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Audio-GD NFB-11.32 & NFB-11 (2014) (Delivery & Impression Thread)!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by heatfan12, Aug 25, 2012.
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  1. Surlias
    Those look interesting, however they are about $150 more than I paid for the HD 650's that are currently my favorite pair from among the headphones I've tested so far. Also, I prefer cloth ear pads over leather, so there'd be the additional expense of replacing the ear pads. It would be nice to give them a listen though. Maybe if a modded used pair ever shows up here I'll give them a try.
    Yeah that was more or less my experience with a brand new pair of the Premium 600 ohms model, except perhaps not as severe as you're describing. However, from reviews I've read, the main difference between the 250 and 600 ohm models are the 600 ohm have slightly more refined treble.
  2. mandrake50

    I just want to point out that the current pads for the 400i are a hybrid type. They have pleather sides, but the surface that contacts ones head is a pretty soft velour..
    Most of the comments that I have read indicate that people think that they are quite comfortable.
  3. Douglaster
    Tried to use a new high quality shielded usb cable to put The NFB-11 a little farther from my PC and BAM!, audio pops everywhere.
    Even using it on a powered USB 3.0 hub still gives me the pops.
    Had to put it back [​IMG]
    So, if you have pops and other audio artifacts, switch back to the original usb cable.
  4. willowbrook
    Wow, that's weird.
  5. robbo0
    I think I'm about to purchase the NFB-11 (2015) for my HD600, as well as using it for my speakers with pre-amp/integrated amp.
    Decided to go this route instead of the Schiit route, and O2/ODAC. Hope I'm making the right choice here.
    Will be the beginning on a long and expensive route of upgrading audio equipment.
    Just got to wait to hear back from Audio-GD regarding a few questions. Pretty excited and think I'll be making the right choice? :D
  6. willowbrook
    The HD600 matches well with the NFB-11 :) It can also drive a lot of other headphones with the click thing fixed on the 2015 version.
    robbo0 likes this.
  7. Surlias
    I've heard a lot of people prefer the NFB-15 for the HD 600 heaphones.
  8. Heprer
    Go for nfb11 it supports native DSD so it's a big plus against o2, on schit the cheapest is magni/modi + loki + interconect cables...
    I have sennheiser hd 600 paired with nfb 11 and i'm happy with the sound. It's neutral with solid bass( no "muddy waters") and pleasant silk hights (first there was some grain but after a couple of days i couldn't hear it anymore) with rich mids and good accurate spatial sound.
    If you go for nfb 11 try some DSD files jazz, classical with senn hd 600 and you'll be blown away.
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  9. Surlias
    Yes but you do pay a hefty premium for the DSD support, and then you either have to perpetually put up with that annoying mute delay or else cut a wire inside and then DSD tracks have a reasonably loud popping sound when they start playing back and every time you change or skip around in DSD tracks.

    I think it's definitely worth it for an HD 600 owner to look into people's feedback re: the NFB 15 before getting an 11 for a dubious feature that probably doesn't sound much (if any) different when doing DSD -> PCM conversion. Presently the NFB-11 is $75 more than NFB-15.
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  10. willowbrook
    They fixed it with the switch though?
    The NFB-11 really isn't a bad match with the HD600. It sounded very natural without much color which can be good and bad, depends on what you're looking for. It just sounds natural...not neutral, but natural. I personally prefer the HD650 much more than HD600 with the NFB-11, so I expect the NFB-15 would be a better match for the HD600. I think it depends hugely on what you are looking for.
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  11. robbo0
    Thanks for your replies, I'm currently switching emails with Kingwa to make an order. 
    I've gone with the NFB-11 as I thought with it being less warm / coloured than the NFB-15, it will be a good thing for me as I would rather have a accurate sound signature as close to the source as possible and then I can adjust the sound signature as I see fit with amps / equipment etc. I have a feeling my current pre-amp/integrated amp Cambridge Azur540A is a warmish amp (however I'm yet to try it away from my stock Xonar DS - so unsure which is providing the warmer/coloured sound more. Ordered an OPAMP to see any changes as it was only cheap), but thinking the NFB-11 will be a nice pair to give some kick and accuracy to it. I'll likely make upgrades to speakers and pre-amp at a later date when I can afford to do so, I can fine tune the sound signature I want then.
    Thanks again guys, I'm very excited! (I was at the checkout phase of the Schiit Modi combo when for some reason (Epiphany?) I decided to have a second dive into the forums and think I found the better gem for value/performance and had heard of the Sabre chip being superb. It's also far more flexible with my current setup, inputs etc.
    Will post my impressions when it arrives :D
    (Any rough ideas on how long it takes to arrive after you have sent the paypal money / had confirmation? (I've not done either yet) and shipping to the UK)
  12. Surlias

    Omg after all the back and forth I had with Kingwa trying to get them to swap my NFB 11 for the new model with switch, I can't believe I spaced on that. I guess after I gave up and just cut the wire, all memory of my efforts to get the new model was wiped clean... lol

    Based on my own experience and other feedback I've seen, shipping time is very fast. I live in the Midwest USA and it got here after maybe 3 days. I was pleasantly surprised.
  13. robbo0

    That's what I like to hear, I had better transfer some funds into my account then to be ready!
    Will laugh it arrives before my OPAMP bought from the UK. If I were to connect the NFB-11 via SPDIF would a new OPAMP make any difference to the sound, or does that all get boycotted? It was only cheap and I'll be moving the NFB-11 around so it's not the end of the world if it will have a 0% impact on the NFB-11. Will test the different setups (USB/SPDIF etc.), I know the sound-card is disregarded when in USB mode.
  14. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I believe I post the payment early Sunday morning and my Audio-GD order (NFB 15.32) arrived on Thursday, but I live in California.
  15. Surlias
    SPDIF still allows for the sound card to apply DSP effects, but in no way colors the sound, as all analog conversion duties are still handed off to the DAC in the NFB
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