Audeze LCD i4 TOTL In-Ear Monitor Discussion

  1. Zhanming057
    I figured that I should use an actual hard case for the LCD i4's just to be 100% secure. So now the i4's go in a 1010 and the VD313 is for BA iems. Maybe I'm being needlessly cautious though.
  2. Zhanming057
    Thanks! The cable is from alpha421 - PM him if you're interested.

    As for sound, TBH I can't say since this is my only 2.5mm trrs to 2-pin cable, so I can only compare balanced vs. the stock cable on SE. The whole setup does sound amazing though...I guess I'll need to find a 2.5-3.5 adapter to figure out how much of that is the cable.
  3. Slim1970
    Thanks, I might just do that
  4. Jimmyf1312

    Will you link to the case please
  5. Zhanming057
    Mine is the VD313 although AxelCloris might mean the VD823 since they're indistinguishable aside from a slight size difference.

    The best way to order these in the US that I've found is through Jaben HK. I usually wait until I buy something more expensive from Derek and then add a couple Van Nuys items to the order. But even if you pay for Fedex shipping it's still cheaper than trying to find this stuff on eBay. I swear by Van Nuys cases and DAP pouches. Their stuff is always impeccable and well thought-out.
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  6. AxelCloris Administrator
    Sorry, I don’t have a link for where mine was purchased. Someone I know was kind enough to pick it up for me at a local store when they were visiting Singapore. But like @Zhanming057 suggested, you can order it from Jaben HK.

    It’s large enough for the LCDi4 and two Moon Audio cables without feeling cramped.
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  7. Jimmyf1312
    At first glance I thought this was $USD pricing and was considering just leaving the hobby all together. LOL- thank you for the link
  8. bneiderman
    I can’t seem to find this anywhere but for those that have Hugo 2 and Cipher Cable can you compare the differences? I have a Mojo and I much prefer the sound of the Cipher cable from my IPhone X and IPad as the EQ for me is fantastic. I even like the Cipher cable more than using Mojo on my MacBook Air with Reveal Plugin. The bass seems so much more full with the Cipher cable and I am definitely a bass head. I am just curious if Hugo 2 offers a significant step up in sound compared to Cipher to justify the cost. Thanks as always!
  9. x RELIC x Contributor
    Mojo is slightly warmer than Hugo2 so if you prefer the cipher to Mojo (because you love the warmth and ‘fullness’) then I would suspect the Hugo2 may not do it for you regarding tonality compared to the cipher cable. On the other hand Hugo2 is a significant step up regarding timing and precision, tonality aside (IMO).
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  10. Phronesis
    After trying the i4 for a few weeks, they're definitely keepers - no way I'm giving them back! They're expensive, but we pay for performance, and IMO these are worthy of being called high-end. They don't make me not want to listen to my LCD-3 anymore, since the LCD-3 has its own dynamic sort of appeal and bass which is hard to beat, but the i4 does the beat the LCD-3 on detail. The ergonomics of the i4 aren't perfect for me, but by playing around with the hooks and aftermarket tips, it's no longer much of an issue. The only real 'complaints' I can make are that the cable should be 1' longer, and IEMs this expensive should come with a nice hardshell travel case. I've been using them with the regular cable, and am not finding EQ to be necessary.
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  11. jlbrach
    the I4 is a magnificent product,they have eliminated my desire to lug full size HP's around...the only downside to me is comfort...i do not like the earhooks and wish there wass a better solution...when that is provided they will be close to perfect.....until the I4 v2 comes along lol
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  12. lithiumnk
    Have you tried the rubber tube mod by @kubig123 ?
    The hollow rubber tube acts as a sleeve for the ear hooks.
    I am also using the same and the fit, comfort is perfect... no more sore ear pinna due to the constant force from
    the ear hooks...
    They really make a difference.
    Here is the link to the post

    20180205_202826.jpg 20180205_202906.jpg
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  13. jlbrach
    where does one get those ear hooks?
  14. cj3209
  15. sheridant
    loving the I4's . I had a pair earlier last year which didn't sound great so got returned. Later bought again and got an awesome pair that sound great out of the box - not sure if the tuning changed somewhere along the way - but these sound great without EQ - the first absolutely needed it.

    For me the are one of the few IEMs that still sound great at low volumes even though they are open back - ideal when wearing around the house and others need to get your attention

    Love 'em - and the ear hook mod is definitely worth it - can easily wear for 12 hour stints - never listened to so much music in my life - and surely that's the main goal!
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