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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. betula
    That's fine, but 5 Hz is inaudible for human beings and even if it was, only some TOTL planar headphones are able to reproduce that frequency. The X2 and even the 2C are not amongst them.
    There is nothing elevated on the X2 below 50Hz. it is pretty much dead below 50Hz. The elevation is between 50-100Hz.
  2. WildStyle-R11
    5Hz, yes most certainly only can my speakers shake the room at quite loud levels, other than that it is inaudible.

    I just did a frequency sweep for a sanity check, X2 is trying to play 5Hz up to 15. 20 where it starts to do something and 25 rumbles. What I also wanted to mention is that 2C has quite sizeable drivers and they require quite the power to get them to move, so it might be that my listening level is more favourable towards the X2 driver as it is much smaller and easier to drive in comparison.
  3. NoNameNPC
    Did someone hear difference between balanced and unbalanced connection? Plan to buy balanced amp.
  4. betula
    There are good balanced amps and there are good single ended amps. There are also bad balanced amps and bad single ended amps.
    In general under $500 it is usually better to go with unbalanced. The cheap balanced solutions are usually worse than unbalanced and most of the time they are not even truly balanced.
    Between $500-2000 balanced is better in general (more power, more clarity). Above $2000 it does not matter at all. A well-implemented single ended output is equally good to balanced.

    The difference people hear are down to the difference between amps or implementations, not the actual type of the output.
    "Balanced = better sound" is one of the most hyped misconception of this hobby these days.
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  5. phthora
    I miss my X2's dearly, and I think you've nailed the sound: "surprisingly good" sums it up very well. I've also found that they scale up pretty well with better gear. Listening to them for the first time on my 28.38, it was startling how much they improved. It was the aural equivalent of putting on my glasses in the morning, everything was just so much cleaner and better defined in an immediately noticeable way. While I'm not going to lapse into that silly cliche that "they compete with headphones 3-4 times their price," I will say that they still earned head-time despite being in a collection alongside headphones 3-4 (and more) times their price.

    I've always been curious about an upgrade to the X2 and thought maybe the 2C would be it. In terms of sound, is the 2C an improved version of the X2?

    EDIT: By the way, the Atticus has been an excellent 'Super-X2' so far.
    Last edited: May 13, 2019
  6. WildStyle-R11
    They do things differently if you ask me in terms of sound signature. SQ and technicality 2C obviously betas X2 any day.
  7. gargani
    I have a test CD with steady state single tone frequencies. 4hz, 8hz, 16hz, 20hz, 25hz, 32hz, 40hz. Each frequency plays for 20secs., then goes to the next highest frequency for 20secs.
    Using my Schiit magni3, I started the cd at 4hz. and played all the frequencies through 40hz.

    I couldn't hear anything until 20hz, and I could just barely hear it.
    This was true for both the lcd2c and the FIDELIO x2.

    betula is correct that the x2 is elevated between about 50hz to 100hz., which does make the bass more present on the x2. According to inner fidelity's graphs, the bass on both headphones is the same level at 40hz., From 40hz. down to 20hz., the fideliox2 continues to roll off relative to the lcd2c, which continues without rolling off down to 20hz.

    I'm curious to know what recording has 5hz. I'm also curious to know any recordings that have 20 Hz at an elevated level. If a recording has a 20hz tone recorded at the same level as the rest of the bass frequencies, I doubt I would hear it on the x2, since the other bass frequencies would drown it out or mask it.. This might even be the case on the lcd2c, since I perceive the frequencies above 20hz. to be louder when recorded at the same level.
  8. gargani
    I don't think of the x2 as an upgrade to the lcd2c. That doesn't mean I don't like the x2.
    It's just that to me, they don't sound much like each other.
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  9. gargani
    Sorry in this post I meant to say I don't think of the lcd2c as an upgrade to the fideliox2 . Because they sound too different to me.
    Technically the lcd2c is an upgrade but it doesn't sound like the x2.
  10. WildStyle-R11
    Well yeah, you can't hear anything until 20Hz, albeit I would argue that I do hear things, but that is mostly the driver struggling. That or I have extremely good hearing. :D In any case, it doesn't really matter, could be anything...

    As for the song, there are plenty of "test" songs among other experimental things that do low frequencies, one that I got distracted by while I was trying not to jumble my already jumbled sentences was "Bassotronics - Bass I Love You". I remember a chat about it having really low frequencies, I remember it being 5Hz and my RME would indicate that is does indeed have something below 20Hz, among a lot of other low frequencies as far as I am concerned.
  11. gargani
    Yes, I have heard some bass test recordings. I don't know if I've heard that one. I'll check it out. Thanks.
  12. Lohb
    Did anyone hook into the Project Ember 2 with 2C ? I just wonder if it would be too warm/smeared imaging with that set-up ?
    I may go back to 2C if I like Sony MDR-Z7s...one open/one closed...loved that mellow upper end for long-term listening.
  13. bagwell359
    Well the Rag isn't quite $2k, but it's liable to be one of the more common amps used for these cans. Balanced puts out 4x (watts, not db) more power than SE on the Rag. Also with much lower impedance. Every can I've had through here since I got the Rag in 2016 has been tested SE vs XLR. 2 didn't change that much: Fostex FH500RP, MD 4XX. 1 a bit more: Senn HD-600, 6 others changed a great deal for the better (HE-500, HE-6, HE5-LE, HEX v2, MD X00 Mahogany, LCD2c.

    So, in those cases, there is no hype or misrepresentation - based on my perception. There are certainly cases where XLR plugs are added but the circuitry does not support it. I had the Bryston on loan, and it wasn't clear which was better. So that's a point in your favor. I think people about to make such a large purchase should do the research, listen - then make a choice, and not rely on hype or subjective impressions of others.
  14. betula
    I think we are on the same page here.
  15. xRaptorxPunisher
    The X2 reminds me more of say a ZMF Atticus with more grainy, brittle treble. I couldn't pick a 2C upgrade it's more of it's own thing. To me I've yet to hear a headphone minus the Abyss that sounds as big as the LCD-2C.

    I hate the term big as it doesn't really help explain them but thats the best I've got. A lot of people recommend the 2C to HD650 owners bit they're ompletely different. HD650 to me sounds leaner, like youd expect from a dynamic driver with some upper mid bite and a smooth treble. The newer HD650s with the black box sound brighter, rougher more HD600 like.

    I feel though that there's no upgrade to the 2C. The 3F is too inconsistent I've heard some that sound worse and the ones that had superior resolve ended up being brighter with a different timbre. The fazors do tend to make the sound cleaner but it removes the bloom, which for me gives some atmosphere inside those cups, kills the character.

    The way the headphone game has evolved this type of sound is a thing of the past hence why Audeze will always have fazord products in their main LCD line.

    I recently got the try the Meze Empy and I loved the bass, it was fun, okay quality, resolve sucked or it's price and it had a steely character, with a weird treble but it was fun. I thought the classic was overall a a better headphone because of timbre and enjoyment and resolve was close.
    Last edited: May 15, 2019
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