Audeze LCD i4 TOTL In-Ear Monitor Discussion

  1. davehutch
    True. Register your LCD-i4s and they’ll send you one for free
  2. 7onyMustDive

    Also more of an everyday life situation. Would one not recommend wearing these in the rain?

    Does going through airport TSA X-rays adversely effect these anyway (because of the magnets I guess)?
  3. davehutch
    They aren’t waterproof but may resist a few raindrops. Personally, for that money, I wouldn’t risk ii

    X-rays are fine. They only interact adversely with living tissue
  4. ufospls2
    Well. The pair of LCD-i4 I "bought" was a scam. I'm out a **** ton of money and don't get to hear what I assume are wonderful sounding earphones. Its a long story, but it seemed legit. Calling Visa in a bit, but I think I'm screwed. I feel like such an idiot. Guess I'm going to have to pay off the bill, then start saving again so I can finally buy a pair of these. Merry Christmas to me :frowning2:. I'm trying to be positive about the situation, but its hard to not be a little bit bummed. Its not even the money that bothers me the most, its the fact I was really looking forward to hearing the i4's!
  5. bneiderman
    That sucks! Sorry to hear that.
  6. bneiderman
    So am I crazy but after the latest Cipher cable update I enjoy these things more from the Cipher cable out of my iPad and iPhone than my Mojo? It seems I can EQ them to my liking without any distortion. The bass just sounds more robust.
  7. nogi replicant
    Well unfortunately the listening conditions were less than ideal for an open iem. There was quite a bit of outside noise so please don't take any of these impressions as reliable.

    First up I tried the Lionheart. Sounded very cohesive and smooth with quite a lot of bottom end. Very silky sound - liked it. I think it was more resolving than stock, maybe not a whole lot of air though. I don't think the stage got bigger.

    Then I tried the Han Sound redcore, also very good, maybe a little larger stage, good sub bass rumble, not as silky smooth as Lionheart. Wasn't really feel the red cable combo with the i4.

    Then Leonidis. More resolving, more air, greater stage size, less bass. More technically proficient than the other two imo. I liked this the best so far.

    Then the Venom. Ergonomics were not fantastic. Sounded good but was not blown away. Couldn't really get a great read on it. Could be awesome but just wasn't working for me with the background noise etc.

    Then finally the 1960's 4 wire. Note that I have previously owned the 1960's 2 wire. As soon as I put the i4 with the 4 wire in my ears I was like, OK that's it. All the technicalities of the Leonidis/Venom, but with uber realism and not just air and stage but also bass.

    The two effect cables have the best ergonomics and are the most aesthetically attractive.

    Regarding the stock cable. It is damn good. Less resolution than all of the above, but it has a very cohesive sound in my opinion with plenty of low end warmth and medium stage size. I don't think an cable upgrade for the i4 is by any means mandatory and it is one of the better stock cables (with the Lab 2, and Dita Dream also having very high quality stock cables), but the i4 can get better with cable rolling.

    So I will get the 1960's 4 wire at some stage, but I just got some Utopia's yesterday and also want a Danacable Lazuli reference for them so not sure when I will pick up the 1960's.
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  8. Cagin
    That’s effed up man, sorry to hear that. I’d consider goin to the police or tryin personal justice, it’d be infuriating.
    Would you mind sharing which store tou had ordered it from (Dec 10 post), so that the rest of the community can avoid that pitfall? Was it a legit authorized Audeze dealer?
  9. jonstatt
    No clear ear hooks. The original iSine sets had one black and one clear. The improved more flexible version with rubberised texture is in black only.
  10. gonzfi
    So any tips on how to update the firmware on my cipher cable via the audeze app on my iPad? It's awful and fails time after time... surely this ought to be a straightforward? Audeze please help...
  11. gonzfi
    Sorted it... turned the iPad off and then updated straight after switching it on. Worked fine.
  12. Cougar2465
    I am waiting for the cipher cable for the iPad but since I am now using Roon I don’t think Cipher cable is necessary as I can use the Roon DSP on the iPad. With increased gain the sound is also more than enough.
    I think the Roon DSP makes better sound than the cipher cables.
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2017
  13. m8o
    Few questions if you're interested in playing ...

    Anyone think there will be a price adjust in 2018? If so, in what direction and when?

    Anyone think there will be a rev. 2 released in 2018? If so, when?
  14. m8o
    Still in the fence on what to buy. Question for you...

    When I compared the iSine20 to lcd-i4, I thought the i4 was similar in many ways to a full sized planar (my he-1k), whereas I thought the iSine20 was great, but didn't break from the fact it was an iem.

    Where does the ME.1 site in this analogy? Does it transcend from iem to over ear too?
  15. 7onyMustDive
    Just got my LCDi4! just a question, is the default cable that comes with the iem supposed to have the blue and red markings (circular bands) for left and right? I see some people have cables that don't have these markings while others do.

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