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Audeze LCD-MX4

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by Audeze, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. eugene2
    As I recall slight opening up of the headphone, increase in overall clarity. I like the improvements
  2. CaptainFantastic
    Not saying your experience/observation is not true, but I've been enjoying the MX4 since September with the stock pads and not once did I think to myself: "If I could only have more clarity, more openness...".

    I guess there is always that small improvement that is possible in every direction.
  3. Sound Eq
    how bout the bass and mids
  4. eugene2
    I guess you won’t know until you try it or have a side by side comparison.
    I believe there has been sonic improvements in especially both frequency extremes. If you personally feel they are perfect continue to enjoy them in stock form. I can only sight the improvements that I believe have struck me from a musical and audiophile standpoint. I listened to music that centered around vocals and my instrument the sax after installing the pads.
    I also believe the impact of the finestrated pads were greater on my Focal Elears as I purchased the pads for both.
  5. eugene2
    Now that Im home I can give a better answer... Let me start this way, I have a decent ear for music. I'm not a pure audiophile guy, since I do not focus on the technicalities of equipment I focus more on the musical aspects, but I do continue to try to lift that veil I hear on a Lot of systems. I've gone through a lot of equipment especially speakers trying to get a semblance of a live performance in my home he, he, he... Speakers from Thiel, Vandersteen, Avalon, Talon Firebird's, Vapor Joule, etc. So I'm never happy. My foray into headphones, Sennheiser HD650 (twice), Grados, Hifiman He6 and 1000 MKII, Audeze LCDX, Mx4, Focal Elear, Noble Audio Encore, A bunch of Campfire iems, JH Audio 16s, Roxanne and Layla. Does this make me some kind of authority or expert? No just a dummy buying high and selling low when I become tired or bored of a piece of equipment. I've often added tweaks to my equipment trying to get that incremental improvement suchas, cables, stands, etc.
    I really like the Mx4s and for a different reason my Elears especially with the new pads. Do I see the improvement as small or minor, no. I like the increase in clarity, can't say it has changed the tonal balance of every instrument or voice but for me the increase in clarity gives more body and dimensionality to a plucked or bowed upright bass, the mallet strikes of a piano including the attack and decay, the tone of a Selmer MkVI all sounded more distinct through both phones with the new pads.
    Sometimes despite the skeptics this stuff works. My buddy owns the LCD3 latest, I tried them at his home and did not like them initially, I felt they were too dark so he installed a silver balanced cable he developed (Verastarr) and suddenly a veil lifted the sound improved in such a way I decided. to explore obtaining an Audeze headphone again. Thus the Mx4, can't wait to try the cable on the Mx4.
    I'm not trying to convince anyone to replace their pads, like I said in the previous post if you love the sound of your unaltered Mx4 stay the course. I'm enjoying mine through Roon and the new pads.
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  6. Sound Eq
    thanks for sharing, its very intriguing what you described. Can i ask bout the mids as we know the mids are pretty neutral and pushed a bit forward, my main question how did the pads change the mids
  7. eugene2
    Good question can’t say I recall now and I do not want to exaggerate. I would have to reinstall the originals.
    Edit: I listened today to both phones intently today especially to a couple of disc I Know very well.
    https://jazztimes.com/reviews/albums/victor-jones-c-a-f-e-trio-live-at-bradleys-in-new-york-city/ was a cd recorded in the city. We laid a dat in a chair and recorded the set. The Sensible Sound named it one of their albums of the year, not knowing it was a dat in a chair. I also listened to some high Rez fires by Macy Gray, P Barber, Cassandra Wilson and J Redman. The Elear's which I have kept the longest I believe have really come alive with these pads. In reading the blogs on these phones especially after the Clear release I disagree vehemently with the post hype blogs where people are stating they now sound muddled or muddy??? With the pad upgrade I am really enjoying them as everything is much more distinct. Separation among instruments, clarity more air, etc. Here the pads are slightly thicker and more see through looking at the driver... Zildjian cymbals sound more distinct and crisp. Vocals are. slightly more forward then I recall.
    Audeze Mx4, wow take a few minutes for the ears to adjust, mids are still forward but take on more texture. Melody Gardot over the Rainbow, Macy Gray, Redemption Song more texture and detail then I ever recall. Joshua Redman's sax play sounds phenomenal! Oops wait I haven't engaged the Roon Audeze eq!!! Anyway I wish I had an extra set of Mx4 with original pads to compare with the Dekoni so I can verify what I am hearing. I just remember I was ready to sell them and try some ZMF phones now I'm happy I didn't..
    Also, I didn't use my Hugo2 today I used my powerbook >Roon> Audioquest Jitterbug>Verastarr USB>Schiit Wyrd > Curious USB > Audeze Deckard.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2019
  8. Sound Eq
    was there a reason why u chose the fenestrated ones than the hybrid ones from dekoni
  9. eugene2
  10. Sound Eq
  11. eugene2
    They seem thicker plusher but more comfy for me. I am at my other home right now so I do not have original pads with me. I think the opening is slghtly larger will need to double check that next week. How did eqing your phones turn out. have you been able to compare to Roon eq?
  12. Sound Eq
    I used to like eq few years back, but now i never use eq at all, i think i should change my nick name :)

    for me what i am concerned bout mx4 is its already neutral and balanced so I just want to see if changing the pads will cause things to turn more into a sibilant or colder signatures, which is not what I am after

    I had few headphones before and I played around with pads and among them was the focal elear and i even bought a 3d printed ring to fit any pads on the elear and all turned out not good sounding. I am selling those 3d printed rings as I sold my elear way back
  13. eugene2
    image.jpg image.jpg Ignore pita chip crumbs
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2019
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  14. baiyy1986
    Look very nice! Can you share thought on how it change the sound?
  15. eugene2
    look above before pics, did my best...
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