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Audeze LCD-MX4

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by Audeze, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. Sound Eq
    using mx4 with hugo2 and ifi ican pro in tube mode is really amazing
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  2. Dobrescu George
    Oh yes, that should be a really killer combo! :)
  3. Sound Eq
    @Audeze is there a way to share the eq settings used in the reveal plugin for mx4
  4. Sound Eq
    Hi everyone, for anyone that is thinking to really take the mx4 to a more enjoyable and upgraded sound, just get the dekoni fenestrated pads

    What a great improvement in sound quality, bass is tighter and hits hard, mids are just wow perfect ,like literally perfect full and rich, perfectly placed within the remaining frequencies, and the details in highs are amazing as if a veil been lifted to add perfect highs, that are detailed but never harsh, just perfect highs, and the sound stage opened up more giving better separation

    This is a major improvement to mx4 which is reversible

    Literally i can not say enough how amazingly the mx4 sounds now

    Nice work @DekoniAudio ur pads literally made me change my mind bout selling my mx4

    As for @Audeze i really think you should consider using fenestrated pads with mx4
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2019
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  5. omniweltall
    I'd say it is worth it for $1500 new. Bass is still its biggest strength. Really enjoyed it.
  6. sahmen
    Since you mention the hifiman He-1000se, may I ask how it compares with the MX4, and which of the two you would retain if you had to let one of them go? I have also been considering upgrading my He-1000 to the SE, but I am not sure whether the difference in sq would be worth the considerable investment in $$$, especially since I still enjoy the He-1000 (with v2 pads and a Norne Audio Silvergarde S Clear cable) quite a lot. Your impressions would be appreciated.
  7. Sound Eq
    hi, lcd mx4 with dekoni pads the mx4 is amazing like literally amazing

    As for He1000se you know that the He1000 series are simply amazing headphones, they are very tough to beat, its still early to know the he1000 se by listening to them for few hours, so I have test it thoroughly with all music and genres to come to a final conclusion, so within a week I will be able to answer this better .

    I can tell you this the hifiman 1000 se sounds way way better than hifiman 1000 V1 which I auditioned but not owned, but I owned the V2 only

    but i can tell you this the mx4 with dekoni pads sound better than lcd4z with stock pads
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2019
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  8. eugene2
    He he told you so, they are great on Elear also. The MX4’s really sing now!
  9. cmrodman
    Has anyone tried these with the Schiit Ragnarok? I've got a Lyr 2 right now and have really liked the Schiit products I've tried. An Amp or DAC is the next thing that needs upgrading in my system, if my pursuit continues.

    I feel like a great amp is probably more important than a great DAC, and I already have 4 (albeit only up to lower-mid level) DACs. The Pro-ject Pre-box S2 is my main DAC because I use Tidal, so MQA compatibility is desired, but my Mojo also gets a good amount of use.

    The Ragnarok is catching my eye at the moment as the next natural big step up upgrade. Given how people say it handles/improves IEMs with their low impedance, I imagine it might similarly bump up the MX-4's. Or would the community here say that, given how easy the MX-4's are to drive, it may be better to put that money elsewhere (like a DAC in this case)?
  10. chimney189
    How do these compare to the HEKv2?
  11. mangler
    You may already be aware, but just in case, the release of Ragnarok 2 is imminent, so you may want to hold off on purchasing it for now. As far as how it sounds with the MX4, I haven't heard the combo, so unfortunately I can't say :frowning2:
  12. cmrodman
    I was not aware! Big thanks for that.
  13. sahmen
    Not to rush you unduly or anything, but if anything in your impressions has changed on this MX4 vs HEKSE comparo front, since the last go-round, I wouldn't mind hearing about it at all. After several months of resistance that eventually proved to be futile, I caved and sent my He-K for the upgrade, and I am waiting for my HeKSE to arrive this week--actually tomorrow, if everything goes well... As you probably remember, I have owned the MX4 before (albeit, about just one month), and I'm also familiar with the house sounds of both the Audeze LCD-4 series and the He-K series, and that is why this particular comparison resonates with me on several levels.
  14. Sound Eq
    Both are amazing headphones, for electronic music of course the MX4 will be better. MX4 can do all genres as well and its great with everything. With metal music mx4 sounds better than He1000SE. MX4 is a full sounding headphone and does not lack details like in meze emyprean so it works great with metal music, HE1000SE its leaner sounding and not that suitable for metal music. HE1000SE is amazing with acoustic, indie music, and classical music and in those genres HE1000SE excels over the MX4.

    Another comparison comes to my mind with MX4 is with the meze empyrean, MX4 has more fine details in the highs and more detailed mids, but with little less of that atmosphere and sound stage that meze gives which is unlike any headphone I heard.

    As for HE1000SE its an amazing headphone, nothing changed from what I mentioned in the SE thread at all, it has its own magic, amazing sound stage, good bass ( different and less of course than MX4 ), great mids ( MX4 more full mids but HE1000Se more detailed ), and amazing amazing details.

    On another note, I owned as well the LCD4z, those are just weird sounding, and I do not know how they are considered to be a flagship, sold it immediately, as the MX4 is more balanced and has a safer tuning than LCD4z

    Anyway I am selling my MX4 not because I do not like it, but cause I am going now the stax route, after I got my Shure KSE1500 and heard how amazing it is, its tuning and how fast it keeps up with everything in an amazing way that works with literally everything. I made the decision to go the stax route period, I am selling my KSE1500 as I do not like to wear iems, and will hope to get the same tuning like KSE1500 but in a full size headphone that will be end game. I got few days ago a cheap stax system 3170, and I like it, and I know for sure with top end stax models I will be very pleased. So I will take it slow first try stax L700, and then go full totl stax 009s, so expect that I will sell my HE1000SE as well. The beauty of stax they do not release new totl model every Tuesday like some of those planar and dynamic companies, so once you settle on the best you will stay there for quite some time

    Finally all my conclusions above are with the Dekoni pads on the MX4
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2019
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  15. CaptainFantastic
    Quoting an older post because I am having some trouble understanding. Does this mean the set of Dekoni pads comes with only 1 (one) ring of tape even though I need 1 for each earcup (two total)?
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