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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. Left Channel
    In general I agree with @betula & @marcan about the bass. My Sony Z7M2 sound richer, but the LCD2 Closed has a more natural sound. The LCD2 Closed are neutral headphones with just a bit of warmth and "fun".

    Still, there's no doubt that the gut-punching mid-bass and thick-&-sweet vocal @omniweltall describes is how, for many, headphones truly awaken the emotions. I haven't heard the AFO, but the Audeze LCD2 Classic open backs apparently have enough of that "extra something" for some of us.

    Have you seen the absolute joy on the face of Nitpicker's YouTube review of the LCD2 Classic (LCD2C)? He doesn't look like that in any other video, especially not in his review of the LCD2 Closed Backs (LCD2-CB) where he looks quite troubled. I like the LCD2-CB, but these headphones serve different purposes.
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  2. betula
    I agree with most of these observations regarding the AFO vs 2C. I wouldn't call the 2C thin in comparison, I think it is just cleaner sounding and that might come across as thin first. The AFO definitely has a more velvety sound especially in the mid-range which adds a thicker texture to vocals but also less details at the same time. Resolution is indeed lower with the AFO and the sound is more intimate. I prefer the less smooth (but still smooth) and authoritative power of the 2C with that great sub-bass.
    I think the 2C and the AFO are made for completely different music genres. AFO is a 'jazz&acoustic' can. 2C shines with modern music and layered electronic music. That said IMO the 2C is a better all-rounder than the AFO. Great cans for different purposes.
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  3. franz12
    I agree. I have ether 2, clear, ether c flow and afo, though I have yet to hear lcd2c. They all sound different. AFO has more color than the others, but it has very unique sounds. If you have a neutral headphone, AFO can be a good complement to your collection as a warm headphone.
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  4. nicknack40
    What Amp Dac people using with there Classics im looking at changing my Magni 3 was looking at Lyr 3
  5. betula
    People use DACs and amps from £100 to £10.000 with the 2C. It is budget dependent. I think you can expect quite a good improvement from the Lyr3 compared to the Magni3.
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  6. canali
    what is nice is that I subscribe to
    Roon labs...and they have developed with Audeze
    DSP codes to work with Audeze's headphones, to best optimize their sound.
    there is one for the LCD2C

    audeze192ebfd0-49e5-4dad-bca0-6ac2d9dfd6bc (1).png
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  7. snellemin
    I terminated the stock cables to REAN connectors. Also used 4pin mini XLR for the input. This way I can use it on all my different players and amps. Both in balanced and unbalanced. Was using mogami wires too and the stock cables are a tad brighter for some reason, even though both are copper.

    IMG_20181129_210449_386.jpg IMG_20181129_211240_892.jpg
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  8. omniweltall
    Looking good, mate.
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  9. Lohb
    Which opamp and buffer did you feel paired well with the PB2 and LCD2c ?
  10. BrotherKathos
    I finally hit the sweet spot with the lcd2c. Going to have to spend thousands now if i want much better i suspect. Ultimate budget lcd2d rig right here :)

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    I did the same but with Amphenol mini xlrs and I have one more extension cable with normal size XLR 4 pin that goes to my amp plus one with small neutrik jack. Nice that Audeze has 4 wires, it begs for balanced reterminate

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  12. snellemin
    I'm using 2 dual Burson V5i's and double stacked BUF634U in WB mode. I'll post a pic of the internals later.

    So it's later:
    As you can see, I have the WB Buf634 stacked on top of the Buf634U. The Burson opamps also have an extra Wima cap installed. Made a new battery pack using hobby grade lipo's. This way I could get rid of the stock caps and install two caps instead. The balanced output has silver foil and copper cables instead now.

    20181130_132918.jpg 20181130_132936_HDR.jpg
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  13. betula
    Bitperfect FLAC → AQ Jitterbug → iPurifier 3 → Chord 2Qute → Questyle CMA-600i → Toxic Silver Widow cable → LCD 2C. I don't think I could get a better sound without spending a couple of thousands more. Very happy with this clean set up. The most possible current and clean power given to the 2C lifts them to another level.
    The 2C sounds surprisingly good from cheap source, but they turn into a completely different high-end headphone when they get the source material they actually deserve (resolution, clarity, balance significantly improve).
    With the right set up the 2C is pretty much as good as you can get if you love your bass. I am pretty convinced I'd have to spend a couple of thousands more if I'd want a significant improvement in my system with my music. That won't happen anytime soon. Happy bass lover camper here. :)

    On another note regarding the power Audeze headphones need. I read quite a lot about amplification (voltage and current) recently. Most amplifiers amplify voltage, while only some of them increase current. Audeze (and planar headphones in general) need current most of all. If you ever read about amplification, you must have come across with the water example. Amplifying voltage is like increasing the pressure in a water tank. The higher the pressure is the quicker the water flows through an imaginary tube. Increasing current vs voltage is increasing the speed the water runs through the tube without increasing the pressure/voltage. Using another analogy, increasing voltage is like revving your car's engine. The higher the RPM is the more power you get. Current in this analogy is torque. You can get insane level of torque even at low RPM. This is what Audeze (and planar) headphones really need. Actual torque instead of just revving the engine. That's why current mode amplifiers are a good match with planar headphones. They give insane level of current/torque without revving the engine. The output power of current mode amplifiers for this reason can be pretty much doubled if you want to translate it to pure voltage, as the power/current is there even at low voltage/RPM.

    I just thought I share my recent findings, perhaps someone else find it useful too.
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  14. snellemin
    I apply both to my 2C. I just use a pair of Parasound Zamps, each running in mono. So one amp per driver....balanced. All the power you would ever need. For portable listening I right now prefer the Ibasso PB2 over the Ray Samuels Intruder. The Intruder can play louder, but my Ibasso is more refined with the 2C.
  15. betula
    I love blue led lights. :)
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