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Audeze LCD-4

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by matias, Sep 28, 2015.
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  1. P4UL
    Hope it all goes well for you! My father had almost the same exact surgeries and it helped with his back issues.
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  2. Focker

    This is always in the back of my mind when it comes to moving up from the X...more often than not, I'm thinking I should just be happy (thrilled, actually) that I've found a headphone that I love as much as the X, shut up and enjoy it lol. Hopefully I can arrange an audition of the 4 just to compare, and then see if it's a good upgrade for me. There is just literally *nothing* I find lacking in the X in terms of my preferences.
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  3. obsidyen

    Do you prefer listening to EDM etc.? I'm looking for a good headphone for EDM and other modern music.
  4. jibzilla
    For electronic the Lcd-x is sublime, especially out of my Pavane/Teton. My 007mk1 and hd800 best it in most categories, open soundstage, imaging, detail etc. Still the X has a full sound and authoritative bass that keeps it in the rotation and it is my fav. with electronic and rap. Also the he-1000, and all hfm headphones for that matter, suffer from poor build quality, at least to me.
    Sound it the most important category to me but comfort and build quality comes in a close second and third.   
  5. Focker

    Yep, I love it. I only really started listening to it a couple years ago, but I've added quite a bit of great stuff from Berlin, along with some more specific chillstep and trance stuff. It's one of my favorite genres now, even though I can't really say a whole lot of intelligent stuff about it. I'm still learning about the artists, different sub-genres, etc...but I love it. Agree with Jibzilla that the X is fantastic for EDM and it's associated types.
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  6. moopster
    ^^ What are some of your favorite tracks in those genres?
  7. Focker

    It's easier for me to list by artist, to be honest...Usually I just put on my EDM playlist while I'm online or chilling out after work...I dont often cross-reference the track names with the artist.

    In my CD collection I listen to mainly: ATB, DeadMau5, Skrillex, Ulrich Schnauss, Daft Punk, Max Graham, Massive Attack, etc

    PS. There is a series on Amazon called "The Sound of Berlin - Deep Edition" that I love...I have a few of those compliations, as well.
  8. groovyd

    I listen to just about everything and the X does not let me down ever. But if you are looking for something for EDM and modern the X is where it's at for sure.  110%
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  9. moopster
    Of those, I'd pick Daft Punk, U. Schnauss and Massive Attack as favorites.  Check out the latest from artists Boards of Canada and Loscil, they're on my daily chill list.
  10. Focker

    Thanks, I appreciate that...will check them out for sure. I'm fascinated by this type of music...it has an emotional impact on me more than most other genres.
  11. jibzilla
    The original ambassadors of Audeze was the who's who of dnb producers. Some of my faves in electronic are skynet, usual suspects, tech itch, lee coombs, meat Katie, electric skychurch, Fabio and grooverider, loxy and ink, total science, Aphrodite, dj icey, baby anne, ak1200, keri chandler, joe claussell, louie vega and many others the X loves it.  
  12. RUMAY408

    I've been to several Head-Fi meets and the best setup I have heard so far with the HD800 is the setup by Mr. Speakers himself,
    Computer Audio>Schiit Yggy DAC>Woo Audio WA5 (Sophia Royal Princess tubes >$1000 each) it was awesome, but real expensive.
    That being said the HE1000 and the GSX-mK2 was superb
    I love the LCD-3F (my favorite hands down with Rock) and the HD800 with the GSX-mK2, just a great all around solid state amp.
    I can't wait to hear the LCD-4
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  13. Mortalcoil
    You already own one of the best headphones for all things electronic ........ TH-900
  14. obsidyen
    I know... But I'm wondering if I could get similar bass performance with a more polite treble.
  15. NiceGuyTom

    Yes! I had an some aha moments with these though a Chord Hugo TT . Periphery - Alpha sounded great. 65daysofstatic - Prism, Tool - Vicarious, ATRS - Operate, Get High, Nora Jones - Humble Me, Kings of Convenience - Home Sick, Vector Lovers - Piano Dust were some of my test tracks.

    Anyway Cavalli Liquid Carbon amp, Chord 2qute DAC, Dragon cables, and an LCD-3F should be waiting under the tree this year. Also mini shout out to Drew Baird at Moon Audio for emailing back and forth this week answering various questions and through my purchase process.

    @ Obsidyen if you want musical mids, great bass' and polite - non fatiguing treble you should demo the LCD-3f. FYI my demo session involved the LCD 2 3 X and HD800s. The X and 3s were my favorites. I liked the 3s for their volume scaling, imaging, and tonality just a bit better.
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