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Audeze LCD-4

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by matias, Sep 28, 2015.
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  1. jibzilla
    I had the th-600 not the 900 but imo. the X is what you want for electronic. It is just too bad electronic fell off so much since Tiesto around 2001, I haven't found anything worthwhile since around 2008.
  2. pbui44

    It all depends on who you ask, really.
  3. jodgey4
    Opuio's "On Your Side" ft. Russ Liquid is mixed real nice for my Audezes FWIW.
  4. RUMAY408

    The HD800 and the 3's are my current combo but the 4 is very tempting.
    I need to try them out at a meet at 4K they better be good 
  5. johnkkraus
    can anyone offer a comparison of the LCD-4 to the LCD-X? thanks 
  6. moopster
    The 4 slams bass just as hard as the X and has deeper extension. The 4s sweet mids and treble make the X seem lacking. The 4 has a more expansive sound stage and music sounds particularly alive and natural.  The 4 is more refined and revealing and is a clear upgrade over the X (and a similar upgrade from the 3.) More comfortable too. Once you go LCD-4 you never go back. 
    Matias, Articnoise and Rhamnetin like this.
  7. jodgey4
    How's the bass compare to early LCD-2 revisions? That' my favorite bass.
  8. johnkkraus

    Thanks Moopster, will have to audition the LCD 4, cheers-
  9. goldendarko
    I've finally experience the dreaded driver failure with my LCD-3's after about 2 years of ownership. Just curious what the typical cost is for repair/replacement from anyone else who has experienced the same. I sent Audeze a repair request so I'm sure they will answer me soon but I was just curious. I also asked them about upgrading to the LCD-4 since I've been eyeballing it for a while, shame about the failure though, I've been a big Audeze fan but this really sucks.
    Edit: I should add that I've packed all my other gear (HE1000, Ether C, Studio Six (Amp), Yggy (DAC) & Emotiva Speakers) because my wife and I are moving in 2 weeks. So all I had left was the LCD-3 and HA-1. That's why it really sucks, no music for 2 weeks!!!
  10. bfreedma

    The drivers have a three year warranty so other than shipping, the repair shouldn't cost you anything.
  11. goldendarko
    Oh cool think I forgot about that.
    potkettleblack likes this.
  12. kikouyou

    I have too got a driver failure after about less than a year with the LCD3... Very disappointing, They are on the way back to me, I had just to pay shipment to them.
  13. Stereolab42
    Looks like we'll be waiting until next year for the carbon-fiber headbands to be sold independently, sigh.
  14. swjones3
    It looks like I have an LCD-4 driver failure guys[​IMG]
  15. reddog
    That sucks, you would think for $4thousand, The guys at Audeze could had reduced the fail rate. I hope Audeze treats you like gold.
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