Audeze SINE Series

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mammal, Jan 4, 2016.
  1. saj2001ind
    Thnanks about sennheiser momentum pads ? You have any experience of that pls
  2. clerkpalmer
    Anyone using these with an iPhone but not using cipher? I picked up a headphone amp but I miss that cipher-like SQ. Any apps out there that are good for eqing? Thanks.
  3. Tom Blake
    I am using the Sine very successfully with the Chord Mojo and my iPhone. Previously I had connected the iPhone to the Mojo with the Apple CCK but have recently been using the Chord Poly. To my ears the Sine sounds significantly better via the Mojo than the Cipher cable. I only use the Cipher cable now when I don't want to also carry the Mojo.
  4. sup27606
    I have used the Cayin C5 (with HiFime Sabre 9018 DAC) with the iphone and Sine. Significantly better resolution and 3D imaging than cipher. Adding a IFI iPurifier makes it even better :).
  5. clerkpalmer
    Thanks. I considered the Cayin and ended up with a Fiio A5 not realizing there is no DAC with that. What, if any, EQ are you both using on your iPhone or are you just running them flat?
  6. sup27606
    I use it with flat eq, since I mostly listen to Apple Music on iphone and only the itunes eq work with it, which doesn't provide any finer controls. I sometimes use the bass boost on the Cayin for certain songs, which work satisfactorily for me.

    The C5 has a DAC+AMP version, but with less power than the amp only C5, and I feel power is a significant factor in getting the best out of these planars.
  7. Happytalk
    Onkyo HF player will work with your iTunes library and has a great eq
  8. clerkpalmer
    Does Onkyo work on iPhone? On a side note, I've really been enjoying these headphones. I switch back and forth between these and my iSine 20s and I honestly love them both for different reasons. the 20s definitely sound better via cipher. The cipher on the sines is a limiting factor. With limited funds, I purchased a Fiio A5 to increase the power and the Sines are significantly better with this setup. The cipher is probably best saved for the road on the Sines whereas on the 20s the cipher is a killer match.
  9. sup27606
    I like the Hibymusic Player on the iPhone because it can play DSD ISO and almost all other formats and it can play lossless files from a SAMBA network drive. It also has a EQ feature, and it's free.
  10. Roger Gu
    Bear with me, but I am still trying to figure out if my pair is normal on the volume, or I should return for an exchange.

    I used iPad mini to compare the volume btw the cipher cable and the standard cable. The sine sounds at the same level:
    • With the cipher cable, about 50% of iPad max volume setting
    • With the standard cable, about 80% of iPad max volume setting
    Does it seem right?
  11. DJ The Rocket
    I dunno, maybe I do :) I just got my second Sine, and the Brainwavs angled pads improve the sound more dramatically than I remember! But I'd like to see what other people are doing too

    Can anyone provide more specific information about these inserts?
  12. DJ The Rocket
    I happened to get a Cypher cable and I wanted to try it out, so I looked at Audeze's own list of i-things it works on and picked the cheapest I could find quickly on craigslist. I ended up getting an iPhone 4s, because it's supposed to work:


    See? Audeze's own webpage says this.

    But lo and behold, I take it home and find out the 4s doesn't have a lightning port! So how exactly is it supposed to work with the cypher cable then??? Yes, I know that in theory there is an adapter for this. But in practice, look closely and you may notice that they all say CHARGING ONLY NO DATA!

    So what am I supposed to do now? Even getting cheapest iphone still put me out $20. Now I have to buy a different and EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE phone, or write it off the whole thing as a sunk cost

    I'm going to email Audeze and find out what those trumps have to say about this mess
  13. antdroid
    Thats unfortunate. :frowning2: You can pick up an iPhone 5SE for sometimes ~$99 for a prepaid version - just dont activate the service. :wink:
  14. BB 808
    I bought the Sine with Cipher cable to use with my iPhone X and it has been totally sublime. The musicality is outstanding, instrument separation is like WOW, and vocals are sweet. I am also lucky that my ears fit perfectly inside the earpads instead of being squished. I am so impressed with the planar magnetic experience that I'll be selling off several of my headphones to get the Aeon Flow Open and the LCD2-C. I haven't tried the standard cable with my iFi micro iDSD BL yet because the cipher cable and Audeze EQ app are so good. My new Audeze Sine is a an excellent headphone and my Apple iPhone X is pretty excellent too.
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    Awesome! iPhone X is an excellent smartphone and I’m excited to see whether I prefer the Sine or EL-8 Ti. I didn’t get a chance to open my Sine on my birthday yesterday so I’ll enjoy it tonight :).

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