32 bit on his dacs. My last comment on this subject is that I think some company’s use different filters on 16, 24 and 32.  

  15. Mahdi8
    Does anybody now if the usb chip on lower end audiogd dac such as NFB12 can be replaced with usb32?
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