Audeze LCD i4 TOTL In-Ear Monitor Discussion

  1. peter1480
    My stock cables are just marked L and R my 2.5mm balanced after market have Red and Blue markings perhaps that is what you are seeing. How do you like the i4 so far ?
  2. Shmuel
    Food for thought:

    I have been enjoying the i4 for the past couple of months using the largest ribbed ear tips resting over my ear canal -- as suggested by others here, with benefit of improved comfort.

    Not sure why, but I put on the next smaller tips yesterday, which now sit inside my ear canal a bit-- and the sound had improved tremendously! Much more energetic, deeper bass, much better soundstage, etc.

    I suggest you spend some time trying the different tips as well as the depth of insertion into the ear canal. I am enjoying the i4 like never before -- and all the while I didn't know what I had been missing.

    Feel like I have a new iem now.
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  3. roofus
    I agree.

    I have found that using smaller tips so the i4 sits deeper in the ear produces better sound. Better bass, more clarity etc.
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  4. Shmuel

    Do you use supplied tips or other?
  5. roofus
    Supplied, non-ribbed.
  6. Shmuel
    Think I will try those, as well as trying the smallest tips for deeper insertion.

    I can't get over how these sound now.
  7. 7onyMustDive
    Ok, my brief impressions on the LCDi4 after like 2 days of listening a lot with Tidal and the Roon Audeze preset. Keep in my mind I'm a noob audiophile that just enjoys quality music. I have never listened to high-end headphones in the past and only high-end IEMs.

    -Bass is amazing. Very impactful. It def hits, even more than any other iem I have owned in the past.
    -Everything, especially vocals seem farther. Not sure if I like this yet, it's just different and music seems generally less "in front" of me. (Is this what headphones are supposed to sound like?)
    -Very detailed. I can hear the smallest details in everything, but because everything is farther way, the details aren't super obvious in your face; dunno if this makes sense.
    -Using Roon LCDi4 preset with linear filter, I heard some static noise on high frequencies, turned on "Volume Leveling" to Auto and this fixed it!

    Physical Use:
    -Build quality is great, except for the gold "A" Audeze seems to scratch/mark very easily since it pokes out of the housing. Wish it protruded less.
    -Also the left housing has more prevalent seam lines that then right housing. The LCDi4 housing could be more consistent in construction, but I get it is actually put together by hand.
    -In terms of fit, ear hooks seem best best for me, it's interesting carrying these in pockets/cases since the headphone bodies tend to get stuck together because of the magnets lol.
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  8. Fafner
    They changed it at some time, I have the old one which just has markings and no circular band.
  9. bizkit
    Two months in and I’ve found these LCDi4’s to be quite the addiction. The collection of audio gear I normally travel with has essentially been whittled down to these baby’s and a Hugo 2. I figured it was new toy syndrome in the beginning, however my carefully cultivated and ruinously expensive hoard of Fitear, JVC, AKG, Stax, JHA, and 64 audio products have sat unloved on the shelf for the last month while I build the will to sit down and attempt a few comparisons. Unfortunately, I don’t see it happening any time soon as I have seemed to have found a happy medium for the time being. I don’t know how much of this audio bliss the Hugo 2 is responsible for, but I can’t really be bothered to find out. This is the first time in the 15 odd years I’ve dabbled in the transportable side of this hobby that I can actually say that I may have found my endgame rig. I honestly don’t feel the urge to sample the latest and greatest that the head-if echo chamber is clambering about, which is a first.
    The LCDi4’s seem to excel at just about everything that I’ve thrown at them. While I could complain that they lack the of slam when compared with some of the other iems I own or that they may lack some micro detail here and there, I really don’t care. I find myself just enjoying the airiness, the soundstage, the speed, or simply just the music. Be it a well mastered DSD selection or a crappy iTunes track, these things are a pleasure to listen too. I find it rather silly that it took a $5000 purchase to remember that this hobby is about the enjoyment one gets from the music and not some graph someone posted while screaming about a treble spike. In conclusion this purchase has been the best welcome back to Head-Fi ever; and this time I’m not sorry about my wallet.
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  10. lithiumnk
    I am not a seasoned audiophile but I 1000 percent agree with your statement.
    You have spoken from the heart my friend...
    Owning hugo 2 & LCD i4 is a honour...
    LCD i4 surprises me everyday..
    I feel that I don't need any other gear even after trying other flagship gear..
    The only good thing in 2017 was my purchase of LCD i4 & hugo 2 ... rest of the year was a disaster...
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  11. bizkit
    A combination of Arturo Fuente, mccarthy's whiskey, and American Contemporary Music Ensemble had me feeling like waxing a bit of idiotic about the LCDi4 yesterday. Something about this set up clearly has to be witchcraft because I’ve been doing the unthinkable and invading the wife’s iTunes playlist. The horrors of Bieber, Kiiara, Alison Wonderland, and Wnkend have become (as the youths would put it) my steez. However, it is what it is, and I can never tell her.
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  12. 7onyMustDive
    It's strange. At first I wasn't that impressed by the LCDi4 when I first tried it. But after a few hours I can't go back to any of my other iems. They all lack what I think a lot of reviews call this "holographic" or extended soundstage quality. Quite enjoying them, can't wait until I try them with a Hugo 2.
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  13. Gowry
    Has anyone that had a ground loop problem fixed theirs?

    I have a ground loop with my Hugo2 at work and at home on my main rig when I use my i4s.

    I'm looking for solutions.

    Thank you
  14. KMann
    I have found the iFi groundhog very effective.
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  15. Cougar2465
    881C6882-80CE-4816-909D-69F45BE5DB33.jpeg Hi guys need advice pls

    Just received the cipher cables for my i4
    Is this the right firmware?

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