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  1. BB 808
    Happy birthday @MICHAELSD. Interested in your thoughts about the EL-8 Ti compared with the Sine.
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  2. AxelCloris Administrator
    Removed some off-topic posts. Lets keep the discussion within the posting guidelines. Thanks everyone.
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  3. clerkpalmer
    I had isine 20s and regular el8 open this summer and ended up selling the el8. Sq was very similar to me but the el8 are huge and heavy. Beautifully made headphones.
    Great to hear. I don’t personally like IEMs (tried iSine10, that didn’t change that for me) but can stand heavy over-ear headphones if the sound is good enough, and the EL-8 Tiranium is gorgeous so I can give up some comfort for beauty.

    Would have stepped up to a LCD-2C but the Cipher and BMW Designworks design on the Sine and EL-8 Ti are very intriguing.

    Audeze sound, BMW design, and an amp/DAC built into the cable. Doesn’t get much better :).
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    Very good indeed. Real high-fidelity sound in a portable package. Quality is about on-par with the iSine10, with a more narrow soundstage but a remarkably clean response. Comfort isn’t as bad as I was expecting. It’s definitely comfortable for shorter listening sessions and isn’t too intrusive over longer sessions. My ears are medium-sized and fit just fine in the Sine pads to the point it’s practically an over-ear headphone. My only confusion is why Audeze didn’t just make the pads a bit larger and thicker since the Sine’s design is definitely closer to an over-ear than on-ear already.

    Trying the EL-8 Ti on Christmas then I’ll decide which planar magnetics I need in my life :).
  6. acia
    how are they going to sell the lcd if they offer you the same comfort level??

    currently sine with lcd pads. :p

    would switch to stax soon. entirely another genre.
  7. Matro5
    Hold on - this works? Can you post a pic?
  8. acia
    just put the lcd pads in between sine and your ear. no adapter necessary.
  9. Maxx134
    There are two different size momentum pads so make sure you get the over ear one.

    I have them and they beautiful fit but they dull the top end in my other headphone so I would expect them to do same on Sine..
    They may work out if you find your Sine trebles a bit excessive so up to you.
  10. Happytalk
    I've tried generic Sony mdrv6 pads and brainwaz pads. Both made things worse. The stock pads sound best to me. I am curious about the generic audio technica pads and how they make the sine sound, but I have a feeling it will be similar to the generic mdrv6 pads I have.
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  11. antdroid
    I made my own bluetooth cable today for the Sine using a $5 BT headphone I found at the store. It works pretty well and was pretty easy to make. Here's some of the photos:

    I found some super cheap wireless headphones at Office Max/Depot today for $5. They are surprisingly BT 4.2 compatible. The review of the ear buds though -- they suck. Don't use them. Once you turn up the volume, you can hear the music bouncing off plastic. It's not good. Not good at all.

    Anyway, smashed the drivers after listening to them and desoldered the wire from the driver pads.

    I didn't have any spare 3.5mm connectors around, so I took an extra 3.5 male-to-male stereo cable I had lying around that fit the cavity of the Sine's connectors and cut the jacks off leaving just under 1 inch of cable behind for splicing. I then stripped back the cable housing and striped off each wire's jacket and spliced the appropriate ones to the bluetooth module's wires. I then taped it up with some electrical tape, put some heat shrink on it and then heat shrunk the connector to the 1st layer for looks, and called it a day.

    The modules work pretty well. They obviously don't have the power to fully drive either of these planar magnetic headphones, but they do a good enough job for me if I'm on the go or whatnot.
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  12. antdroid
    I'm using MSR7 generic pads by Sqrmekoko and they are extremely comfortable and still sound good, if not better than stock. They fit without the adapters, but it's extremely loose. I was using some cardboard to fill in slots to give it something to grip to while my adapters printed but are now perfect with them on. :)
  13. Happytalk
    Can you compare the sounds and let us know? Where is the source for adaptors?
  14. antdroid
    There's been a lot of discussion on these pads if you search back over the past year or so. I've tried many different pads as I have a bunch of different headphones and the MSR7 generics are the best overall. The Brainwavz, for example, lose way too much quality, bass, etc because of the distance of driver and ear. The MSR7 is a good balance. It's only a small amount further away, so the drop in bass amount is very minimal, while opening up the soundstage and imaging a bit more. Comfort-wise vs the stock pads is no contest.

    The adapters are freely available on Shapeways. I used 3D Hubs to print them locally.
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  15. Happytalk
    Thanks. I read through all the posts but you added some more helpful info to the discussion.

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