Audeze LCD i4 TOTL In-Ear Monitor Discussion

  1. EagleWings
    I only tried it on SE with my 1Z and High Gain and I loved the pairing. In fact, I preferred the 1Z over LPG. I can't comment on the tonal synergy between the 1A and i4, but from a power requirement perspective, the Sony DAP should not have any problem driving the i4, especially on 4.4 BAL as I was only on 50/120 on the volume setting. But some users did comment that they felt that their Sony DAP was not powerful enough to drive the i4 even on 4.4mm. So it could depend on the volume level of your recordings as well as the volume level at which you listen to music.

    @flinkenick is using his 1Z to drive the i4 as well and he is liking it. If you are fine with using EQ, you could also ask him for his EQ setting and use it as a baseline and then adjust it per your preference.
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  2. Decreate
    I'm using the i4 with the 1Z 4.4mm balanced on high gain with EQ and find that it sounds great. Listening at 80/120 most of the time. :)
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  3. sorrick
    Ok, so here’s my predicament. At the office, my usual setup is streaming Tidal hifi our of my iPhone X via cck to my Hugo2 to the i4s. I’d really like to add eq, either through the reveal plugin or through a parametric eq per @kmann’s reccomendations. Unfortunately, as has been previously discussed, there are no real options for EQing Tidal on iOS (captune is the only app I know that allows eq for Tidal, and it’s interface is so terrible as to be unusable). I can’t load any programs on my work computer, so I can go through that and lugging my personal laptop with me to work every day sucks.

    So, I’m considering buying an android dap (like a pioneer xdr-300), which would let me run an eq over Tidal and into i4s. Will this definitely be able to run eq on the tidal stream? Is getting some kind of android player my best way to accomplish what I’m trying to do if I don’t want to run Tidal off a laptop? Are there any android apps folks have used with the reveal plugins?
  4. AlwaysForward
    Cipher with iPod Touch is your best bet.

    Android doesn’t have the a player with plug/play Reveal compatibly. Android does have some native FLAC players which allow you to tune the curve like Cipher but then you’re back to not using tidal.
  5. 7onyMustDive
    Currently, is there a solution to have both:
    -Tidal Masters MQA
    -Roon EQ presets for LCDi4

    This is on a computer of course.
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  6. KMann
    This may be better answered on the Roon forum. But here is my understanding. A DSP cannot be inserted before the MQA decoding happens as the DSP would potentially destroy the MQA coded information before it can be decoded by a MQA capable DAC. However, if Roon starts to do Software decoding of MQA, then the presets can be added after the software decoding before it is sent to the DAC.

    It comes down to what you prefer more. 1. The improvement you get through the upsampling performed by the MQA decoding that happens in the DAC, 2. The effect of the presets with software upsampling done by Roon and 3. Software decoding done by Roon followed by presets.

    Note option 3 is not available and it is speculated in the Roon forums that this would happen at some point.
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  7. 7onyMustDive
    Other than the Cipher cable since I will obviously get that for the iphone, for the computer is the EQ adjustments really that necessary to get best sound from the LCDi4? Without EQ adjustments is it still that amazing of an TOTL iem/headphone?

    Like for the Xelento, Tia, ie800s, SE846, etc. I rarely hear of EQ talk, but on the LCDi4 there's a lot of talk about EQ presets so I'm worried if it's almost a must.
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  8. AlwaysForward
    Something to consider is that the LCD-i4 and every other LCD model launched without DSP to rave reviews. If you read through the early thread, people loved it and said it was basically incredible as is. Leaps beyond XYZ comparison.

    The DSP thing is interesting. It's great that they offer it but it seems to create some consumer confusion around it being "needed" vs "nice to have built by the manufacturer"

    There are products like Sonarworks which do the same thing for your other headphones, but since the EQ-curves are not from Beyer, etc, people don't talk about them as much.

    LCD products are great without EQ. They always have been and historic reviews/discussions show that. Audeze is pushing the state of the art forward by implementing DSP into their lineup as part of the product.

    Also, planar magnetic designs respond especially well to EQ since they have such low distortion. EQ on other cans can introduce distortion depending on driver performance while these are putty.
  9. 7onyMustDive
    What part of the housing of the LCDi4 is made of magnesium then? the eartip part or the grill part? I saw Audeze replied "The top and middle housing are made of magnesium. The bottom housing is plastic.". What does that exactly mean? I thought the LCDi4 housing was basically 2 pieces, front (eartip nozzle face) and back (grill, A logo face). Could you specific exactly what housing regions are plastic or magnesium?
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  10. sorrick
    The grill, surrounds and outward facing parts of the housing are magnesium. The eartube on which the ear tips sit on (the part that goes toward/in your ear) is plastic.
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  11. nogi replicant
    I tried a number of cables with the i4 on Friday (leonidis, lionheart, venom, red core) when one of the good lads from Music Sanctuary was over here in Sydney for a small trip. all sounded great, liked the Leo the best I think............but then tried the 1960's 4 poor wallet.
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  12. lithiumnk
    Can you compare sound signature of Lionheart & PWaudio 1960 4 wire? I know there is a huge difference between their price.
    I am thinking of buying Lionheart for my Lcd i4 .
  13. Shmuel
    I would likewise like to see this comparison.

    Thanks ahead of time to anyone contributing.
  14. Cougar2465
    I’ve had this for 4 days now and it’s amazing. I get to listen to this anywhere. Laying in bed with this i4 is amazing while with my utopia, they’re a bit too big :)
    One question though, I didn’t get the clear ear hook but only got 2 black hooks. Shouldn’t it come with the clear hook as well?
    Also the Shop I bought it from in SYdney hasn’t got the chiper cable yet.
  15. 7onyMustDive
    I just bought the LCDi4! finally decided.

    -wanted to try a "different" totl iem that people say sound like headphones
    -with the cipher cable I get a mic to talk on my phone!
    -I love the look!
    -Audeze customer service has been incredibly good and fast compared other bigger brands

    Now I heard buyers can contact customer service for a free Cipher cable v2? is this true?
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