Audio-gd NFB-28

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by sayh, Aug 14, 2013.
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  1. sayh
    No more speculation! NFB 28 DAC/HPamp/Preamp listed.
    Looks like a similar spec, scaled down NFB 27, NFB 10ES2 clone with pre input.
    And looks like kingwa is listening , volume knob is making a comeback on his babies!

    Thanks Bourne for the updated link!
  2. sayh
    Interesting to see a ES9018 combo having jumper option to make sound warmer somehow.
  3. BournePerfect
  4. EraserXIV
    Interesting there's no promo price, they usually have one when they come out with a new product.
  5. BournePerfect
    Ordered! Will compare the amp stage with the BHA-1 for balanced HD800s and LCD-2.2s, using NFB 28 as dac for both. Should be interesting. The volume knob won me back. :wink:
  6. kkcc

    Just changed my order from 10ES2 to the 28! Volume knob and the better looking (imho) casing sealed the deal for me. A tad more expensive than the very good price on 10ES2, but I need that big round button :)

    Was thinking I might be the first to order but Kingwa told me I'm already the 3rd customer to pay and I guess I now know who the other two are. :D

    Can't wait for it to arrive......
  7. kkcc
    Pls also let us know how the NFB-28's dac compared with DP1 or your other sources.... Sort of always wanted to take the plunge for the DP1 with the BHA-1 or HPA-21, but it seems the NFB-28 would already be very very good.
  8. sayh
    Lucky you! Right on time to make an order change. A pal of mine is already squeezing balls since he have just received his10es2. 
    He wanted an aio with this budget, something balanced with analog input, compass2 was se, nfb6 was amp/pre.
  9. kkcc

    Well soundwise kingwa confirmed should be very close between the two models so I would still have been very happy if my 10ES2 got shipped to me.

  10. SidiousX
    According to Kingwa this is the promo price for 1st run.
  11. steve2151
    Looks like it has the old style casing that was found on the Roc and Phoenix. Is this the first Audio GD unit to have a line in, volume knob, and a remote? That's a very handy combination of features right there. I want one for the media center setup in my living room.
  12. BournePerfect
    Will do. I doubt this will hold up to the $3K Eximus, but I've been looking for a cheap all in one balanced unit for some time now. It will also be my first experience with the ES9018 chip. [​IMG] Should be interesting to see how it pans out. Will also be comparing it to my Nuforce Dac100.
  13. Clemmaster
    The NFB-27 compares favorably to the DP1, from my experience.
    Kingwa always suggest his mid-tier gears are not far from the TOTL (he is a modest guy, for sure) so the comparison is very interesting!
  14. BournePerfect
    I think it's a lot more subjective than Kingwa states for most of his components. Every device I've owned from them has definitely had their own characteristics-even though Kingwa usually claims they are modest differences. That's just him being modest imo. I will say that I've enjoyed his Diamond Differential 'music' series much more than his dead-nuts-neutral stuff-but that's probably because the rest of my chain was always pretty neutral. Should be interesting to hear this NFB 28-after the AGD-centric 500 hours burn in prereq. [​IMG]
  15. kkcc
    Looking forward to this.  Haven't been using desktop rig for a long while and don't really have much idea the latest pecking order..... Any comparison to the NFB-28 would be greatly appreciated so I can have sort of a measuring stick when reading other reviews/comparison as desktop rigs are much harder to demo at meets/shops than portable gears.
    Hope kingwa will be shipping these soon!
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