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  1. jurumal
    So I finally got my closed Sine in and have had a chance to A/B them. The lower impedance of the DX help with overall loudness. I find myself having to turn up the volume more on the Closed to match levels to the DX. DX has a slightly wider, more natural sounding soundstage vs. Closed. With the Cipher Cable, DX sound improves with better dynamics and separation, but this cable was designed to be optimized with the Closed. Cipher sounds more natural with the Closed. With the DX, there was a odd "hollow" or maybe veiled sound with vocals I noticed. Hope this helps those considering DX + Cipher.
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  2. Audeze
    The Cipher for Sine and El8 only offer a slight bass boost. It has the same effect on both Sine and Sine DX.
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  3. MidFiMoney
    So, are we going to get a restock on these or should I move on to something else?

    If anyone is looking to sell, PM me!
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  4. musiclvr
    I must say that the Sine DX's offer such a fine level of refinement without ever being fatiguing or sacrificing anything; when amped properly.
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  5. Testo
    Portable on-ear open-back design... I wonder who would be the target customer for these headphones. Perhaps Audeze made a good choice to make the Sine DX a limited run.
  6. musiclvr
    I for one like that the Sine DX (to me) is like a mini LCD-X but less detailed overall. It's also easier to travel with and, most importantly, it sounds sublime. Lastly, I'm a sucker for limited production headphones especially from Audeze especially since only 80 were made.
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  7. Beolab
    Great to see if Tyll will review the Sine DX vs the Mr S Aeon in the near future!
  8. dolstein
    Ok, so why not design a Cipher cable that is voiced for the DX? I'm going to wait until there's a Cipher cable option. I suspect many others will do the same.
  9. Audeze
    For every model we sell, we have to go through the MFI process to get the headphone approved. This is not a trivial test process and involved everything from packaging design to verification and legalese from Apple. The SineDX is a limited edition Audiophile only version. We only made about a hundred units. Going through the process for limited edition units is not very economical.
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  10. dolstein
    Frankly, I'm not a big fan of limited edition products like this. I prepare units that are manufactured in large quantities, since this usually means an ample supply of replacement parts.

    I suppose it the DX is well received, Audeze will create a mass market version that will probably cost less and have a CIPHER cable option. As for the voicing of the cable, can't this be done via DSP?
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  11. Audeze
    We keep replacement parts and the SineDX shares many parts with the regular Sine. So that is not a problem. When we develop headphones, we make an open version first and then modify it to make it closed. When we demonstrated the first Sine headphones in 2014 to some of the industry insiders, everyone saw the open version and raved about it. we had planned to release open/closed version at the same time, but then decided to release only the closed version. So we got asked about it once in a while and we decided to see if there is a market. We will see how the response is and decide how to proceed with it in future.
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  12. Heartsmart
    I have owned the closed back Sine for over a year now and really enjoyed them. One day I decided to open the back and see if it’s possible to convert them to open. Inside I found a fabric holder with some kind of electronic inside. I have read somewhere on the forum that it’s a filter.

    It would be quite simple to remove the filter. And maby then have a open Sine.

    @Audeze Do you want to comment on that. Is it the same driver? and are the only difference between Sine and Sine DX the filter and the backside?

    If so, it would be fantastic if Audeze could sell the open backside as a spare part.

    And Yes, I understand that I have lost my the warranty by open them up. And I understand if Audeze has no interest in commenting and sell parts to another model than the one I bought. But you can always ask :)

    Ally the best to you!
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  13. jurumal
    Might wanna recheck your tag to make sure your message reaches them.
  14. Heartsmart
    Ok, thanks for for your reply. How should a do to this.
  15. jurumal
    Edit your post and change “Audece” to “Audeze”.
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