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Audio GD NFB-11.28 vs R2R 11

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by crowally, Aug 17, 2017.
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  1. Ipadgg
    Will using SPDIF out from a sound card be better than a direct USB output?
  2. JKDJedi
    Probably not, I really dont know, worth a try, they're not expensive compared to all the toys mentioned here so far..what $34 or so? But that being inside your PC ..not so sure how it being close to all the other perifials will effect it.
  3. benirohit458
    I've had the R2R-11 for a couple months now. And just want to confirm that the popping issue is completely gone from the USB but it's still there to a small extent on optical, barely noticeable though.
  4. Robert Padgett
    I am using the R2T-11 with a SPDIF from the HiFiBerry DigiPlus Pro, and the Toslink to the Modi MB on my HP Schiit Stack with the tube-hybrid Vali 2. My USB feed from the server goes to a Sprout 100 for YouTubes. My Vali 2 has a Telefunken tube, and it sounds great in my Sennheisers. The R2R-11's USB stage sounded great also, but with my limitations, I prefer SPDIF for Audio.
  5. pngpng
    I just got the R2R11 which sounds amazing as a dac/amp. Just for kicks I used the DAC out and sent it to my JDS o2. It gave that little amp a whole new life.
    Can someone explain how much of the circuitry inside the R2R11 is being used for the DAC out? I assumed it was just the smaller Amanero Combo 384, but there's more going on right? Are the DA8 modules used in the DAC out as well?
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  6. JKDJedi
    Yes there's more going on..the amanero is suppose to clean up the USB signal a bit, the dac is really good here, off memory its a ladder dac, whatever that means..lol. Its not smoke and mirrors, its just a really good DAC.
  7. domho7
    Hi there's a Xmas & new yr promo on nfb 11.28.usd299. Should I just close my eyes and whack the nfb 11.28. :)
  8. JKDJedi
    Heck yeah you should. Been enjoying mine for a year now, great sabre dac and lots of power. Leave it on for 2 weeks to speed up the burn in, after that, your in for a treat!
  9. isoa4k
    Would you get a 11.28 having already the R2R11? I like its sound but sometimes drives me nuts because it has distortion on some lower frequencies, like resonance. I feel it spoils my LCD2 sound...
  10. ahmedie
    There is usb mod where u cut power lane in the end of cable (using a tap) and it improved sound so much I give up my either. Now after a while I reconnected the either and the sound was smoother softer and more real. I would say between either and usb mod, it is matter of taste. I prefer either for my system bcz less bright smoother sound. Also usb mod produce more sound stage. The mod is discussed in nfb11 thread
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  11. JKDJedi
    The 11.28
    Wow there's a few options for you, somewhere in this thread they asked the owner (an actual visit to his shop) which amp mated best with the lcd2 and he said the 11.28. Seems like darker headphones do better with detailed dacs. But you have another option too, other posters here swear by the Schiit EITR, and I've tired it and yes, there's an improvement in dynamics and bass control. (I found a cheaper option using the Topping D10 but the Schiit is a little better (and pricier, $100 more) than the Topping D10, with some tracks I couldn't tell a difference though so I stayed with the Topping and saved a few bucs) Your 3rd option is to get one of them usb cleaners mentioned a few pages back, but they're the same cost, if not more than the NFB11.28. (if you have a large DSD library go the USB Cleaner route, if you don't grab the Schiit or Topping D10) One final thought, also posted here in this thread is that the NFB11.28 and R2R11 side by side...10% difference. Good Luck!
  12. pngpng
    I currently have an R2R-11 and the colored background isn't doing it for me. I can see it adding warmth and I get why some people might like it. I'm thinking of getting the NFB-11.28 since it's on sale. I'm hoping to getting something as clean as my JDS o2, but with a lot more power for my Argons. Will the NFB-11 do the trick?
  13. JKDJedi
    11.28 will do the trick, lots of power here.
  14. Kimchee248
    I have the jds el amp and a nfb 11.28 you might like the el amp would trade you for the r2r ?
  15. pngpng
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