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Audeze LCD-MX4

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by Audeze, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. EDN80
  2. CaptainFantastic
  3. CaptainFantastic
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  4. Ultrainferno
  5. Hifiearspeakers
    Can anyone comment on the soundstage between the MX4 and LCD 4/4Z?

    The MX4 is the only Audeze I haven’t heard and on their website, it specifically says that it’s soundstage was tuned differently from the X and 4. But I don’t know what that means.
  6. sahmen
    The 4 has a wider soundstage and those sumptuously dark and creamy mids, and low end. The MX4 also sounds 'Audeze", and has great bass, but it inclines more toward neutral, and sounds a little less weighty in the mids and low-end, as compared to the 4. Oh and the MX4 also sports a relatively smaller soundstage... Emphasis on "relatively," because on its own, the MX4's soundstage is okay, and does not feel lacking in any way.
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  7. Sonic Defender Contributor
    That is how I heard the MX4 while I had it with me.
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  8. eugene2
    It also depends on how and what you’re using. The MX4 love eq, Dekoni Fenestrated pads and amping move a step up in musicality versus audiophile technicality. I have a hard time with the 3 & 4 dark character. I guess that’s why listening for yourself is best.
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  9. mixman
    I am trying to wrap my head ( I know the opposite way it should be) around these HP’s. What are the MX4’s known for? I know with the X a brighter, less dark sound, with then 3 a lush sound and with the 4 a warm yet detailed sound with great bass. if you say their soundstage is just Ok.....what else do they do that makes them good?
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  10. sahmen
    Well, the official line is that the MX4 was conceived with professional studio users in mind, you know, it is meant for those who need to sit at a console for hours and hours of mixing, critical listening, and all that great stuff, although, it is understood that some regular users too might find its attributes to be attractive.. If I remember correctly, the same used to be said about the LCD-X, at some point before the MX4 came out, so I personally took the MX4, at least, initially to be a new and improved LCD-X. When I personally got to hear the MX4, I did like it a lot, but I also found the sound to be too close to that of my LCD-X when used on my rigs, whereas I was going for something a little more different and unique-sounding than that... That is why I parted ways with the MX4 and went for the 4, which has got me closer to where I wanted to go with the purchase, and then some...

    Still I do not see anyone who does not have the X experiencing the same problem I had with the MX4... Hell knowing this hobby, there might even be many owners of LCD-X whose experiences of the MX4 would be different from mine, so different ears, different systems, and system synergies too should be considered in all these conversations. I know you have probably heard this a zillion times on this site, but if you would allow me one more indulgence, then I would suggest that you let your own ears be your guide...

    Yes, the search can be frustrating and confusing sometimes... I know the folks at Audeze always mean well, and are consummate professionals... And yet, like all such professionals, sometimes their marketing strategies can leave one scratching one's head. I had such a moment when I read the following on the Audeze MX4 page:

    "A perfect combination of the LCD-X and LCD-4, the LCD-MX4 has the easy-to-drive diaphragm and voice coil of the LCD-X combined with the extreme magnetic force of the LCD-4. It features a different soundstage presentation than the LCD-X or LCD-4 to help simulate a room’s sound."

    Okay, I don't know about you but that made me want to go like "huh"!!??? rather than say "Eureka!!!," especially where they're talking about representing soundstage and simulating a room's sound :)


    I have the X and the 4, and I spent about one month and a little more auditioning the MX4 before getting the 4, and I still can't wrap my head around :) how that statement is supposed to tell us how the MX4 actually sounds...

    When all is said and done, though,I still like what I heard of the MX4, and I adore Audeze products in general, so I shall cut them some slack here, and quit the light ribbing:)
    Last edited: May 14, 2019
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  11. mixman
    Ha it seems like we have/had a lot of similar equipment and I guess taste. Now to be upfront I have to admit to hearing the MX4 at CanJam and not really liking them. I thought them to be too midrangy for lack of a better word. The opposite of a V shaped HP. Honestly bland almost. So I saw no reason to upgrade to these. Now I try to keep an open mind and maybe I just had a bad listen, hence why I am here. I am also looking into the 4Z, but even with used prices plummeting on the MX4, there is still a big difference in price.

    Unfortunately for Audeze’s plans, the X are still a high end Studio staple, with little talk of the MX4 replacing them on the musician/engineering forums.
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  12. CaptainFantastic
    I have had my MX4 since September. This sentence from the review linked below is the best way to describe what I hear and why they are my favorite headphone, having tried others several times (but not owned): "The sound is a magical confection of effortless transparency and rich tonality." I think the 4 and the X sit on the sides of this, one toward transparency, the other toward a rich sound, whereas the MX4 is amazingly both transparent and rich at the same time. IMHO.

  13. sahmen
    If you can audition the 4 or 4z, in a space that is more conducive and free of noisy distractions (than a meet), that might help you to make up your mind. I have never heard the 4z, but I have heard many of its owners give it very high praise, which makes me want to audition it too.

    For lack of a more precise word, I would say that what grabbed me most about the 4, right from the start, was its "character." For the kind of music I typically listen to, I found it to be very arresting, in a mesmerizing sort of way. At once very gentle, but commanding and authoritative with the way it presents the music.

    It also connects me to the "soul" of the music in a way that is effortless, and composed, without seeming to throw or flaunt anything at me. I need not be in any mood for critical listening to appreciate any aspect of the music, but when I want to focus on any specific details or passages, all of them are always there for the taking, and spread out like some bountiful buffet of delicacies all around me. I used the expression "soul of the music," not with any intent of mystifying anyone, but to convey the depth of emotional satisfaction I always derive from listening to music on the 4.

    I also use the HeKse on the same rigs, and I find it to complement the LCD-4 well, as it presents the music in a slightly different way, placing slight emphasis on different things here and there, de-emphasizing a few others, while still maintaining a generally satisfying tonality... One curious thing is that I find myself experimenting and fretting with different things, such as cables (copper, silver etc. etc) when listening to the HeKse, although I happen to like it too a lot. It is as if I am still looking for best synergies with the HeKse, whereas the LCD-4 performs with a kind of gravitas, and a sense of solemnity, which make me always want to simply connect to the music, sit still, and listen. That is the part I call "mesmerizing."

    To be fair, I have had the LCD-4 longer than the He-KSE, and that could explain the relatively slight restless fretting I sometimes feel when using the latter. The strange thing is that the LCD-4 seems to have had that effect on me right from Day 1, regardless of which cable I am using with it, or what song I am listening to. If the LCD-4 were a lady, I would call the experience close to "love at first listen," and I hope it stays that way for a long time, regardless of what else I get to listen to. I still remain curious about a lot of cans that are out there, but I do not see myself parting with the LCD-4 any time soon..
    Last edited: May 15, 2019
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  14. mixman
    That’s why I have both the HEK SE and my LCD X . The HEK gives me a remarkable soundstage and the X gives me the impact and warmth. Now I am still trying to find that Audeze that gives me that impact, with better resolution without sounding too lush.
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  15. Hifiearspeakers
    Damn man! That was downright poetic! Well said. That painted a panoramic picture in my mind.
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