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Audeze LCD-4

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by matias, Sep 28, 2015.
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  1. nassq8
    Great news, at least for me [​IMG]. I'm heading to London next Saturday to attend week-long meeting sessions with some business consultants.
    How late are you open weekday? Do the store open Sunday also? The evil VAT would be eliminated at the borders in heathrow (as I hope so) [​IMG] 
  2. PhilW
    I can't promise i'll have a pair by Saturday unfortunately. I only have 1 stock pair available and that's until the New Year. Yup VAT deduction at the borders. :D We close 6pm on Saturday and close Sunday.
  3. nassq8

    I'll be staying all next week in London. I probably get off these meetings at 4 pm daily. So, I am sure I could show up before your closing hours.

    Is lcd4 going to be available for audition next week, perhaps in Friday of the next week?
  4. Yoga

    Hi Phil,
    Do you have a buy/return policy?
    Would like to try these in my setup, very tempted by them.
  5. nassq8
    Oops . I've just got it [​IMG]. Anyway, it's sure worthy to drop by your store while I'm there to check out other stuff.
  6. Focker

    I would just contact Audeze directly. I'm sure they'll be happy to let you know if they have any B-stock available.
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  7. mikemercer
    I'm with Peter here.
    I think the ABYSS reproduce INSANE bass - in a good way, and they got sparkly up-top.
    It's just, for me, they lack soul in the most vital part of the audible spectrum: the midrange!!
    Still EAGER to hear an updated, full-production LCD-4
  8. mikemercer
    I think headphones are SO personal - in terms of this being strictly preference/taste!
    EVERYTIME you hear a pair of cans you're hearing an entire system-chain, like in in-room two-channel audio.
    But I loved Peters Top 10!!!
    Anyone else?
  9. jibzilla
    It is a very impressive list. You also make a great point that you are hearing the entire chain, not just the headphone. I think only M.H.'s top 3 are set in stone though. After listening to 20 $1k headphones and owning probably a good half of them I can only do a top 5 definitively.
    4. Lcd-X
    5. He-1000
    The sr-009 and hd800 needs a disclaimer though and that is you need a $10k retail, well made source before the sr-009 takes over the other headphones and that the hd800 only gets up to #2 with a Teton.
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  10. rgs9200m
    There is a some strong opinion that the current SR007 is the best version ever produced. I had the mk1 (but just with a Stax amp) for many years and I like the current one more (sonically and comfort-wise definitely).
    Again, I only had the Stax 007t amp w/the mk1, so take my opinion with a grain of salt, but other Stax fans have said the same to me. (Uh-oh, I just noticed I'm not on the Stax thread. Sorry.)
  11. mowglycdb
    LCD-X over HE-1000?     It seems that your likes lean to the hard hitting and not polite side of the spectrum.
  12. groovyd
    Heard the 009 at a meet-up and actually preferred the LCD-X over that and also over the LCD-3/3f and HE-1000 and HD-800 all properly amped.
  13. Rhamnetin
    Oddly enough the LCD-X didn't appeal to me at all, while the LCD-3F, HD 800, HE-6, HE-560, SR-007Mk1 late version, and SR-009 did (well, it's odd that the LCD-X didn't and the LCD-3F did at least).  Heard them all side by side and the HE-6 wasn't even 100% properly amped (GS-X Mk2).
  14. potkettleblack
    For certain (hard hitting) music, the x is a much more enjoyable headphone.
  15. groovyd
    If the 4 beats the X that certainly is inspiring me to purchase it but the sad complication is my neck already prevents me listening to the X/XC as often as I would like... it will have to get lighter along with the improved headband before I will be able to pull that trigger.  I will be upgrading my X/XC headbands with the new in vegan as soon as it is available.  I go in for spinal fusion surgery on my C5-6 this Saturday (and he wants to bring me back for disc replacement on C3-4 in 6 months) so everything may change for better or worse. Fingers crossed...
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