Audeze's new Sine DX

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by audeze, Apr 24, 2017.
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  1. Heartsmart
    Saw that now and changed. Thanks! :)
  2. Jimmy Gazelle
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  3. DJ The Rocket
    Why do you have to wait for Audeze, especially since they don't seem interested in replacement pads? There are plenty of aftermarket pads that make it into a very comfortable over-ear; my favorites are the Brainwavz angled pads ($30) but there are plenty of other great choices too
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  4. Jimmy Gazelle
    Hey Folks,
    Since the sine dx is not out in Germany yet and no one I know has listened to it so far, I am asking those of you that have for your opinion:
    1) how is the soundstage on these? Comparable to a mediocre over ear open can?
    2) has anyone also had the opportunity to listen to the isine 20? Regardless of being two different kind of systems,which one has the wider soundstage?
    Thank you!!
  5. DJ The Rocket
    I haven't heard an open Sine but I'm very familiar with the original, so I'm also curious to hear how the open back affects the sound!

    I've owned both the original Sine and the iSine20. Neither of those are known for exceptional soundstage. The closed Sine was more or less average in that regard--soundstaging is maybe the only aspect of sound that dynamic drivers tend to do better than planar drivers*--so I wouldn't expect a world change in the DX.

    The iSine20 soundstage is certainly better than the Sine, but it's still pretty much average to me. It isn't a particular strength, but it's not a weakness by any means either. Overall the 20 sounds a couple of notches better than the Sine IMO (even a notch better than my Hifiman HE500, surprisingly).

    *-The only exception I know is the Mr. Speakers Alpha Prime. The planar AP (which is also closed-back) has a phenomenal soundstage, it actually changed the way I perceive soundstaging in any headphones. It's not as airy as an HD800, but it's no less 3-dimensional and precise. The Alpha Prime is like a K701 but with another level of detail, clarity, and accuracy :)
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  6. Jimmy Gazelle
    Has anyone had the chance to listen to both the isine 20 and the isine DX?
    If so, how do they stack up?
  7. Bio-Rhythm
    @Audeze Any news on the status of the open back limited production?.And whats the "reason" other than profit to price the Sine DX $150 more than the closed back?. Since you already stated that the open version was the first design the "reason" for the extra costs can't be development.

    "decided to see if there is a market" This marketing rhetoric is nonsense, all the "limited" DX edition has achieved is a inflated price.In the UK the open model costs £185 more. Be genuine, sell the open and closed at the same price and then let the market decide. Far be it for manufactures to understand how to comprehend a controlled experiment, but h.t.f does selling a open limited availability model at a higher price give any indication of the interest of the unit if the closed version is significantly cheaper? ( that's rhetorical question. It doesn't.)

    Apologies for not being one of the faithful consumers. I'm a critical thinker and have had enough of the BS marketing industry. Having ranted about that, I did try the Hifi Man 400's planar's a while back. sounded great though felt like having tanks on my head. Thus I was hoping a compact open back,affordable, planar would be developed.Either that of find a culture where music and peace is "valued" more than noise and inter-species competition.
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  8. FastAndClean
    anyone have these?
  9. musiclvr
    I do!!!
  10. FastAndClean
    Show some pics, add some impressions with comparison to other headphones, why's that thread dead, I think the Dx is very interesting headphone
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  11. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Yes, this is an oddly quiet thread considering the hype that once surrounded the first Sine model. I would also be very curious to know what these sound like.
  12. IkSak

    I ended up having one pair and I wonder if you've been experiencing an issue with the earpads? Do they feel stiff, as if the inside material is dry? Do you experience a noise when you rotate your head? I've had it and it is really annoying. I contacted @Audeze and One costumer service told me that it is air trapped that causes the sound and that it's normal for planars. I've had several Hifiman and now I own MrSpeakers AFO and no issues with that.
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  13. raysclim1568
    I too have the same concerns. Just Turing or head movement, you will hear sound level changes between the left and right ear. I ended out putting the isine DX away for storage . It is a Shame that I could not enjoy as much time as I intended.
  14. IkSak
    Seems like I'm not the only one. @raysclim1568 how do you describe the issue? Do the pads feel stiff? Here's a small video to show the issue I'm describing:

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