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Audio-GD NFB-11.32 & NFB-11 (2014) (Delivery & Impression Thread)!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by heatfan12, Aug 25, 2012.
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  1. Heprer
    I've reverted to driver ver1 ... with the newest driver i've encountered problems switching from foobar to youtube and vice versa. At least i'm not getting as much bsod's as u guys seem to get.(just one so far in two months)
  2. Surlias
    What gain setting is everyone using and what's your reason for choosing high or low? I was using high with a pair of Senn HD 650, but I was getting annoyed at not being able to turn the dial past 10 o' clock, so I tried switching to low to see what kind of volume play that would allow. I figured I'd have to really crank it to get the volume to higher levels, but was surprised to find I can only crank it to about 12 o' clock before it's once again uncomfortably loud.
    Also, can anyone share their experience with the over-sampling options (configured via swapping jumpers on the PCB) ?
  3. chucky27

    IIRC oversampling settings with jumpers is only in NFB-15 model.
    As for gain - I'm on Low at 9-11 o'clock (HD595 aren't very hungry)
  4. willowbrook
    I just use high gain at 12 o'clock maximum. When I use low gain, I would have to crank it all the way or even want to turn it more, so I just use high gain.
  5. Heprer
    Sennheiser hd 600 10 o'clock max 12 low gain, on high gain max 10.
    Sennheiser hd 201 10 o'clock low gain
    Grado sr60i 8 - 9 o'clock low gain as they are the most sensitive of the bunch
  6. blse59
    Do you have to install drivers to use this amp/dac on Windows?
  7. willowbrook
    Yes, it is very easy. Just install the driver from audio-gd website and plug it in. Turn ASIO on and use ASIO component or use WASAPI.
  8. blse59

    Ok, thanks!
  9. Surlias
    Wire is cut, problems solved. DSD "pop" isn't so bad really, and easy enough to diminish by a simple touch of the volume knob when starting playback or seeking. Doesn't pop when transitioning between sequential tracks. Certainly not worth completely wrecking the USB output with a dumbass hardware mute function. Definitely glad I gave up on trying to get Audio-GD to swap my unit, not worth the hassle for a feature I'd never use anyways. For now I'm gonna stick with DSD>PCM conversion anyways.
    Just gave the DT880's a try. Coming from a couple weeks with the HD 650's, it's immediately apparent how much more detail they have in the upper register. So much more that it feels a bit harsh to my ear. This probably has something to with coming from the HD 650's, but I think I'll be sticking with the Senn's. After a short time with the DT880's I can feel the fatigue coming on. Perhaps there is a particular genre(s) to which the DT880's are well suited, but for now I'm looking for a single pair of all purpose cans. Maybe sometime down the road I will expand my collection, but I'm not there yet.
  10. willowbrook
    Yep...it is fun to listen for a couple of hours because of all the forwardness and the treble compared to HD650, but it can get fatiguing. I sold mine because the ear cups were very shallow which made my ears touch the driver foam and the headband fit wasn't very good for me. I am thinking of getting AKG K702 or just stopping here until I can replace HD650.
  11. willowbrook
    Has anyone heard the DT880 600ohm out of nfb-11? I might be getting a 600ohm version, but I cannot find any impressions.
  12. Surlias
    Yeah that was the other thing, the physical comfort aspect. The DT880 ear cups didn't really bother me, I have small ears, and it was nice how lightweight the set feels, however, despite being considerably lighter overall than the HD 650's, I found the way the headband rests on my head to be less comfortable compared to the HD 650's. Definitely a lot less clamping force on the DT880's, but the clamping force of the HD 650's doesn't really bother me, and the headband definitely rests more comfortably.
    You say you're thinking of trying AKG K702, or stopping until you can replace HD 650, does that mean you ultimately aren't very satisfied with the HD 650? Or just that you hope to find a better pair at some point?
    I just sampled the DT880 600ohm, and like I said, they were highly detailed, to the point of being somewhat unpleasant and fatiguing. I didn't feel like they were particularly weak in the lower end though, as some people have reported, just heavily skewed towards the upper end.
  13. willowbrook
    Hm, I didn't know that they were 600 ohm. Good to hear. Instead of k702, I might just get the premium DT880 250ohm which are fairly new, so I don't have to spend extra replaing the ear pads ($34) and has warranty left. The previous cheap used ones I've bought has been sitting for a long time with acceptable pad condition, but I had to spend too much money to get it working in excellent condition. I guess cheap is not always good :)
    I actually love my HD650, I think they are staying with me forever. I prefer it to HD600. I am just looking for a variation of sound sig, so I can listen to different cans from time to time. Also, I think the HD650 matches very well with smooth genres like jazz&classical, but the laidback sound sig can get boring when listening to modern pop songs. As I am not too picky on which sound sig I must hear, I actually like going back and forth with other headphones. In this case, it would be HD650 and DT880 or K702 (emphasis on treble sound sig). Like I said the forward sound and the treble from let's say DT 880 isn't something you can get out from HD650, thus the temptation of DT880/K702.
  14. mandrake50

    I would consider the HE 400i. I consider them a very good headphone for everything that I listen to... which is a very wide range of music...
  15. willowbrook
    Wow, I just received a new pair of DT880 Premium 250ohms and the sound is very different from the previous Pro 250ohms which were a few years old. The one I have received today is sometimes really sibilant which is sometimes unbearable to listen at times. I have never believed in burn-in, but this surprises me. The old ones had much smoother highs.
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